July 01, 2016

OK, now what?

Thieves grab 20,000 pounds of cheese in Wisconsin

Now, what do you do with it? How do you fence ten tons of cheese? Who do you sell it to?

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June 29, 2016

More Win 10 grief

Until now I've been using IE to do most of my posting around here, but it looks as if I'm going to have to use Firefox from now on.

I compose my articles using a dusty copy of Frontpage (from 2001, which Microsoft doesn't sell or support any more) and cut-and-pasting into the "new page" area using IE. But that doesn't work any more. The paste does nothing.

And I can compose directly in the IE windows (though that's risky) but I can't enter any links. The "add link" tool no longer works in IE under Win 10. It works in Firefox, though, so I guess that's where I go now.

I tried "Edge" because I was curious but it only took me a couple of minutes to decide I didn't want any part of it. Being able to add notations to web pages is an interesting idea but that's not enough to make me put up with all the things I didn't like.

It isn't a new idea, anyway. I used to have a program I bought that allowed me to do that for myself, and it was handy. It was also private; my notations didn't get shared. I no longer remember the name of the thing, and in any case the real problem with it is that it didn't scale well. As my total number of notes climbed, performance went into the toilet when I tried to load a page.

There was also something I vaguely remember about that same time that involved notes that were shared. If you accessed someone's site directly, that's all you got. But if you went to it through a proxy server (IIRC) then you saw the original page and you saw all the garbage that every other user left. It didn't last long, probably for the same reason a lot of other bright ideas of the time didn't last: no revenue. (This was during the Dot-Com era when the motto was "We'll figure out how to make money off it after the IPO.")

Nowadays there would be other reasons for it to fail: spam, hate comments, and so on.

Regardless, Microsoft has now revived the idea with Edge, and I assume they are going to have a huge spam problem with it, even if no other issues arise.

The Microsoft store also doesn't impress. Nearly all the games are Free* which means you can download and run them without paying but in-game there will be plenty of opportunities for you to shell out hard cash for in-game advantages. Screw that.

Microsoft Solitaire is installed on here but it doesn't run. It's in the store, too, but the store tells me I already have it. Maybe I'll try deleting it and reinstalling it. Or maybe I don't care.

Next on the list is to go find my installations of Master of Orion and Master of Magic and get shortcuts to them onto my desktop.

It would also be nice if I could figure out a way to disable the damned touchpad, but so far I haven't been able to figure one out. The best way would be to uninstall the device but the first place I looked to do that wouldn't let me. (The button is there but it's grayed out.)

Any transition this drastic is going to have hiccups. (Ooooh, hiccups. That's what caused my stroke.) These hiccups are nowhere near that deadly, at least so far.

On another subject, I added Bakuon! to the top rotation but it seems to me like I really should do something else, too. Netoge would probably be a good series to plunder but, sorry, I just can't work up any enthusiasm for it. I think Haifuri might be pretty good, as long as you all don't mind the fact that it isn't really a fanservice show. And I probably won't plunder the whole thing because I don't want to watch the whole thing.

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Cheesecake -- Take me to the sea!

Today's search term is "serafuku", i.e. "sailor suit", the standard (usually) school uniform for high school girls. Not too surprisingly, a lot of Kancolle, but also a lot of Haifuri.





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RandomC Summer 2016 preview

Random Curiousity has posted their Summer 2016 preview.

UPDATE: And here's Metanorn.

UPDATE: And Tenka Seiha.

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June 28, 2016

Gross stupidity and carelessness really ought to be crimes, you know...


Josh Van Winkle, 29, one of the horse-carriage drivers at the hotel,saw a dog he thought was posinga threat to one of his horsesand pulled out his .357 pistol, Nixon said.

"The weapon was cocked, and when he put it back into his holster, the gun went off, hitting a 6-year-old male right in the leg just above the knee," Nixon said. The bullet went straight through his leg,Nixon said. ...

Van Winkle was taken to Coconino County Jail and held on suspicion ofaggravated assault, child endangerment and disorderly conduct with a weapon.

I hope so! I hope the kid doesn't lose his leg because of this...

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The Borg -- You will be assimilated

My second computer is an HP notebook I picked up several years ago for the sole purpose of running uTorrent. And it works fine for that. In fact, it's kind of overpowered.

Anyway, it's running Win 7 Home Premium. I never upgraded it to Win7Pro since it didn't seem to justify that. Starting a couple of weeks ago, however, Windows Update stopped working. When I try to run it, it wedges and goes CPU bound. Task Manager shows it burning CPU in one of the system helper tasks, so there's no telling whats happening. I let it run for several hours one time just to see if it might finally clear and get on with it, but it didn't. Closing Windows Update didn't make that task stop; only rebooting the computer would do it.

So today I decided maybe it was time for me to upgrade to Win 7 Pro, and I ran the "Windows Anytime Upgrade" applet from the control panel. Surprise! You can't upgrade to Win 7 pro any longer.

The Borg have me. The Win 10 upgrade is running as I write this. Pixy did the upgrade recently and said it was pretty painless, so I'm finally willing to take the chance, and we'll see how it goes. More later.

(Please note this this is not a request for advice or suggestions.)

UPDATE: The download is complete and verified and the upgrade just started, and here's hoping we don't get a power blip in the middle.

UPDATE: And the second phase of the upgrade begins...

UPDATE: And complete! That was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. And the good news is that uTorrent works fine. And so does Pingplotter, which I usually keep running just as a check on whether my internet connection is working properly.

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Playing with fire


Making a statue of one of the Great Old Ones strikes me as being rather fraught with peril, don't you think? (from here)

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June 26, 2016


You'd think Spielberg would know better. You'd think someone at Disney would have noticed.

There's a story about a Japanese company who wanted to compete in the broadband market against Road Runner, so they licensed Woody Woodpecker for their competing mascot, and their advertising slogan was going to be "Get Woody, the Internet Pecker". According to the story (almost certain apocryphal) one of their American employees had to explain to them the slang meaning of "woody" and "pecker".

So Disney is bringing out Spielberg's movie, "The BFG". And even I, about as un-hip a person as you'll find, had as a first thought, "Wow! How fast does it fire?"

Probably not fast at all since it stands for "Big Friendly Giant", not "Big Fucking Gun".

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Haifuri -- ep 12

I watched the first three episodes of this series and decided it was idiocy and dropped it. What I read about it later did nothing to disabuse me of that impression. Zombie Apocalypse caused by mutant psychic gerbils? Please.

So the 12th and final episode just ran and I decided it wouldn't be fair to write a scathing review of the whole thing without watching it.

And you know what? It was stupid but it was fun. Maybe the biowarfare part of the story got explained earlier; in any case it didn't sink (heh) the final episode.

It took mammoth suspension of disbelief but a degree of Rule of Cool helped a lot. The main disbelief was that with all this firepower going on, apparently no one got injured let alone killed. (Given how many zombified crew there were on Musashi, it's hard to believe no one died there, but they kind of airbrushed all of that. We only saw them once, for about one second, during the boarding action.)

I'm still not sure I could manage to get through watching the whole series, because that would mean fully embracing the stupid, and there was a lot of stupid. Maybe I'll go back and read RandomC's episode reviews for them all.

But the last episode really was pretty awesome. I think I'll watch it again.

UPDATE: It wasn't as good the second time; too many "Wait a minute" moments. Sometimes a show improves on second watching (like the Girls und Panzer movie) but sometimes they get worse.

I want to know the back story about the zombie plague but I'm not sure I'm willing to invest several hours and a lot of brain cells I can't spare in order to find out.

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Bakuon!! -- votes of confidence

Omo says "Bakuon!! is my top anime of the season."

Evirus says "Bakuon!! turned out to be the best show from Spring 2016"

Seems I'm not the only person who fell for this show.

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