October 17, 2014

Twintail -- ep 2

The craziness doesn't let up and the energy doesn't, either. This is a plot exposition episode, but they manage to keep it from getting dull by sprinkling a lot of silliness in the middle of it all.

Toaru explains some things about what's going on but is rather reticent about other things, and Aika gets mad:


The caption for this was, "Answer seriously or your elbow's range of motion will double!" So her answer to "Why did Souji become a girl in the transformation?" was "I like girls!"

Souji's mother eavesdrops on the whole thing, and it turns out that both she and Souji's deceased father had aspirations to become superheroes, but never were able. Learning that her son has that ability, Mom is entirely in favor. She also grants Toaru permission to build a secret base under their house, which takes just one night. (Shades of Keroro Gunsou!)

Up in space, the alien boss orders his lieutenants to come up with ways to defeat Tail Red, and their answers are a sequence of fetishes:




They compete to see which lieutenant will be the next to challenge Tail Red.

Souji and Aika go to school the next day, and it seems that pictures of Tail Red are everywhere, and she's become the meme of the day.


The student body president calls an assembly, and announces her love for Tail Red.


Toaru has implemented an activation code for the bracelet: "Tail On!" The aliens are attacking a school in the next town, and Souji activates Tail Red:




Turtle Guildy attacks:


He lasts about five seconds; Tail Red kills him with a single blow. That's not the problem, though.



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October 16, 2014

Erza Bunny-chan


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The Cat in the Hat comes back

How many of you remember the kid's book The Cat in the Hat comes back?

The Cat takes an unauthorized bath and leaves behind a pink bath tub ring. All attempts to clean it simply spread it around, until the entire house is contaminated and all the snow outside has turned pink. The Cat keeps deploying additional smaller cats to help, only they just make things worse. Finally, the 26th and last (and smallest) assistant pulls a deus ex machina out of his hat which goes FLASH and all the pink is gone.

As I read about how various health authorities, particularly the CDC, have been botching the Ebola pre-outbreak in the US, it feels like the Cat's pink. It just keeps spreading, and everything it touches becomes contaminated.

Which is really bad news, of course; we may have already missed our chance to keep it confined to a bathtub, or even to a single neighborhood.

The sheer incompetence on display is disillusioning. It seems like the Centers for Disease Control no longer know how to control noxious diseases -- or care. They'd rather spend their time worrying about things like obesity and gun control, which may or may not be important but which emphatically are not diseases.

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October 15, 2014



This is Safeway's house brand of mozarella sticks. They're really good, too; 7 minutes in a 450 degree oven, and they're great!

But I like the name. Not too many house brands (or any other product, really) are willing to pun like this.

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Fairy Tail -- Victory party!



Even Asuka gets to dress up.

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October 14, 2014

Interesting symmetries

A federal judge struck down the Texas voter ID law. (She was just overridden by the 5th Circuit.) One sentence she wrote:

In her ruling last week, Gonzales Ramos, an appointee of President Barack Obama, called the law an "unconstitutional burden on the right to vote."

I find it interesting that the majority of people who oppose voter ID laws are in turn in favor of imposing as many (unconstitutional?) burdens as possible on the constitutional right to own firearms.

It's also been amusing to watch opponents of gun rights and opponents of abortion rights (politically generally diametrically opposite) taking their tactics out of the same chapter and book. I even wonder whether they're learning from each other.

UPDATE: Please note that I am not implying any moral equivalence.

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'Tentacle Robots' Designed For Space Exploration, Clemson University Researchers Say

"'Tentacle Robots' Designed For Space Exploration, Clemson University Researchers Say".

Nobody tell the Japanese!!!

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October 12, 2014

Chooser version 52

Added 119 grabs from Super Sonico. Total is now 3994.

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Suupa Sonico!

After rummaging something like 18 series over the summer, I thought I'd run out of candidates, but today I remembered Super Sonico, so I just downloaded the whole thing and I'm going through it looking for top rotation grabs.


Sonico's drummer, on the left, is even more top heavy than Sonico herself. Her name is Fuuri, and according to TVTropes, she's actually a tanuki who can shapeshift to pretty much any form. I wonder if Sonico knows it?

Do I actually care? Nope. There's probably some excuse for a story, but that's not what the show is really about. (And it ain't what I'm interested in.)

The 12th episode was pretty useless because it's mostly outdoors in winter, so everyone is bundled up. 11 will be better, and there are at least two beach episodes, not to mention the bikini-zombie episode I watched before. This show is blatant fan service in any case, so I'm sure it won't let me down.

UPDATE: Episode 8 bluescreened my computer.

UPDATE: This happens occasionally. Not often enough to be annoying; maybe twice or three times a year. It's gotta be the display driver. In theory the answer is "Update the display driver" but it's nVidia, and their quality control is legendarily poor. The last time Microsoft told me there was a new one, I downloaded it and it made things a lot worse, so I retreated to the previous version.

I won't update the driver unless the status quo is intolerably bad, and it isn't. I can live with things the way they are now.

Anyway, small loss. Episode 8 was terrible.





It's in the rules: if you have a big-breasted heroine and are doing a beach episode, there must be an assault by a giant squid or octopus.

UPDATE: Why does Sonico's manager wear a demon mask?


If it's a mask, that is...

UPDATE: Actually, the story isn't offensive, and there really is one having to do with Sonico's ambition to be in a successful rock band.

But what the show is really about is to present Sonico as a pretty ordinary girl-next-door, who is nice and not pretentious. She was really shy when she was in middle school (flashback episode) and has mostly grown out of it but she's still a bit shy. She blushes easily.

Looking like she does you'd expect her to get hit on constantly at college, but we don't get shown anything like that.

She sure isn't full of herself just because she's a successful model, nor because she has big breasts. She has friends and loves them, and they love her back. No sign of a boy friend. (Of course!) She keeps five cats. She works part time in her grandmother's restaurant. She's 18 and she's a first year college student studying oceanography.

I think the point of it all is to puncture preconceptions about her and make her feel approachable. And I think it works, too. Except she ought to melt any camera pointed at her.

She's just a girl-next-door -- except my girl next door didn't look like this. Not even close.

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Girl Friend (beta) -- ep 1

Gaah! Keep it away from me!

I only got halfway through the episode before giving up. If there's any reason for this show (besides pumping a telephone game) I'll be damned if I know what it is.


This is Kokomi, who may be the main character in the show. And this is the beginning of my disenchantment, for it there's anything I hold in more contempt than performance art, it's gotta be rhythmic gymnastics. Kokomi is on the team and has a tournament coming up.


The only other notable thing about the show is that all the girls (and there are a swarm of them) are top-heavy. Not Maken-Ki level, to be sure, but way beyond the norm for Japanese girls.

When Mochizuki showed up, her voice grated terribly; it's a horrible performance from a seiyuu who ought to know better. Bad directing? Who knows. Maybe just lack of time to do a proper job; there were at least 20 different voices in the first half of the first episode, and every expectation that it's going to keep on like that.

I expected this show to be brain dead, and it is. It doesn't even rise to the level of "cute girls doing cute things".

Dropped, like a hot rock!

UPDATE: Pete is lukewarm.

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