December 19, 2014

Fairy Tail S2 ep 38 -- Hi Ho Sagittarius, and away!


I'm trying to find a word. An "anachronism" is a thing in the wrong time, like seeing a Roman legionary wearing a wrist watch. The word I want refers to a thing which doesn't belong in any time at all, like seeing a dragon flying over a battlefield full of main battle tanks.

Whatever that word is, Erza is it this episode. How the heck does she know what a cowboy looks like? As far as I can tell, there are no horses in the Fairy Tail world. I think I saw one, just one, early in the series but since then zip. Wagons don't get drawn by horses; they use giant pigs instead. No one rides horses; in fact, no one rides any animal. The only riding we've seen is on ships, trains, and wagons (drawn by giant pigs), and the occasional magically-powered car.


Well, I don't care; Erza the Cowgirl still looks pretty damned good.

UPDATE: There's an aspect of this story line I don't like: Yukino and Lucy are having the most trouble in their fights. Elfman defeated Taurus, Mirajane defeated Pisces, Gajeel and Lily defeated Gemini, Wendy defeated Aquarius, Kana defeated Scorpio, Levy defeated Capricorn, Gray defeated Cancer, Juvia defeated Aries, Erza defeated Sagittarius.

Which leaves Leo, Virgo, and Libra. (And Ophiuchus.) Leo has been dodging his fight with Natsu, and Lucy and Yukino, the actual celestial wizards, have been doing amazingly badly against Virgo and Libra respectively. Somehow it doesn't seem fair that celestial wizards should be so useless. But I guess it makes sense because neither of them can use their power (to summon spirits to fight for them). Everyone else's power is unaffected.

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I got my latest order from Robert's Anime Corner Store today, and they tossed in a handful of official "Robert's Anime Corner Store" chocolate dollars. It's good chocolate, too.

Oh, and it was shipped the day after I ordered, as always. Even though it's Christmas season and presumably they're very busy. (I hope they're busy; I've heard that this year's Christmas shopping season has been a disappointment for some places!)

UPDATE: I wonder if this is something like coffee mugs and T-shirts where there are businesses in the business of making custom ones with your very own logo or graphic on them?

Seems like it must be. How long before Cafepress starts offering them?

UPDATE: So what did I buy? For the last year, the mascot on my computer table has been Katsuragi from Senran Kagura, and I decided it was time for a change. More below the fold.


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December 18, 2014



Diane is definitely the most awesome thing in Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Well, this should be fun...

US Weather Bureau is predicting 2-5 inches of rain for here Saturday night. That should be fun. (Also 5-8 inches in the Coast range.)

Where that won't be fun is if the Willamette goes out of its banks. It won't affect us here, but the creek ought to get pretty lively!

UPDATE: I wonder if this will be as bad as the Chrismas Flood? Probably not, but it may come close.

UPDATE: I was only 10 when the Christmas Flood happened, but it's got special meaning to me. It was the second part of a 1-2 punch to hit the Northwest, coming just about a year after what we call the Columbus Day Storm.

About 1961, my parents bought a lot in SW Portland, moved a trailer house onto it, and began building their dream house. Now when a lot of people say "We're building a house" they mean they hired a construction company. That's not what we did. My dad actually designed the place and drew all the blueprints, and worked on it evenings and weekends and vacations. My grandfather, who was a carpenter, came up to help as much as he could, and friends of my dad would sometimes come over and help. My brother, who was 12-13 years old at the time, did a lot of work and me, 8-9, I did as much as I could. We had the foundation poured and the basement covered by the main floor, and managed to put up all the outer walls and got the roof over it, and covered the whole roof with plywood. But there weren't yet any internal partitions by October, 1962.

And then we got the storm of the century, and it blew the house down. I was in the bathroom when it happened so I didn't see it go. But shortly thereafter my folks began to worry that the trailer might roll over in the wind, and so we walked to our neighbor's house and asked them to put us up for the night.

We spent a week living at my uncle's house in NE Portland because his electricity didn't go out. It took us several months to tear everything apart and restack all the lumber, and then to put the walls and roof back up again.

We were a lot further along by a year later when the second punch of the 1-2 whammy happened. It was bad for the state, but it didn't actually affect us at all. (Our lot was on the edge of the Tryon Creek Valley, so the water just ran off and we never saw anything.

But I remember in 1964 people beginning to wonder if we'd get slammed again. (We didn't.) By then we were living in the house and had sold the trailer.

UPDATE: Oh, boy; they've updated the forecast:


That last is me.

And if those estimates are even close to accurate, every river in the western third of this state is going to flood.

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Metanorn Winter 2015 preview

There are some shows listed that didn't make the chart.

UPDATE: Oh, no. Miritari is only 5 minute episodes. Damn.

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December 17, 2014

Nanatsu no Taizai -- ep 11


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December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Chelsea Manning

Care to see something that will turn your stomach? Metafilter wishes Chelsea Manning a happy birthday, and calls him a "hero". (And a "patriot".)

(OK, to cases: Manning's name has been legally changed. Manning's sex has not been. But God help you if you use "he" or "him" to refer to Manning on Metafilter; the TransLiberationFront will swarm you.)

I was thoroughly disgusted and posted this:

I can't believe this post. Manning is a traitor and should have met a hangman's noose.

As you might imagine, it was deleted by the mods.

The liberals at Metafilter, like all American liberals, pride themselves on being tolerant and inclusive. In practice, what that means is they tolerate you if you agree with them, otherwise not. I mostly ignore hot-button political threads, but this one I couldn't let go by, even though I knew my comment wasn't going to survive.

At Metafilter, anyone who hates the US and does something that damages it is a hero. (They idolize Snowden, too.) I shouldn't let it get to me, but once in a while it's just too much.

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Fairy Tail -- grumble, sigh

I was really looking forward to this week's chapter of the Fairy Tail manga, but it seems that they always skip the third week in December.

I can't exactly blame them; the mangaka is entitled to some time off. But damn it, why now? The story is kind of in a real cliff-hanger moment.

Anyway, I have some more thoughts about the One Magic:

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December 15, 2014

Winter 2015 preview

Time to look ahead to the Winter 2014 season.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Love! may be a spoof. It's a magical girl show except that all the girls are guys. They gain their powers by being given special bracelets by a magical animal, in this case a wombat. The bad guys also have a magical animal, a hedgehog. I can't imagine watching it, but it'll be interesting to hear about it from someone else. If it's not a comedy, then it's going to be a complete trainwreck. (Or a reverse harem, though there isn't any credit for a main girl.)

Miritari! might be awesome. Two of the main characters are gun girls, and the main publicity shot shows one of them with a hand grenade with the pin pulled. The characters are chibified so it obviously isn't going to be serious.

Absolute Duo: we already saw this, when it was called Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance.

Dog Days'' is back and this time it's called "double-dash" (because of two apostrophes, and don't ask). From the description it isn't going to be what I thought it was (a grand quest to find and destroy the source of the evil swords). Instead, it's going to be episodic like the second series. Presumably Nanami is going to get a hero stone, so we'll get to see what she's going to look like as an adult.

Shinmai Maou no Testament: We already saw this, when it was called KissxSis. (Well, not exactly; it's more like KissxSis crossed with High School DxD.)

Juuou Mujin no Fafnir: We already saw this, when it was called Infinite Stratos.

IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls: We already saw this about a thousand times, when it was named about a thousand other things. (I do not understand the attraction of idol shows, but I guess I don't have to.)

Kantai Collection -Kan Colle-: I was wondering how the heck they were going to turn this into a show. The first thing they did was steal from Arpeggio of Blue Steel the idea of a mysterious fleet dominating the Pacific. The only hope for humanity is certain Japanese girls who have the ability to transform into fighting ships (or take on their characteristics?), which is suspiciously similar to the base conceit of Soul Eater, albeit a lot bigger and more spectacular. (Halberds are for wimps.) The girls go to a special school (which probably isn't called Shibusen) and our protagonist is the destroyer Fubuki.

Aside from Dog Days and Miritari, looks like it's gonna be another lean season for me. I'll sample some other things, of course, but I don't have high expectations. I'll certainly give KanColle a try, of course.

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December 14, 2014

The roof falls in

I do hope this was not the day Pixy decided to go downtown for a cup of coffee.

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