April 26, 2015

Nudity Special -- Ikki Tousen Extravaganza Epoch

Well, folks, Ikki Tousen has never been subtle, and with this 2-episode OVA they give us what we expect: energy attacks and lots of MCSA's.

And no censorship. NSFW below the fold! (Unfortunately, no subtitles either. I downloaded a raw, so we have to guess what's going on. Assuming we care.)


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April 25, 2015

Re-Kan, Nanoha Vivid -- ep 4

It's ep 4 and time for swimsuits! (sheesh; Houkago no Pleiades did it in ep 3.)



More, including spoilers, below the fold.


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April 23, 2015

Punchline -- ep 3


Well, things are starting to get really crazy, and it may actually turn out that this show is worthy to be Noitamina after all. Loads of spoilers below the fold.


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April 22, 2015

Houkago no Pleiades -- ep 3


I can't figure out what kind of story they think they're telling. It's possible it's supposed to be "coming of age", but now that we're a quarter of the way done it really shouldn't be a mystery.

Tossing in fan service isn't a substitute for skillful story telling, unless you're pandering. (And even then, it isn't a substitute; it's just an admission that you don't give a damn and don't think your viewers do either.)

So the McGuffin this time ended up at the bottom of the sea, and Uchuujinsan transformed everyone's clothes into swimsuits. And then they went deep diving.


Subaru is dumb as a bag of rocks. It took until this episode for her to realize that the cute redhead boy she's been meeting is the same as the redhead boy with horns who they've been fighting -- and I'm not convinced she has made that connection even now.

I'm not ready to drop this yet, but I'm moving in that direction. If they don't get the story in gear Real Soon Now, it's gone.

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Translation notes

When I was plundering Dog Days S3 last night, I was going through the [FBI] sub that I just downloaded. Previously I had been watching HorribleSubs (i.e. stolen from Funimation or Crunchyroll) with which I have not been totally satisfied. Anyway, I started jotting down notes, and here they are:

In episode 5, HorribleSubs translated moribito as "Forest People", which is a literal translation. FBI translated that as "dryads", which I like better even though it's less precise.

In episode 6, HorribleSubs translated omiai as "arranged marriage meeting". FBI had it as "engagement meeting" which is a lot better.

FBI translated shin ryu as "Divinegon", which is weird, instead of as "true dragon". (But they weren't consistent about it.)

Ep 6, during his period of anonymity, Horriblesubs translated all references to Lief as "they". That's a little too politically correct to me since it was blatantly obvious that the challenger was male. FBI uses "he" and "him".

Ep 6, Horriblesubs makes his name "Leaf Lang du Sha Halver". FBI says "Lief Langue de Chat Halver" -- which is at least more classy.

Ep 7, The Genoise call Godwin o-chan which is difficult to translate. The chan honorific is very familiar and can be taken as insulting depending on circumstances. One place you'll run into it is tou-chan referring to one's father, which is best translated as "Daddy". In this case, with the Genoise using it for Godwin, it is a bit too familiar and is just a touch mocking. The reason they can get away with it is that they're not under his command, and none of them give anything away to him in combat ability or magic, and he knows it. As Gaul's personal guard, the Genoise arguably rank him in terms of status, so they're talking "down", as it were. HorribleSubs made it "old man"; which at least conveys the familiarity and a degree of rudeness. FBI dodged the whole issue and just used "Godwin" instead.

Ep 7, when Godwin announces the duel, he uses Kisamara to refer to his soldiers. FBI makes that "Soldiers". Horriblesubs didn't translate it. So? Kisamara is the plural of kisama which is one of the word that means "you". It's also extremely rude and hostile; often it's fighting words. It's also thug-speak; it's something you'd hear more often from someone using ore than from boku. Most of the characters in DBZ use it to each other, for instance. It's just about the strongest in the language and it's worse than temee.

Ep 7, when Nanami gets MCSA'ed, and Noir announces it. Horriblesubs says, "Nice fanservice from Prince Leaf to the Galette Knights." FBI says, "Prince Lief, the Galettian Knights are grateful for your performance!" She actually used the word "sabisu", which has always meant "fan service" in this show, so FBI is dodging another one.

Jaune's accent drives me nuts. I think it's Kansai-ben. It's the same dialect as Hayate speaks in Nanoha Strikers. (Which doesn't make any sense since she grew up in the same city as Nanoha and Nanoha speaks with a vanilla Tokyo accent.) As to Jaune, TVTropes says, "Osaka-ben is generally used to indicate a fun loving, impatient, loud, boisterous personality" -- which perfectly describes Jaune.

Ep 9, sorabito. Horriblesub took that one literally, too, thus "sky people". FBI used "sylphs", which is classier.

In case you're interested, the disease is 病魔 byouma.

Horriblesubs calls the miniature Farine's "avatars". FBI calls them "sprites", which again I think is better.

Horriblesubs "songstress" -> FBI "diva". Dunno about that one.

Horriblesubs "disciple" -> FBI "apostle".

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Chooser version 59

Added another 30 images from Nanatsu no Taizai, and 185 images from Dog Days 3. Total number of images is now 4981.


I love the look on Sharl's face in this grab!

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April 21, 2015

It's definitely spring

I just saw the first batch of ducklings of the year. That's the unmistakeable sign.

I tossed out some bread in hopes they'd come over so I could get a picture, but Mama duck decided to go play at the other end of the yard.

Last year was a bad year for birds. Spring was really cold, so the insect bloom was delayed and never got very large. With food scarce, the bird population suffered. This spring started early and the insect bloom is already starting, and I expect it's going to be a great year for birds.

I dice up bread and put it on my deck for the song birds, and there's a bluejay that's been visiting me quite often, who I assume is taking bread back to feed hungry chicks. The bread is vanishing rapidly.

It's a bit earlier than usual for songbird chicks, but that's a good sign.

Must be Global Warming™.



Eat your heart out, Kansas!

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April 20, 2015

Fairy Tail -- chapter 430


And that's all there is to it!

It turns out that Lucy has a Star Dress for each of her Zodiac summon, and in each case it gives her some of the power of the summons. They all look a lot different, too. So far we've seen three:


Star Dress Leo is an evening gown.


Star Dress Virgo puts her into a maid costume.


And Star Dress Taurus is a cowgirl, minus a hat.

I was wondering about Taurus (and Aries).

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April 19, 2015

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box is a game that Microsoft published 15 years ago. Maybe 10 years ago I tried installing it on my computer which didn't have a 4:3 display, and it worked but was unplayable. It runs full-screen and it filled the screen, so the aspect ratio was wrong. Since a lot of the games involve unscrambling scrambled pictures, it was even harder, and anyway there was no joy in completing one since the image was awful.

Last night I tried installing it again, and glory be! It runs full-screen but it only uses the center part of the screen, so the aspect ratio is correct even on my 16:9 display.


One of the early images is a picture of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan, complete with the World Trade Towers, which of course no longer exist. The game copyright is 2000, and that image probably dates from even earlier. It kind of led me to a moment of silence and contemplation.

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