October 25, 2014

Arpeggio of Blue Steel -- commentary

Wonderduck has promised us a post about Arpeggio of Blue Steel, describing why he isn't totally pleased with it.

I'm going to steal a march on him and post my own opinion. Necessarily it contains spoilers, so it goes below the fold.


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October 24, 2014

A hell of a week

Ed Driscoll has a good point: it's been a hell of a week.

It's been the kind of week that drives a man to drink. Too bad for me I don't drink any more.

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Twintail -- ep 3

Twoaru reveals her newly-built secret base, and it's worthy of Kururu at his best:


Complete with a secret elevator door in their kitchen. The sign says "秘密基地入口".


Souji and his mom are overjoyed. Aika is less than thrilled.


All it needs is Angol Mois at one of the control stations and it would be perfect!

Tail Red responds to attacks all over the world, one a day, for a couple of weeks. This also results in lots of new phone-camera pictures of her flooding the web, and fan clubs and fan web sites start sprouting up like mushrooms.

Eventually the bad guys come up with a way of fighting her and she gets in trouble. Never fear, however, Tail Blue shows up to help!


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October 23, 2014

Amagi Brilliant Park -- ep 4

So now we're finally getting some story and some character development. Seiya is becoming a more sympathetic character.

But this episode was about Isuzu, and her relationship with Seiya. She, too, has become a more sympathetic character.

This was a good episode, definitely a step up from last time. The story telling flowed this time. Definitely nice work.

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Well, THAT'S a change

Police Commissioner William Bratton said Thursday that investigators were still trying to identify the assailant and determine a motive. He said they hadn't ruled out a possible terrorism connection.

Well, that's different. Usually in a case like this what we hear is "We're not really sure what the heck happened, but we're absolutely certain it had nothing to do with terrorism. Definitely no terrorism here! So go on about your business and don't worry your little heads!"

They've been doing that ever since 9/11; their primary concern has been to avoid any kind of public panic, or anti-Muslim backlash -- and that's more important than, you know, telling the truth and keeping citizens safe. Finally we've got a police official who admits what everyone knows: they can't be sure this early, and only a fool would exclude the possibility.

UPDATE: Not to mention, "There's not even the faintest chance of any Ebola in the US. What, you mean there was some? Well, we've got it under control and there won't be any more!"

They're less concerned with keeping us safe than they are with keeping us calm.

I suppose it makes some sense: people fleeing from an infection, and unknowingly carrying the infection with them to new places, is how you end up with a full-blown plague in the era of air travel. They don't want that to happen. (There's no similar logic with the "No Terrorism" bull, though.)

And, of course, the Obama administration outright refuses to implement a full-scale travel ban, or mandatory enforced quarantine for those at risk, because... they haven't actually given any kind of good justification for why, except the usual "Racism!!!"

UPDATE: The new case in NYC could be very bad. He was admitted into the hospital today and the antibody test was positive. Seems he rode the subway last night and went to a bowling alley. How many hundreds of people may have been exposed, and how can you possibly find them all?

WHY IN HELL WASN'T HE IN HARD QUARANTINE? He had been in West Africa treating Ebola patients before he came home.


"The goal right now is to make sure people don't panic," he said.

Which seems to be more important than things like... making sure the disease doesn't spread.

This CNN article is loaded with testimonials about how saintly and wonderful this particular doctor is, kind of ignoring the fact that he of all people should have known how important it was for him to stay out of circulation.

Like not riding the subway to a bowling alley.

He may have contaminated the subway car he was on, but I can't see how they could possible figure out which one it was. Will they disinfect every subway car (hundreds of them)? Or just roll the dice and hope for the best?

So far our blitheringly incompetent public health authorities have been doing a lot of dice rolling.

UPDATE: Regarding the guy in NY with the hatchet, FrontPage Magazine says his name was Zale Thompson, age 32, Muslim, from Queens. Imagine that!

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October 22, 2014

Something or high water


It's been raining pretty hard today, and now the runoff is overtopping the entire culvert.

It's not supposed to be like this; there are two big concrete pipes under the culvert which are supposed to carry the water, but they've been completely clogged up for years. Unfortunately, fixing them would either require scuba gear or a back hoe.

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At Arms


This grayhair is Kevin Vickers, Sergeant at Arms for the Canadian House of Commons. A gunman penetrated the Parliament building today, and Vickers shot him dead.

Good job, sir! He seems to take the "at arms" part of his title seriously!

UPDATE: He was in the RCMP for 29 years, so presumably he's been trained to shoot. I wonder what he used? Is a pistol part of his standard uniform? (Or a shoulder holster under that coat?)

UPDATE: Next day, Vickers received a standing ovation from Parliament.

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October 21, 2014

Top Rotation -- filling in the gaps

During the summer when I wasn't following any shows, and desperate for anything I could do for this site, I processed several shows which were in progress, which meant I only used the early parts of them.

I'm downloading the rest of them now and I'm going to process the rest of each:

Locodol: 7-13

Jinsei: 6-10

Momo Kyun Sword: 6-12

Rokujouma: 6-12

Blade Dance: 6-12

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We've arrived. (Where?)

Are you ready for this? .moe is an internet Top Level Domain, since July. And yes, it's based on the Japanese term moe.

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Just rewatched the GuP OVA, and reflected on the character Pepperoni. The character page for her on TVTropes says, "Not the sharpest tool in Anzio's shed."

And I got to thinking about other humorous ways of saying "She's not too smart." And... I could only think of one: "Not the brightest bulb on the tree."

Surely there must be more! Help me out here!

(I'm looking for things that suggest she isn't very smart, not things that suggest that she may be nuts. So "Not playing with a full deck" or "Rowing with only one oar in the water" don't qualify.)

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