March 25, 2015

Kancolle 12 -- Yay team!


I downloaded a raw, and I don't know most of the characters, so I didn't fully understand what was going on, but I do know this: what happened in this episode had nothing whatever do with the historical record as I know it. For one thing, battleships never shelled Midway Atoll in my history.

Besides which, the fleet girls used some rather odd tactics the like of which I've never heard of in naval battle.


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March 24, 2015

Not the right way

If you rent and hate your landlord, this is not the way to get revenge.

I hate to think about how many felonies they committed. Start with Attempted Murder, Attempted Arson, 9 kinds of Conspiracy, and keep going from there. If they get caught (and I'm sure they will be) they're going away for a long, long time.

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March 23, 2015

Catching up -- winter 2015

Looking back on this season:

The last episode of Absolute Duo just ran, and I've found two different blog posts that say the show ultimately stunk: Metanorn Aroduc

It's what I expected. As soon as the Lilith character was introduced I knew the show was going into the toilet. So this isn't remotely a surprise, but it's sure a shame. The basic concept had potential, but every time it had the opportunity to develop that potential it didn't do it.

Speaking of other shows, Wonderduck still holds out hope for Kancolle but my money is on that one being a trainwreck too. (I would leave comments about it on his blog, but I still can't.)

Dog Days S3 has been everything we expected it to be: not a masterpiece, but definitely good. It's kind of half way between the first series and the second one in feel, with multi-episode plot arcs and new characters which are interesting and fun. Flognard is a big planet, and it's nice that we're expanding our horizons and seeing more and more of it.

Nanatsu no Taizai has been outstanding. I know most of how it's going to end from the manga and it will be thoroughly satisfying, so I'm sure the anime won't disappoint.

Fairy Tail isn't coming to an end any time soon, but it's a bit disappointing that they've been doing so many anime-original (read "filler") episodes. We're fifty episodes into this round, and they stuck with the manga for the first 25 eps. ep 27 was in the manga, and ep 28 was partially based on a manga chapter, and ep 44 was from the manga. Aside from that, it's all been filler.

The manga is up to chapter 425, and as best I can tell, the last manga chapter which has been used in the anime as part of a continuous story is 340. So there's plenty of material to work with (two entire story arcs) and they seem to be keeping them for a rainy day.

I stopped watching Shinmai Maou no Testament with the second episode, and the only blog I follow which has been posting about it is Fapservice, which just posted the fact that a second season has been approved. Good lord. In essence they're appealing to the same audience as High School DxD, which show I also gave up on. And HSDxD is getting a third season, starting in April. Good lord again.

The Mouretsu PIrates sub hasn't shown up yet. Big surprise. The circle stopped updating status on it a couple of months ago, so at this point I think we can assume it's dead. We probably won't be able to tell what's going on in this movie until a North American BD release, which is a problem because no one here has licensed it.

So overall it hasn't been too bad, compared to some seasons where I had nothing at all I wanted to watch. Some disappointments, but there are always disappointments, and there was good stuff too.

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Kancolle ep 12 preview


Fubuki becomes a super-saiyajin and saves the day!

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March 22, 2015

Nanatsu no Taizai -- ep 23

Definitely a nice buildup to the finale in ep 24, next week. Turns out this ended exactly where manga chapter 97 finished, and presumably ep 24 will be chapters 98 through 100.


Chapter 100 finishes the grand fight, and brings back a character who died. It doesn't deal with any of several other story threads. Will ep 24 deal with them, too? Or just leave them dangling?

And perhaps the biggest one:

The manga didn't end with chapter 100; it's up to chapter 118 now. So there's more story to be told here, and maybe eventually there will be another anime. Even so, it would be nice if some of those things got resolved.

We also never saw the seventh sin. (I have entertained the idea that Hawk is actually the seventh sin, in deep disguise, and that even Meliodas doesn't know it.)

If I have any complaint about the final arc, it's this: Diane was reduced to being a damsel in distress. I really hoped for more from her than that she lay wounded on the ground and had to be saved by others. Even after she got healed and was back to full strength, she didn't contribute much. It's a real shame.

But aside from that, this has been an excellent series. It starts slow and it's really easy to underestimate from the first couple of episodes, because it gets deeper and more complex and more interesting every episode, right up to the end. This is one of the best series in recent memory.

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Jeff Jacoby wins the web today

"True Fact: Liberals once believed people shouldn't be valued for the color of their skin." -- Jeff Jacoby

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March 21, 2015

Fairy Tail OP -- a quiz

There's a character in the OP I can't identify.

They play around with the OPs and EDs, doing different kind of fantasy things. Happens about every 25 or 30 episodes. Anyway, in the current OP they're doing some art that makes it look like Fairy Tail members are gangsters. First, some of the men:


This is easy. From left to right: Natsu, Happy, Laxus, Gajeel, Pantherlily, Gray, and Elfman. (I made this an 800 pixel image, so to see it all you'll have to open this article.)

And here are the women:


Wendy, Charle, Erza, ???, Levy, Lucy, Kana, and Juvia.

Who is the blonde in the black dress? It isn't Lisanna because Lisanna has short hair. It isn't Mirajane because she wears a top-knot in the middle of her forehead. It isn't Lucy, because Lucy is the one in the blue dress. I don't think it's Eve because her hair isn't that light. It can't be Mavis because Mavis doesn't have boobs like that. It can't be Bisca because her hair isn't that long, and anyway it's green. It has to be a member of Fairy Tail because everyone else is, in both pictures. So who the heck is it? I can't place her.

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Dog Days S3 -- ep 11

It turns out that we're doing the story of "The Little Mermaid". They kind of gave away the game last episode when they showed us a statue of a mermaid that is reminiscent of the one in Copenhagen Harbor. As always, spoilers below the fold.


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March 20, 2015

Strike the Blood -- "kenjuu"

There's a word kenjuu they use all the time in this series which gets translated as "familiar". Normal vampires have the ability to summon one of these. Kojou will eventually have 12 of them, but at the beginning they exist but don't acknowledge his mastery. It's a plot point in the series that he is gradually gaining control over more and more of them as time goes on. (Actually it's a deus ex machina; every time he gets in a bind he gets a new one and it has exactly the power he needs to get out of it.)

Anyway, FFF translates it as "familiar", which usually means tsukaima.

Kenjuu isn't in the dictionary, so I assume it's two words. I've got it that 獣 juu is "beast", because most of the kenjuu have the form of animals. Kojou's first one is "Regulus Aurum" and it looks like a tiger, for instance. Vatler's all look like snakes, gaining him the nickname hebi tsukai "snake user".

Is it this 権 ken, meaning "authority" or "right (to do something)"? Nothing else looks reasonable.

Also, I could be wrong; it might be 呪 ju meaning "spell" or "curse".

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March 19, 2015


There's a movie coming this summer called "Pixels". It's an enhancement of something that's shown up a lot of times before in small videos on YouTube, but it looks like they've done an excellent job of it, high budget. Let's hope the script is up to the job, and the acting rates.

It reminded me of a short piece I first saw something like 30 years ago as a filler on HBO called "Arcade Attack". (And let me just say right now that any guy who wears a pompadour deserves to get zapped by space aliens.)

UPDATE: It also reminds me of this.

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