June 29, 2015


I'm finding that Wikia.com is a pretty valuable resource. When I want to know things about a show or franchise, usually I can find it there.

But there are some odd pages on that site. Just now I stumbled onto the "Anime Bath Scene" wiki, for instance. Which is exactly what it says: 3898 articles (and counting) about anime characters (mostly girls, of course) bathing.

Sheesh. Talk about otaku.

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June 28, 2015

Chooser version 62

Added 82 more images from Nanoha Vivid for a total of 234.
Added 185 images from To Love-ru.

Total number of images is now 5485.

I'm not going to plunder Motto To Love-ru or To Love-ru Darkness. The art style drifted a lot and they don't look as good.

UPDATE: It's a different director and a different studio for the second and third series. No wonder they don't look the same.

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Magical Girl Kyouko


Her motto is "I'll solve anything by burning it".

This is from ep 20 of To Love-ru, which I just began plundering. I already have 150 candidates from this series, and obviously more to go. And this is just from the first series; I have two others I've downloaded. I'm not sure I'm going to want to have 600 or 700 images from this franchise.

On the other hand, I've got 437 from the three Dog Days series, so maybe it's OK.

Anyway, by this point they've given up entirely on trying to tell any kind of overall story, and are just doing gag episodes. Which is fine with me. Definitely some weird stuff going on, like a pregnant space assassin...

UPDATE: Good Lord. They did an entire episode about her.


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June 27, 2015

80 pounds of ice

Well, the official high for today turned out to be 92, not 99 as predicted. But that's still awful, only I was spared.

Me and my 80 pounds of ice have been very comfortable all afternoon. The ice was delivered with my groceries about 11:30 this morning, and I set up my box for the ice shortly thereafter. Most of the ice is gone now but the heat is going, too.

It was overcast most of the day despite being dreadfully hot, what some people refer to as "earthquake weather" (except we don't get earthquakes here). Usually if it's 90 and overcast I expect thunderstorms, but it's clear now and I don't think we'll get one. Which is a shame; we need the rain, and it would seriously cool everything down.

Oh, well; life goes on.

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RandomC summer 2015 preview

Here is the Random Curiosity Summer 2015 preview.

UPDATE: For those who were looking forward to Monster Musume, it's going to be 5 minute episodes.

UPDATE: Pete notes the rise of the short-form show, not with eagerness. I agree with him that it's not a good thing.

He lists 6 examples from the upcoming season. I can add two more: Monster Musume and Bikini Warriors are both 5-minutes per episode. (In fact, they are running back-to-back Tuesday night.)

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June 26, 2015

bake bake

We're getting a heat wave. It's supposed to hit 100 today, and again tomorrow. I was getting low on groceries anyway, so I just put in an order with Safeway for a delivery tomorrow morning, and I included 80 pounds of ice. I sure hope they don't run out.

But that's for tomorrow. For today, I just have to put up with it. Saturday night we get thunderstorms and then the heat lifts a bit.

It's a bit early for this; it's the kind of thing that happens usually in late July or in August. Anyway, usually it lasts a few days and then stops, and we don't usually get more than five or so really oppressive days per summer. (Last year we didn't get any at all.)

Maybe I'll spend this afternoon sleeping.

UPDATE: The official high, measured at the Hillsboro airport, was 96. (moan)

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Nanoha Vivid Manga -- a look ahead


It ain't all sports-anime. Some other things happen. Spoilers below the fold. (Also, the last two episodes finally got subbed! Yay!)


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June 25, 2015

Punchline ep 12

Having dropped this show a couple of months ago, I admit I was curious about how it ended, so I downloaded the last episode.

I think I'm entitled to call it a "trainwreck". Good news: they stop the asteroid and save the earth. Bad news:

Why exactly was Our Hero

The biggest dangling thread in the story was going to be And their answer for that was less than satisfactory. Time travel stories are always complicated, but you can tell when someone isn't even trying, and this was it.

There was no explanation about but maybe that happened in one of the episodes I skipped. I'm also interested in why the and what exactly was the deal with Those things may have been covered in the intervening episodes.

But I'm not willing to go back and see. I wonder if there's a blog somewhere that covered this series? I remember seeing one, but I couldn't find it today.

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Summer 2015 preview

Here's Tenka Seiha.

UPDATE: I got half-way down the page before I ran into anything I found even slightly interesting. That was Shimoseka, the one about revolutionary guerillas fighting against prudes. And ran into a very bad sign: the official web site no longer has a picture of the main girl naked.

And after finishing his list, there wasn't anything I was interested in. Not even the new DB rehash.

He didn't list Bikini Warriors, though. But that's only a 5-minute show, and I'm not sure it's even running the whole season since it's pretty much a 5-minute advertisement for ecchi figurines. (Reportedly they're all cast-offs.) I imagine I'll want to watch it, but it won't be absorbing.

So I went back and reviewed the latest version of Neregate's picture. There are several shows which will probably be fodder for plundering, but nothing I'm actually interested in watching. (Except Bikini Warriors, maybe, for a couple of episodes.)

Sheesh. What a disaster.

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June 24, 2015

To Love-ru -- first impressions


This is a hell of a lot better than I thought it would be. I was expecting trash, but it's genuinely fun. I watched the first five episodes without any sound, but decided I would listen. And the first (pleasant) surprise was that Zastin's voice was Koyasu. Looking at ANN, it turns out to have a first-rate voice cast. Lots of names I know and love.

Yeah, there's a lot of ecchi, especially in the BD rip (that I'm watching) but not enough to make it impossible to plunder for the top rotation. From the first five episodes I have 27 candidates, which isn't bad at all.

UPDATE: As of the end of episode 7, what I think is most noteworthy is the fact that there are so many tropes I've seen in other harem romcoms, and I'm not finding them annoying in this series.

The series foundation has been laid, and now we're doing comedy episodes with no particular sign of a long term plot. Which can work really well if it's handled well (think Keroro Gunsou, for instance) and so far they are doing so.

(Although Ren is a one-joke pony which could become extremely tiresome if they don't show some restraint.)



There's nothing particularly subtle about the humor in this series, but it's OK. This guy ("Pikary") deserved it.

UPDATE: OK, now I've figured out why I'm getting so much deja vu here. This is basically Keroro Gunsou except with loads of fan service. And that works for me.

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