July 28, 2015

Bikini Warriors ep 4 -- Friendly dog

Never let it be said that this show has any class.


(Not that anyone would be inclined to say such a thing, of course. NSFW below the fold.)


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White ribbon around the chest

A lot of female characters in anime wrap a white strip of cloth around their chests instead of wearing bras or something else. Erza does that in Fairy Tail and Hallie Tribeca and her gang do it in Nanoha Vivid and they're not the only ones. I see it all the time.


What is that called?

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July 27, 2015

Referrer spam

My server (on which USS Clueless can be found) has always attracted a lot of referrer spam, though it's gotten steadily worse as the years have gone by. I think more than half my total traffic is referrer spam, or attempts to break into my security.

Those latter are weird; there will be several hundred attempts by the same IP to access various files that don't exist on my system. I assume that they're file paths which would exist if I was running WordPress or Movable Type or some other kind of site management system, but in fact my stuff is really rather vanilla and none of those files are there.

The referrer spam is more annoying. Some page of mine will be accessed three times in quick succession from the same IP and ostensibly with the same referrer. If I check (usually I don't) they're usually porn sites in Cyrillic. Lately it's been a new trick: the referrer is from a URL shortener.

In the last couple of weeks, though, it's been something entirely new. The Jehovah's Witnesses have been spamming me. For a while the bogus referrer was to the Wikipedia article on "Jehovah". But today it was for the home page of the church.

Referrer spam is a form of SEO, and the Googlebot stopped paying attention to it years ago. Indeed, some kinds of referrer spam actually reduce your rating and move you even further away from Page 1.

Anyway, I can't think of any reason why the Jehovah's Witnesses would care about SEO. About the only thing I can come up with is that this is some zealous member of the church, doing it on his own for the good of everyone's souls, or something.

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July 26, 2015

Red half-rim glasses watch -- Jitsu wa Watashi


Her name is Mikan, and I stole borrowed this picture from Metanorn because I'm not watching this show.

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CNN says "Anime nerds trying to Google bomb ISIS". Apparently CNN doesn't know the word otaku.

More to the point, when does Rule 34 kick in?

This idea is silly as hell, and I bet 4-chan is behind it.

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July 25, 2015

Sequels and spinoffs

Never let it be said that Hollywood doesn't know how to beat a good idea into the ground. I gather that The Lego Movie was a surprise hit a few years ago, and everyone wants to play.

We're going to get a Minecraft movie. And someone is making a movie based on Smileys AKA "Emoji". Sony paid $10 million for the film rights to that one!

I haven't seen a movie in a theater since The Matrix and I don't remember the last Hollywood movie I saw in any format, but it's been years. It's apparent I haven't missed anything.

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SJW's have gone after Lara Croft!! The idea, apparently, is to make her more realistic. They ought to love Pochaco (NSFW), the newest character in the "Super Sonico" pantheon.


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July 24, 2015

Earth 2?

IO9 asks, "Could Life Have Emerged on Earth's Near Twin?"

Could it? Entirely possible. Right at the moment we don't know of anything that forbids it.

Has it? We have no idea and it will be a long time before we can find out.

Also, keep in mind that "life" and "tool-using life" are not synonyms. Life has existed on Earth for more than 3 billion years (IIRC it's actually been more than 4 billion), and for nearly all that time it was exclusively single cell.

Tool using life only appeared here a couple million years ago, a mere blink of the eye in geological terms. (Reasonably advanced tool users, by which I mean "metal users", only go back maybe four thousand years.)

Eventually someone is going to suggest beaming radio at this particular planet, and it can't hurt to do so. But the chance of it making any difference is painfully small.

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GATE -- ep 4

While we were away, the JSDF engineers have been busy.


I'm not sure I'd pick a star fortress as an ideal design for this (they work a lot better if you've got a moat, and that isn't possible here), but it isn't terrible. And they've nicely partitioned it so that even if an enemy force breaks into the outer wall, the entire fort won't fall.

Anyway, Scout Squad 3 comes back with its group of refugees, and there's a bit of confusion and consternation about that. But ultimately it's decided that it's a good thing, and the JSDF will take them in and provide for them.


Magician, meet backhoe. The engineers build a refugee camp -- outside the wall. It goes up very fast, which shouldn't be a surprise.

To get all that supply into the new region they must have been running trucks bumper-to-bumper through the gate.


One of the first things that goes up is a bath.



Chuka, the elf, is suffering from PTSD and isn't quite right in her head. She can't seem to accept that her father is dead. She draws twice as many clothes as she needs (some for her, some for a man) and gets twice as much food as she needs (and half goes to waste).

But on a practical level, she's worried about the fact that they're receiving all this charity from the JSDF. "We eventually have to support ourselves. Will we have to sell our bodies?"

Lelei, the mage, has been working on trying to learn Japanese, and is making great progress. She's been doing other things, too.


She learns that the JSDF has no use for the corpses of all these dragons they killed. It turns out that dragon scales are very valuable, and she's gotten permission for the refugees to collect them, and to sell them. "We aren't going to have to sell our bodies." Considering how many dragons died there, they should be able to keep busy for a long time.


This is the nearest town that's still intact. It's called "Italica". Whoever drew it needs to learn more about how towns were fortified in the middle ages, because it's got a blind spot. An attacking army could climb one of those hills from along the river and attack down into the town. (It wouldn't be easy but it would be a lot easier than assaulting that wall.)

Aside from that, it's a pretty good imitation of a motte-and-bailey. Except that the bailey should be elevated, and this one isn't.

(By the way, it also means that the locals haven't invented any kind of artillery. Curtain walls like that are completely useless if the enemy has artillery, whether cannons, trebuchets, high-powered mages, or tamed kaiju. If that town has been safe all this time, then the JSDF fortress will be too.)

Regardless, the next episode is "The Battle of Italica". The princess and her column are coming in from one side, and Scout Squad 3 is taking the three girls to this town from the other side with their first load of dragon scales, and presumably there will be some sort of clash.

Also, word has gotten back to Japan about wholesale slaughter of civilians, and opponents of the administration are trying to claim that it was the JSDF that did it, not a kaiju. So the Diet has summoned witnesses: Itami (commander of the JSDF unit that witnessed it) and some of the refugees, and that's maybe in the next episode, too, or maybe the one after.

I wonder if Lelei's magic will work in Japan? I wonder if she'll need to find out? Since by then Lelei's mastery of Japanese will probably be sufficient, she's going to be the star witness, obviously. And I hope to hell no one makes Rory mad.

(A stupidity: the Premiere of China wants to send half of his citizens through the gate. Which is idiocy considering what a bottleneck it is. If they loaded them onto trucks bumper-to-bumper they couldn't even keep up with China's population rate of increase, even assuming there was anything for them on the other side besides starvation and violent death. I guess the writer wants us to believe that the Premiere is stupid, but I don't believe that any national leader is that stupid.)

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