December 14, 2014

The roof falls in

I do hope this was not the day Pixy decided to go downtown for a cup of coffee.

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December 11, 2014

A stray thought

I wonder if coffee and peanut butter would taste good together? After all, they both taste good with chocolate.

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December 09, 2014

I've discovered a new Illuminati!

I think I know the truth about the recent hysteria regarding campus rape. It's...

Fat YAOI fangirls!

Their sinister plot is to make it so terrifying and risky to be a heterosexual male that all the guys will give up on women and turn to each other for comfort. And then the Fat YAOI fangirls will have achieved in the real world the fantasy they had been reading about!

Explains a lot, doesn't it?

UPDATE: I assume most of my readers know this, but やおい yaoi is a Japanese acronym for yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi which means "no climax, no point, no meaning". So even the Japanese are contemptuous of it. What is it? It's the term for mangas about male homosexuals, aka "boy's love". And in Japan the main audience for yaoi is middle-aged married women. In America the stereotype is that it's girls in their teens and twenties who are overweight, hence "fat YAOI fangirls". As a group they're known for wandering around anime conventions carrying YAOI paddles, and quite frankly I don't want to know why.

Every group of freaky fans has someone they look down on ("Yeah, we're strange, but those guys are really strange!"), and for most otaku it would be furries. But I think even furries look down on fat YAOI fangirls. 

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December 02, 2014

What do they know that they aren't telling me?

Why is YouTube playing advertisements to me that are in Spanish? (In the runup to the election, I always got ads about the Oregon Senate race, so they know where I am.)

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November 27, 2014


It's interesting the flavors people do, and do not, like.

Pixy says he doesn't like cranberries. Interesting. I do like them, but there are things I despise, too. I really hate the flavor of raw celery and raw cucumbers. I hate walnuts and and I hate filberts. ("Filbert" == "Hazelnut" in some places.)

And there are flavors which go together, too, IMHO. I always eat grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup. Done it my whole life, and grilled cheese sandwiches alone seem bland and uninteresting.

Chicken goes well with nutmeg, did you know that? When we had chicken-and-dumplings at my grandmother's house, we always sprinkled nutmeg on it.

Why is it that chocolate goes really well with peppermint, but the idea of chocolate and spearmint is nauseating? Darned if I know.

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Oh, goodie!

There's a recall going on of certain cars with a certain brand of airbags.

See, when called upon to inflate, the airbag doesn't. Instead it shoots shrapnel into the passenger compartment, presumably towards the passenger or driver.

Apparently this goes back ten years or more and millions of cars are affected.

What a monumental fuckup. Sheesh.

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November 24, 2014

This was not well conceived...

Security robots:

"If you step in front of the K5, or otherwise interfere with it, it will gently warn you with some chimes— but if you don't move, an 'ear-piercing alarm' is triggered," the report notes.

Unless, of course, you need help. If you find yourself in harm's way, you can press a button at the top of the K5, and it will summon help from headquarters.

So if you're laying on the ground with a broken leg, and have the misfortune to be in the robot's way, you get treated to non-stop "ear-piercing alarm" which can only be stopped by standing up on your broken leg to reach the button on the top of the 5-foot-tall security robot.

Who designed this?

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How did they do that?

Just now I downloaded the 8th episode of Nanatsu no Taizai, as subbed by someone called "FedSubs".

It was ostensibly a 720p sub, but when I ran it, it went fullscreen and disabled all the controls on MPC. Mouse clicks (right or left) did nothing, and it didn't obey any keyboard commands. I used CTL-ALT-DEL to try to bring up the task manager, which should be absolutely on top of everything, but the playback was in front of that. The only thing I could do was choose "log out" from the CTL-ALT-DEL popup.

What in hell did they do? I deleted the file and won't be doing any more experimenting with it, nor anything else from that circle.

UPDATE: Shortly thereafter, I tried watching the first episode of Divergence Eve and it did the same thing. So I concluded something had gone wrong with my copy of MPC, and I upgraded to the most recent version.

I apologize to FedSubs for doubting them. I don't think their file had anything to do with it.

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November 18, 2014

The Omniscence of Wikipedia

I had a strange memory come back to me a couple of day ago, a very old memory. Near here there's a shopping mall, and I remembered that before it was built, the land it was on was a grass airport. I wasn't sure if this was a real memory or a dream, and I was considering posting a question to to see. But for the heck of it I tried Wikipedia first.

And, by gum, it was in there: Bernard's Airport. It was closed in 1969, much later than I had expected. (That was when I was a sophomore in high school; I had thought my memory was from much earlier.

That location is now pretty well surrounded by Beaverton, but when it was originally built it was all country. If you zoomed this picture out a long way, the Tektronix main campus would be on the left.

Does Wikipedia know everything? It seems strange that someone went to the trouble to write an article about such an obscure place.

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November 16, 2014

Nihilistic solutions

I'm thinking of starting a new business. It would be called "Endangered Species Solutions". Our motto: They can't be endangered if they're extinct!

See, the way it works: when some damned environmentalist manages to fuck you over completely by getting some obscure species declared "endangered", you come to us and we take care of it for you.

For example: having your irrigation water taken away from you for the benefit of the Delta Smelt? Pay us, and in the dead of night we'll dump 1000 pounds of potassium cyanide into the Sacramento river and kill them all. Once they're extinct, they can't be endangered any longer and now you can go to court and force the government to release your irrigation water.

Or the Gunnison Sage Grouse? We provide you with a group of hunters equipped with IR night vision goggles to go on a grand multi-week hunt to eliminate the problem. With extreme prejudice.

And we're really good at dealing with Spotted Owls! Just try us!

We'll incorporated in Antigua, and only accept cash transfers. Our customers will never know who we are!

Anyone care to invest? I've got $4.95 seed money so far...

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