October 08, 2016

Vivid Strike -- ep 2

The first half of this episode is "A day in Fuuka's life". It's a week after the previou episode and they've gotten into a routine. Fuuka sleeps in a spare bedroom in Nove's apartment, and gets up at 4:30. She goes to the gym and cleans it, and then Einhart shows up and they go for a run, and then go to Nove's apartment for a big breakfast.

Fuuka works the front desk until Yumina shows up after school. The kids show up after that, and Fuuka trains. And after the gym closes she does some final cleaning and then goes back to Nove's apartment and collapses in bed.

She doesn't look unhappy, and considering her history it is understandable. This is one of the better deals she's had lately and everyone treats her well. Her day is a long one, but the work isn't onerous, and the training is effective. In just a week she has already noticed a change.

Einhart knows that Fuuka has a huge well of magic and part of the training by everyone is to try to teach her how to access that and bring it out. It appears occasionally; once in a while she throws a punch and her fist glows and the punch is particularly powerful. But she doesn't seem to be able to do it consistently.

And another thing they want to do is teach her "Power Mode". That's the new collective name for the adult mode transformations of Einhart, Vivio, Rio and... Miura and Corona. Who have also learned to do it. And that's pretty cool. (That may have been another reason Miura came over, to learn that.)

They manage to get her to do it for the first time in this episode, even though she doesn't have a magical device. (Yet.)

This show is developing nicely.

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