August 25, 2015

GATE: Lelei la Lelena

I am finding Lelei to be the most interesting character in this series, and I'm getting more and more impressed with her. She's 15 years old, but she's really intelligent and she's very resourceful. Her magic power hasn't really been unleashed yet in the anime, but it has in the manga and she's no slouch. LOADS of spoilers below the fold, OK?


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August 21, 2015

GATE -- ep 8


And so the girls testify before the Diet. This version was better than the one in the Manga; Rory's part went on longer and it filled in a lot of holes that the manga just left.

Also, there's this guy:


They changed his art rather radically, and I can understand why. The manga version is positively demonic. Anyway, his name is Komakado and he's from "Public Services", purportedly the Japanese equivalent of the CIA. His first conversation with Itami is straight character building, but it's brief and very enlightening.

Anyway, Komakado is aware that the CIA and the Russian and Chinese equivalents are all trying to capture the girls. Presumably it would give them a huge bargaining chip with the Japanese, who might have to cede full partnership rights to exploit the Special Territory in order to get them back again. Komakado's job is to prevent that, so he identifies himself to Itami and starts revealing decoy plans and so on.

But that isn't in this episode. If this series ends where I think it will, then we'll be in Japan for another three episodes -- and it doesn't seem like there's going to be enough material in the manga for that. This episode ended about halfway through chapter 19, and my guess was that the series ends in chapter 24. There's no way four chapters become four episodes, so either they're going to add some anime-only material, or else it isn't going to end where I think it is.

That's assuming it's one cour. If it's actually two cours, then all bets are off. Chapter 46 would be a perfect ending point for a 2-cour series.

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August 19, 2015

Asking for spoilers

How did Assassination Classroom end? Did the kids actually kill the teacher?

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August 14, 2015



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GATE -- Character art

I have spent a lot of time reading the manga for this series and I've gotten used to how the mangaka draws the characters and their costumes. The anime diverges quite a lot from that, enough to be jarring.

Sometimes it's due to censorship, because the manga has quite a lot of nudity and explicit bloodshed and gore. But sometimes the changes are practical, because the mangaka's art is too elaborate to be reasonably animated.

I brought up the question of Bozes in her nightgown yesterday. Here's what they did with it:

All the changes are understandable, but it means this isn't going to be a "Buy the BD's" moment. (We'll get some of those later, though, unless they radically change the Onsen scene.)

They changed the catgirl and the bunny girl a lot.


And in this case I think it's a mistake. These two are revealed as being extremely dangerous fighters, and in the manga they really do look formidable. In the anime they're all cutesy; it's completely out of character.


This is the Princess and Bozes in their formal uniforms. It's really a huge change, and I don't like it. The costumes per the manga simply could not be animated, so it's obvious that the change was going to be radical, but the anime versions just don't work for me. (Lose the hats, for one thing!)

And one more example, but some commentary first. When people grow from childhood to adulthood, different parts of the body change at different rates. The femur, for instance, probably grows 500% or more linearly speaking. The skull, on the other hand, doesn't change very much at all (I think it doesn't even double linearly speaking). So a child's head is proportionately larger compared to its body than an adult's head. And it turns out that we adults are genetically programmed to find things with disproportionately large heads to be "cute". (Which is why we are suckers for kittens and puppies, not to mention human babies and children.)

Stephen Jay Gould did an article about this once, and in particular he talked about Disney and Warner Bros characters, because he noticed something interesting. Over the first ten years or so of those characters, the heads of the Disney characters tended to grow proportionate to their bodies, while the Warner Bros characters went the other way, with the heads becoming smaller relative to their bodies. The result psychologically is that Bugs seems like an adult to us, but Mickey is more like a child. Daffy's head is a lot smaller than Donald's head.

They did that here, too. In the anime, Lelei's head is bigger than in the manga.


And obviously they changed her clothes. I really prefer the manga version of her costume, but it's obviously impossible to retain it, and on balance the anime version is still rather nice.

UPDATE: As to episode 7, well, it proceeded on the plot line but the only important thing was that the Princess decided to accompany Recon 3 back to the JSDF base so she could apologize. And then it was decided to let her visit Japan. Ep 7 ended just before the party entered the Gate to go to Japan. Next episode we get to see the Diet. Will ep 8 give us the onsen scene? Probably that gets pushed out to ep 9.

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August 13, 2015

GATE -- and in our next episode...

This scene from the manga should be in the next episode. It will be interesting to see what the art looks like. Will the cloth be less sheer? Will there be fortuitous sprays of flowers obscuring the view? We'll find out tomorrow.

UPDATE: Speculations about the rest of the anime below the fold. (HUGE SPOILERS!!!)


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UPDATE: This is what she looks like when she isn't quite tsun-tsun:


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August 10, 2015

Railgun: "Oops"


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August 07, 2015

Nanoha Vivid -- Why is Nove so angry?

I have raws of the manga up through chapter 72. The translations only go to chapter 52 (which just came out). Anyway, something happens in chapter 62 (in volume 12) about which I am intensely curious, and I need some help from someone who can read Japanese.

Here's the background:

Later, the first time Nove is with Vivio and Einhart isn't around, Nove chews her out. It's as angry as we ever see Nove get. What I want to know is what Nove is so angry about. Here are the six pages in which this happens:

Page 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151

Could someone who can read it tell me what Nove is saying?



UPDATE: Just to make clear: I'm not begging for a literal translation; just a summary, two or three sentences, would be fine.

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GATE -- ep 6, Ride of the Valkyries


It's been an exciting day, you know...

The brigand military unit has broken through Italica's east gate and the only thing remaining as a defensive position is a half-assed fence defended by untrained militia. It ain't looking good.


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