February 10, 2016

Yay, Microsoft

I wonder whether Microsoft has done something to the Update Server that makes it respond more slowly now to Win 7 users? I'm updating one of my computers now. It took 15 minutes to figure out what patches it needed. Total 251 MB. Ten minutes of downloading and it's only half done.

I bet Win 10 users don't see delays like that.

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Musaigen no Phantom World -- ep 6

This was excellent. This series may have real potential.

One thing that's kind of fun is that every episode begins with a 4th-wall-break. Haruhiko and Ruru give a sort of mini-lecture to the audience which includes information vital to the upcoming episode. It's a nice way to avoid lots of obnoxious exposition during the actual story (though there still has been some of that).


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February 08, 2016

Girls und Panzer Der Movie

The movie has been out for three months and someone created a Wikipedia page for it: So this is the summary:

Sometime after the 63rd sensha-dō tournament, the Japanese Ministry of Education decides to move forward with its plan to decommission Ōarai Girls High School despite the their recent triumph in the championship. In order to keep the school open, Miho and her team must win a match against a university sensha-dō team, but for this difficult battle, Miho and the others not only count with the help of their friends from the other schools they previously faced; Saunders, Kuromorimine, Anzio, St. Gloriana and Pravda, but also with the assistance from new friends from the Chihatan Academy and Keizoku High School, and together, they will join forces to save Ōarai.

That makes sense, based on the teaser we saw last year. Of course, it doesn't say why beating that college team would make any difference, and doesn't say who the college team is, but we can stipulate that.

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February 06, 2016

I see a great possibility here

I see a great opportunity here for an anime:

One driver, in his 50s, related a story about a woman who got into his cab near Ishinomaki Station. The woman told him to take her to the Minamihama district. The driver then asked her "The area is almost empty. Is it OK?” The woman replied, in a shivering voice, "Have I died?”

When the driver looked back at his rear seat, no-one was there, according to the research.

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Week 5


Things are still going, but slowly mostly, in the series I'm watching. We got 3 girl-of-the-week stories this time.

Luck and Logic ep 5 was about Mana, the sniper. If I didn't know better I'd think this series was based on a dating game, or maybe even an H-game. So she has a troubled past and in this episode she somewhat came to terms with it. yawn..

Musaigen no Phantom World was two girl-of-the-week stories sort of mixed together. One is Minase, the loner whose power is her voice singing. The other is Kurumi, the loli with the teddy bear. Minase has a troubled past (is there an echo in here?) and is starting to come to terms with it (Yodoladyhooo!). Kurumi is more interesting. She's a grade schooler at that school so ordinarily she wouldn't get involved in an anti-phantom team. But for whatever reason she thinks our team is pretty cool and is willing to cooperate. Her power?

Her teddy bear is named Albrecht and she can animate it, making it giant size, and it will fight for her. And it's pretty impressive. It's also a bit surprising that her power has developed so early. Usually people with power begin to manifest it at puberty, and she's only in 4th grade.

Anyway, as to who precisely is the one she thinks is cool, it's probably Mai. This is looking like a harem show, only it's Mai's harem.

Which brings us to Gate. This wasn't dull and boring; they took on the fire dragon. The highlight of the episode was Lelei's attack. This is the first time we've ever seen her really use her full power, and it was both cool and really terrifying. The motto of the Marines ("No better friend, no worse enemy") applies to her and I'm glad she's on our side.


The next ep teaser says that they're going to the city of Rondel next episode. If so, it sounds like they're going to skip the entire story line, which would really be a pity. It also means that they've caught up with the manga and will leave it behind very soon, because the most recent manga chapter is them arriving at Rondel.

They continue making occasional changes in the character art. Giselle wasn't at all what I was expecting:


The Gods seem to have a thing for fetish clothing.


I can't say this really bothers me much because Giselle isn't a very important character. My guess is that she's Chekhov's Henchman.

I should mention that Tuka's lightning bolt was pretty awesome, too. I bet that place reeked of ozone when she was done.



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February 05, 2016

Nature's Fireworks

Sakurajima volcano erupted explosively last night.

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February 04, 2016

An amazing picture

This completely SFW picture is awesome.

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A question of definition

I'm a big fan of Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe books. About half the books in my Kindle are from that series. But just now I ran into something I'd noted before, and I'd like to ask your opinion.

In Too Many Cooks we meet Marko Vukcic's ex-wife. And she

In The Black Mountain Archie describes Marko as being a widower. So that's the question: if a man is divorced and his ex-wife then dies, does he count as a widower?

My initial reaction is "no". A widower is someone whose wife dies while he's still married to her. But that may not be the only answer. What do you think?

UPDATE: The dictionary says:

a man who has lost his spouse by death and has not remarried.

But he didn't lose his wife by death; he lost her by divorce.

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February 03, 2016

We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore

Like they do every four years, pundits and "journalists" (sic) are playing the point-spread game during the primary season. The idea is that the press and pundits set up a point spread for each succeeding contest, and a given candidate is a "winner" or "loser" depending on whether they beat the point spread.

Actually getting the most votes doesn't seem to matter.

So Iowa had it's quadrennial 15 months of fame culminating last Monday, and Cruz came in first. Trump was a couple of percentage points back, and Rubio a couple more behind Trump. Between the three of them they got about 3/4ths of the votes, and all the other candidates are back in the dust somewhere. A lot of those are probably going to give up now.

So what are we reading? Oddly enough, Rubio is the winner, according to pundits, and never mind that he came in third in actuality. Because Rubio beat pundit expectations, that's why. More impressive is that Trump was the big loser, we are told, even though he got more votes than Rubio. Why? Because the pundits thought he was going to come in first, and he actually came in second. A huge defeat. He didn't beat the point spread.

What's more amazing is that this is conservative pundits.

A lot of this is due to the fact that the conservative pundits really wish Trump would go away. They've spent months closing their eyes, counting to ten, and hoping he would be gone when they opened them again, and it hasn't been working. His campaign was going to collapse Real Soon Now, folks! Keep watching! Only somehow it never did. And with him getting a quarter of the votes in Iowa, the pundits are now really, really hoping that if they keep shouting "Trump is a loser!" over and over that it will become true.

I've always hated this. This kind of sports-reporting of the primary season happens every four years and has since I've been paying attention (late 1970's) and it's always a crock. A lot of the reason for it is because reporters assigned to this beat need to come up with something to say every couple of days that isn't the same thing as they said in their previous report. But a lot of it is due to a basic disconnect our betters have with how things work.

They think they are leading us. They think they are ruling us.

Deep down they don't believe in Democracy because they feel utter contempt for the majority of Americans, especially voters. They're smarter than us, and better educated. And so it is (they think) their job as reporters and pundits to tell us idiots who we should be voting for, because otherwise we'd be too stupid to pick the right candidate.

That's why Trump has made gibbering idiots out of the reporters and pundits: he doesn't play by the unwritten rules of the self-selected elite. He says things that no one should be saying. He says things that the unwashed masses are thinking, and shouldn't be thinking. That's why the unwashed are flocking to him. It's a true populist revolt.

Some people have been pointing out the disconnect between the elite and the masses and how Trump is saying things that the masses are thinking, and asking why the elite don't pay attention and realize that to the masses, these things are important. He's briding that gap, and he'd go away if the elite themselves recognized the gap and moved to bridge it themselves.

Why aren't they? Because the elite don't really care what the masses think, and what the masses want. Democracy ultimately is an impediment to elite rule; it forces them to pander to the masses every couple of years. It just gets in the way. The idea of listening to the voters and paying attention to what they want and doing something about it is idiocy because the voters are themselves idiots.

Me, I'm a populist. I think that the group-mind created by voters is pretty wise, actually -- wiser, usually, than the elite are. I think that representative democracy is a pretty good system. Not perfect, but then a perfect government has been mathematically proved to be impossible. Anyway, as an engineer I'm more interested in "good enough" than I am in "ideal".

So I've been really amused the last couple of days by all the news coverage declaring Trump's campaign to be dead, and how Rubio is a huge winner. Never mind that Trump got more votes in Iowa than Rubio did.

And in the end, point spreads don't matter. What matters is how many votes a candidate gets. This campaign doesn't end with the Iowa caucuses. It's not even clear it begins with them. Iowa is a small state (in population) and tends to have very parochial issues (Ethanol, baby!) and New Hampshire isn't a lot better.

Trump could still blow it (and today's exhibit of sore-loserness probably doesn't help him, though I think it's probably being played up as part of the same process of trying to deflate him) but the fundamental issue that is pushing his candidacy is still important and won't go away. American voters, especially Republicans, are mad as hell and aren't going to take it any more. The self-selected conservative elites can go pound sand.

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February 01, 2016

Cat cutout


The new cheesecake meme is called "cat cutout" and it refers to a large bra with a hole in it, the hole being in the shape of a cat head. Gelbooru currently has 591 hits for that keyword.

Why, Japan? WHY?

UPDATE: Peter Payne has been posting pictures of these lately: one two three four

The complete fetish includes rather stylized panties which have two triangular ears sticking up. And sometimes other peekaboo holes.

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