July 07, 2014

Soul Eater NOT -- mystery lady


Who is this? She takes over the academy I don't recall anyone ever addressing her by name.


Maybe Sid's sister?

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July 06, 2014

Girls und Panzer OVA -- Anzio battle

It's the second round of the tournament. Our girls beat Saunders in the first round, but there's much to do. Going into the second round they still only have five tanks, although morale is high. The OVA fills in the Anzio battle, which fits in at the end of episode 7. Until now all we've known is that Ooarai won, but we didn't have any idea what the battle was like.


I downloaded a raw (because I didn't want to wait for a sub) but even without subtitles it wasn't too difficult to figure out what was going on. It was great! A hell of a lot of fun, partly because the Anzio team was a lot of fun.

UPDATE: In the manga, the Renault B1-bis was ready to go for this battle but didn't yet have a crew, so Miho put Yukari (commander), Caesar (gunner), and Aya (driver) in it for this battle. That didn't happen in the OVA; they only had the same five tanks they had against Saunders: Rabbit (M3-Lee), Hippo (STuG-III), Duck (Type 89), Turtle (38t), and Anko (Panzer IV). Turtle was the flag tank again.


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July 03, 2014

Soul Eater -- ep 1

I wanted to see what the Death God's character was like, and I wanted to see zombie Sid, so last night I downloaded Soul Eater, and I just watched the first episode.

It's a lot different than Soul Eater NOT. First, the art is more cartoony. It's got a lot more comedy (though I wonder how long that will last).

Surprisingly, Maka's voice works for me in this, in a way it didn't in SEN. Her voice is fundamentally a comedy voice and this is a comedy part. In SEN she wasn't a comedy part.

There are a lot of nice jokes in it, like the fact that the witch they were chasing was named "Blair". And Soul is a lot more interesting character; in SEN he was a waste of time.

I have no idea how much more of it I'm going to watch, but the first episode was really fun.

UPDATE: Although I think I could get very tired of Maka being teased for being flat-chested.

UPDATE: I'm willing to bet that the Shinigami's voice is the same as the chef at the pirate's nest in Mouretsu Pirates.

UPDATE: Episode 2 was Black Star and Tsubaki. Tsubaki is still the babe, but Black Star is thoroughly annoying. Ep 3 will be The Kid, and he's annoying, too. I think I've had enough.


/images/07455.jpg /images/07456.jpg

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July 01, 2014

Soul Eater NOT -- ep 12


And done. And it was a good ending. I thought for a while that it was going to be Zombie-Sid that actually killed Shaula, but I suppose in some ways that would have been less satisfying than what they did give us.


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June 28, 2014



Lots of shows have featured a girl riding on a broom stick, or a magic staff, or (in this case) a flying halberd. And it's always seemed to me as if it must be very painful to carry your entire weight on just a small pole that way.

The only show that ever addressed that point was the Magic User's Club OVA, where at one point one of the girls strapped a pillow onto her broomstick to ride on.

In this case, at least, Anya has that great big dress folded up under her, which should help a little.

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June 27, 2014

Kamikaze stories

I think I won't download this one. It seems strange and tragic. But I noticed something about the frame grabs that was eerie.

The second of the three episodes is about the pilot of an Ohka, which was referred to by the Americans as a "Baka bomb". Once an Ohka got launched, the only hope for the targetted ship was AAA. But in fact few of them did get launched because they had to be carried pretty close to their targets by specially-equipped Betty bombers, and nearly all of those were intercepted and shot down by American fighter cover before they could reach their launch point.

Anyway, the weird thing about the frame grabs for the second episode is that the pilot looks like an American. He doesn't look Japanese. We've all long noted that anime characters look Western, not Oriental. Eyes are round, hair color is varied, and so on. This is a case where that style comes back to bite them, because the character is explicitly Japanese but he looks like an American ex-pat.

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June 26, 2014

Well, rats

It seems like there isn't going to be an episode of Soul Eater NOT this week. I wonder what happened to it? I was really looking forward to it.

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June 22, 2014

Seikoku no Dragonar -- ep 12, ATX version

Well, they cut out a scene with Veronica being fondled by tentacles, and it wasn't any loss. They also cut out something else, which is strange.

At one point Ash says to Julius, "I'm surprised that Veronica was willing to loan you the Sylvanus." And Julius says, "I had a trump card." In yesterday's version, that's where the scene ended. In the ATX version, we see him blackmailing Veronica by telling her that he'll reveal all the stuff in her private suite. And then they show it all to us.

It turns out that Veronica has a big-time fetish for Sylvia. And her room is almost a shrine to Sylvia. Including:




...used clothing...


...life sized statues...


...and nude photos.

On a different note, I was wondering who did the voice of Mordred, so I found the entry in the credits. ANN hasn't got it up yet, but it was Takaya Kuroda. And the reason he sounded familiar to me was because he did the voice of Capricorn in Fairy Tail.

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June 21, 2014

Seikoku no Dragonar -- ep 12

And this is the end of the first series, for surely there will be a sequel. In some ways it was very satisfying and in some ways it was truly disappointing. It felt a bit rushed in some ways, and they left all kinds of things hanging.

UPDATE: I just saw Aroduc's grab bag and noticed several scenes that weren't in the version I watched, because censorship. He watches ATX raws when he can get them, and I'll be looking forward to the FFF sub when it comes out, to see if the things that were deleted might have made this episode make more sense.


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June 17, 2014

Soul Eater NOT -- ep 11

So it hits the fan this episode. Shaula has activated her army of mental slaves and is trying to destroy the school, one student at a time. Maka and Ox and some other guy from Soul Eater are out fighting for their lives. A group of slaves is trying to break into the dorm, and if they succeed then Kim and Jackie will have to fight them off. I hope they don't burn the place down.

Meanwhile, halfway to the airport, Anya and Tsugumi are reunited. They need to get back into town to try to rescue Meme, and Anya suggests that Tsugumi transform into a flying halberd. She retreats into her soul, and Anya joins her there.

Akane says that it's "soul resonance", a characteristic of a successful partnership.


And because of it, Anya can provide an image of what Tsugumi should become.




Tsugumi has trouble controlling it at the beginning, naturally enough, but she gets better. And then more stuff happens.

I figured Tsugumi was going to show up with a new ability, somehow. I didn't quite figure on this, though. It's pretty awesome. It makes me wonder whether she can manifest other features or abilities as well.

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