November 28, 2014

Fairy Tail S2 -- ep 35

This episode is just silly, and I loved it. One time when I was on a business trip I was channel surfing in my hotel room and landed on one of those shows which is a blatant advertisement for a collectible card game. They didn't even try to disguise it. The characters in the episode were actually competing using cards from decks they were carrying, except that the effects were real instead of imagined. So when they did a summon, a summoned creature really did appear. One thing was that they were using multiple cards sometimes, modifiers, in complicated ways. It might have been Yu-Gi-Oh, but I'm not sure.

Just to catch up, the zodiac has gone strange and none of them are responding to the owners of their keys (i.e. Lucy or Yukino, who between them own all 12). They also have all changed, in appearance and power and in personality. Princess Hisui turns out to be a celestial wizard and she's created 12 new keys whose sole function is to close the gates of the new versions of the celestial spirits. Different members of Fairy Tail have each taken a key, and thus chosen an opponent, and must defeat them and then touch them on the forehead with the new key.


Two episodes ago Elfman defeated Taurus. In the last episode Wendy defeated Aquarius, who in her new form is a bratty little girl who thinks she's playing. Wendy and Aquarius end up becoming friends, and Aquarius gives up and lets Wendy close her gate.



In this current episode, we get to see Mirajane defeat Pisces, which wasn't too much of a surprise.


But the main attraction was Kana against Scorpio. In his new incarnation Scorpio seems to be a player of card games like that, and he takes Kana on. (Which, since Kana's magic revolves around using magical cards, would seem a bit appropriate.) Scorpio's deck consists of his fellow members of the zodiac plus various helper cards, and Kana eventually figures out that her deck consists of all the wizards in Fairy Tail, plus also various helper cards.

And it was just like that TV show, enough so that I think it was intended to be satire.


Here's the playing field.


Scorpio summons Leo, and Kana summons Loke (because he was a member of Fairy Tail at one point). The playing field creates simulcra of the various summons and they respond the way the real ones would. Which is why they both have the same person out there, since Loke is Leo.



Combo attack! Natsu and Happy merge!

It was all very silly. (I like silly.)

So at the end of the episode Kana was losing, but she does a special summon and gets Gildarts. It'll be fun to see what he does, next episode!

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November 27, 2014

Decisions, decisions...


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It's interesting the flavors people do, and do not, like.

Pixy says he doesn't like cranberries. Interesting. I do like them, but there are things I despise, too. I really hate the flavor of raw celery and raw cucumbers. I hate walnuts and and I hate filberts. ("Filbert" == "Hazelnut" in some places.)

And there are flavors which go together, too, IMHO. I always eat grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup. Done it my whole life, and grilled cheese sandwiches alone seem bland and uninteresting.

Chicken goes well with nutmeg, did you know that? When we had chicken-and-dumplings at my grandmother's house, we always sprinkled nutmeg on it.

Why is it that chocolate goes really well with peppermint, but the idea of chocolate and spearmint is nauseating? Darned if I know.

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Oh, goodie!

There's a recall going on of certain cars with a certain brand of airbags.

See, when called upon to inflate, the airbag doesn't. Instead it shoots shrapnel into the passenger compartment, presumably towards the passenger or driver.

Apparently this goes back ten years or more and millions of cars are affected.

What a monumental fuckup. Sheesh.

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Twintails -- ep 8

This episode stunk. The Erina character is ruining the show. I don't know what the hell they're thinking by including her or making her what she is.

I got about five minutes into it and stopped watching, and was nearly ready to drop the show. Then I thought better of it and "watched" (i.e. skipped through) the rest of the episode just to make sure I didn't miss anything important to the continuity (heh, such as it is).

If they don't get it back together again in the next episode, though, I'll have to reconsider the series.

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November 26, 2014

AsoIku -- The Four Rules

Going back through AsoIku looking for frame grabs, when I got to episode 6 Manami drove me crazy with her lax gun safety discipline. Like she doesn't have any. (For someone who has been a gun otaku her whole life, it's a bit amazing she would be so careless.)


She's sitting in an A&W with Aoi, swinging a pistol around which she's holding with her finger on the trigger. It's lucky she didn't kill anyone. Actually, since it's loaded with Cathean anti-matter rounds, it would be impossible to hurt anyone. But she could have put holes in the restaurant.

Anyway, that doesn't matter. Shall we rehearse the four rules?

Treat every gun as if it is loaded with live ammunition, even if you think it's empty.

Never point a gun at anything unless you want to destroy it.

Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you're ready to shoot.

Be aware of your target, and what's behind it.

She's violating everyone of those rules in that image. But I guess she can't know what the director himself doesn't know, eh?

UPDATE: In that episode she points that gun, with her finger on the trigger, variously at Aoi, at herself, and at Kio. Aoi was teaching Manami how to shoot; I don't understand why she didn't set Manami straight about it. (But Aoi, too, can't know what the director doesn't know.)

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November 25, 2014

Chooser version 54

I replaced the pitiful 21 images from AsoIku with a new plunder of 156 images.

Total is now 4356.

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AsoIku: the plundering

I still can't believe that I only came up with 21 grabs from AsoIku. So I'm going though it again. I just finished the first 6 episodes and I already have 90 candidates.




And I haven't even done the beach episode yet.

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Three, two, one... TESLA!

How to prevent information smuggling, courtesy of Freefall. Nikolai must be rolling over in his grave.

UPDATE: Someone has WAAYYYY too much time on his hands.

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November 24, 2014

This was not well conceived...

Security robots:

"If you step in front of the K5, or otherwise interfere with it, it will gently warn you with some chimes— but if you don't move, an 'ear-piercing alarm' is triggered," the report notes.

Unless, of course, you need help. If you find yourself in harm's way, you can press a button at the top of the K5, and it will summon help from headquarters.

So if you're laying on the ground with a broken leg, and have the misfortune to be in the robot's way, you get treated to non-stop "ear-piercing alarm" which can only be stopped by standing up on your broken leg to reach the button on the top of the 5-foot-tall security robot.

Who designed this?

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