August 20, 2015

Anime is better than real Life

So it's a boiling hot day and the air conditioner is broken. In real Life, you cook. In Anime, all the gorgeous women you work with change into bikinis.



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August 19, 2015

Engrish as she is spoken

This is part of the cover of a doujinshi, offered without comment:


UPDATE: I can't resist: "Close but no cigal."

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Powerline has a summary of the current state of the Gold King Mine fiasco.

To summarize the summary, there was a mine which had been abandoned since 1923. Water had been seeping into it ever since but wasn't seeping out again. The EPA got the idea that they needed to find out what was going on in there, and brought in heavy construction equipment to start moving earth out of the way -- which, it turns out, was keeping all that water inside the mine.

After they removed a lot, the rest gave way and three million gallons of contaminated water drained out into the Animas River, and from there downstream and is now in Lake Powell.


The pictures are rather memorable, with the Animas river turned bright orange. Obviously the water is carrying a lot of something and it seems that the something includes lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic, none of which are particularly safe to ingest.

That's where Powerline stops. Where I start is this: Lake Powell is behind the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. It's above the places where water is taken out of the river to be used as drinking water for Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego, not to mention being used for crop irrigation in the Imperial Valley. And then there's Mexico.

A spill like this effectively contaminates that water forever. (Like a thousand years or more.) What are they going to do about that? Let all of San Diego and Tijuana die of heavy metal poisoning?

It will take a while (probably years) before this becomes a drinking water issue, because most of that crap is going to settle to the bottom of Lake Powell, and the amount that flows out will have to spend a few years contaminating Lake Mead. But it's definitely coming.

This is a fuckup of epic proportions, and we'll be living with the results of it for decades (if not centuries).

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Asking for spoilers

How did Assassination Classroom end? Did the kids actually kill the teacher?

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August 18, 2015

Ice day!!!!!

The forecast for today is 98F (moan) both today and tomorrow. So I've put in orders for ice both days. Today's delivery should show up in the next two hours, and let's hope they didn't run out.

Last summer I didn't have a single ice day. This year I think this is about ten of them, which is unusually high. I doubt we'll have any more, though.

Hey, Weather Bureau! We could use some rain. How about it, eh?

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August 17, 2015

Stupid series naming conventions

These things come and go; there was a period in which series names were essentially nonsense, completely meaningless. There was a period when lots of series had English names.

And recently we've seen a trend towards series having ridiculously long names.

But the worst recent trend has been using increases in punctuation for sequels. Two examples spring immediately to mind: Dog Days, Dog Days', Dog Days'' and Working!, Working!!, Working!!!

I suppose with 50 or more new series each year, and a history going back to the 1980's, it's a bit hard to come up with something new, and fads never make sense anyway looking back at them, and often not even when you look at them contemporaneously. But it's still annoying. Grumble.

The biggest problem with this one is how you pronounce the names in order to differentiate them, which is why "Dog Days Dash" and "Dog Days Double-Dash" even though it's an apostrophe (') and not a dash (-). Me, I use "S2" and "S3".

UPDATE: I just looked it up, and ANN says it's Working!!, Working!!2, and Working!!3. That's a bit better, even if a bit unimaginative.

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August 15, 2015

Things that make me go "hmmmm"


Wil Wheaton met a woman named Anne and married her in 1999. She had two sons, and since it's been 16 years they're both grown up now. One of the sons asked Wil to legally adopt him, which Wil did, and that's a nice indication of the fact that they love each other.

Anyway, one of Anne's sons is named Nolan Kopp and the other is named Ryan Wheaton. Which makes me go hmmmm. Was their father a baseball fan? Or maybe Anne herself? Nolan Ryan was one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Are they named after him?

Both of the sons have been guests on "Tabletop" and the most recent episode is a Wheaton Family affair, with Wil, Anne, Nolan, and Ryan; and it's a lot of fun.

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August 14, 2015



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GATE -- Character art

I have spent a lot of time reading the manga for this series and I've gotten used to how the mangaka draws the characters and their costumes. The anime diverges quite a lot from that, enough to be jarring.

Sometimes it's due to censorship, because the manga has quite a lot of nudity and explicit bloodshed and gore. But sometimes the changes are practical, because the mangaka's art is too elaborate to be reasonably animated.

I brought up the question of Bozes in her nightgown yesterday. Here's what they did with it:

All the changes are understandable, but it means this isn't going to be a "Buy the BD's" moment. (We'll get some of those later, though, unless they radically change the Onsen scene.)

They changed the catgirl and the bunny girl a lot.


And in this case I think it's a mistake. These two are revealed as being extremely dangerous fighters, and in the manga they really do look formidable. In the anime they're all cutesy; it's completely out of character.


This is the Princess and Bozes in their formal uniforms. It's really a huge change, and I don't like it. The costumes per the manga simply could not be animated, so it's obvious that the change was going to be radical, but the anime versions just don't work for me. (Lose the hats, for one thing!)

And one more example, but some commentary first. When people grow from childhood to adulthood, different parts of the body change at different rates. The femur, for instance, probably grows 500% or more linearly speaking. The skull, on the other hand, doesn't change very much at all (I think it doesn't even double linearly speaking). So a child's head is proportionately larger compared to its body than an adult's head. And it turns out that we adults are genetically programmed to find things with disproportionately large heads to be "cute". (Which is why we are suckers for kittens and puppies, not to mention human babies and children.)

Stephen Jay Gould did an article about this once, and in particular he talked about Disney and Warner Bros characters, because he noticed something interesting. Over the first ten years or so of those characters, the heads of the Disney characters tended to grow proportionate to their bodies, while the Warner Bros characters went the other way, with the heads becoming smaller relative to their bodies. The result psychologically is that Bugs seems like an adult to us, but Mickey is more like a child. Daffy's head is a lot smaller than Donald's head.

They did that here, too. In the anime, Lelei's head is bigger than in the manga.


And obviously they changed her clothes. I really prefer the manga version of her costume, but it's obviously impossible to retain it, and on balance the anime version is still rather nice.

UPDATE: As to episode 7, well, it proceeded on the plot line but the only important thing was that the Princess decided to accompany Recon 3 back to the JSDF base so she could apologize. And then it was decided to let her visit Japan. Ep 7 ended just before the party entered the Gate to go to Japan. Next episode we get to see the Diet. Will ep 8 give us the onsen scene? Probably that gets pushed out to ep 9.

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