May 14, 2015

Houkago no Pleiades, Punchline -- ep 6

Both of these shows just turned corners and got a lot more interesting. Spoilers, loads of, below the fold.


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May 13, 2015

Good news and bad news

BakaBT started answering pings again this afternoon, and it responds to HTTP requests now. But all we get it this:

Sooo... recap.. hardware failed.. currently in the progress of reinstalling everything and taking this chance to upgrade the architecture..
This can take a bit, hopefully wednesday Friday everything is back online otherwise later this week.

Their twitter feed has had a lot of traffic, but it amounts to the same thing. They're going to have to recover from backups, which probably isn't all that much of a disaster.

The reason it's taking so long is that the hardware originally failed, and the hosting company repaired it, and then it died again, and this time it's taking longer. One would hope they're using top quality parts this time instead of bargain parts from Nightwing Computer Components Ltd.

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May 12, 2015

The things I dream

Last night I dreamed I was on Windows Update downloading the latest patches for King's magic spear.


Sometimes I wonder about myself...

UPDATE: I could use a magic spear right now. I have long since disabled "Automatic update" on all my machines, and I routinely do manual updates on Tuesdays when MS releases the new ones.

I usually start with my tablet, since if it gets bricked I won't be damaged. If it survives I do all the others. Today it was weird: I had 14 important updates and 1 optional, so I let it go.

It took something like half an hour to check for updates and then to download them. Afterwards, it stopped with a message "15 updates unnecessary" (IIRC). So I rebooted the computer and tried again, and now it's actually installing them. Sheesh.

My Windows Home Server 2003 took nearly an hour to download and install its patches. It's rebooting now.

My torrent computer took something like 45 minutes to download and install the patches.

The ones that really took the time were security patches to .NET; must have been something pretty serious, you know?

Meanwhile, is responding to pings, a hopeful sign.

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May 11, 2015


They released a figurine representing a female character from Metal Gear Solid, and made it so that her breasts are someone soft and can be squeezed.

As you might imagine, the SJW's are having a cow.

But... figurine makers have been doing that for a long time. I have a figurine of Sonsaku Hakufu I bought years ago which is like that. It's in storage now because I don't have enough room on my shelf for all the figurines I've bought. (Not that I have all that many, I just don't have very much shelf space.)

Anyway, there isn't anything new about this. But the SJW's only just now noticed, and also because it's another atrocity by OMG Gamers!!!

No one cares about otaku atrocities because so far the SJW's haven't noticed us. Just wait, though; they'll be after us soon enough unless they get slaughtered trying to take the Gamer hill. We're the hill just after that.

UPDATE: I don't really have that many figurines, but if SJW's saw the ones I do have, I think there would be a run on fainting couches...

And I am grateful to Robert/Bob for making it possible for me to be so politically incorrect without having to spend appalling amounts of money and without having to break any laws.

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May 09, 2015

Nanoha Vivid -- ep 6

Team Battle, part 1!!



Introducing our teams: Red team, with Teanna in command, and Blue team, with Nanoha in command. Here's how I see the matchups:
Red vs Blue
Nove vs Subaru -- even
Teanna vs Nanoha -- Nanoha (B) slight advantage
Fate vs Eriol -- Fate (R) slight advantage
Corona vs Rio -- Rio (BBB) strong advantage
Einhard vs Vivio -- Einhard (R) slight advantage
Caro vs Lutecia -- Lutecia (BBB) strong advantage, even without any summons

So I calculate the Blue team is stronger, but, "on any given day..."


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May 08, 2015

George Lucas rolling in his grave...

...and he isn't even dead yet.

They're going to do a "Boba Fett" origin movie. Which is nuts; we already know where he came from, and we've seen him die.

The beloved character was primarily played by English actor Jeremy Bulloch in "The Empire Strikes Back” and "Return of the Jedi.”

"Beloved"? He's a villain, a dirty rotten scoundrel!

When they chose Jango Fett as the genetic source for all the clone storm troopers, part of his price was that they give him one to raise as his son, which he names Boba.

What kind of story can they tell about that?

I suppose they think they can pull this off. After all, the first sequel trilogy (eps 1-3) were about Darth Vader, but we'd already seen Darth Vader do a heel-face-turn just before he died heroically. But Boba Fett's death was a laugh-line. (The desert monster burped just after swallowing him.)

I guess all Lucas can do these days to comfort himself is count all his money...

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BakaBT has been down since last night.

Time to break out the conspiracy theories. David Cameron did it!

UPDATE: The tracker is back up now, but the web server is still down. I guess Cameron lost interest.

UPDATE: Nope, it's down again. At least they're working on it.

UPDATE: OK, back again, and this time for real.

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May 07, 2015

Election whimsy

I do have to say I'm enjoying reading the list of all the parties participating in the UK election today. With partial results (199 seats reporting out of 650) we have something called "Plaid Cymru" which has managed to bag 3 seats with 153,513 votes. Scotland? I assume so.

But it's further down the list where it gets fun:

"Class War" party currently has 59 votes.
"Monster Raving Loony Party" has 358. (Wasn't this one in Monty Python?)
"Yorkshire First" has 647.
"Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol" has 4,121. (Gotta be Cambridge!!!)

Man, we Americans miss out on the fun.

Actually, not totally. A couple of years ago there was the "Rent is Too Damned High" party in NYC.

The British party I'm rooting for is UKIP, who currently have 863,441 votes but no seats yet. Anyone who hates the EU can't be all bad.

UPDATE: Oh, brother. Monster Raving Loony Party has a website!

UPDATE: Plaid Cymru is in Wales, it turns out.

UPDATE: The Conservatives have an absolute majority in Parliament and can form a government without any coalition partner. Which is a shock. Labour lost 23 seats; the LibDems lost 48, leaving only 8. The Conservatives gained 23 seats.

UKIP only has one seat, but it got 3.9 million votes, coming in third.

If you want a morning grin, check out Metafilter's response as the results come in. Start here.

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Houkago no Pleiades, Punchline -- ep 5

Both of these shows are getting stranger and stranger.

In this episode of Houkago no Pleiades, we spent about half the episode punching holes in Saturn's rings. One of the engine parts was in it, and that was the only way to find it.




Actually, though, it was a girl-of-the-week episode again, this time with Subaru bonding with Itsuki. (Last episode was Subaru bonding with the blonde, whatever her name is).

Meanwhile, Punchline (ostensibly a comedy) didn't have a single laugh this time, and no fan service either. If you compared this episode to the first one you'd think they were from entirely different series.

Punchline ep 5 began with Yuuta floating over the dead body of one of the girls, sobbing. Yuuta's body got shot, too. It's really getting creepy.

I think I've had enough of it. I'll probably keep watching Houkago no Pleiades, though; it's confusing but it's pleasant and sweet. It's feeling a lot like iyashikei anime, and that's always rather nice.

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May 06, 2015

Things I wonder about

If you took a cartoon of "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" ice cream, and carefully separated out the dough from the ice cream, could you bake it into reasonable cookies?

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