July 07, 2015

What is this character?


I've got everything else in that balloon but I can't figure out the first character (i.e. the upper right). It says


...I think... But I can't make any sense of it without knowing what that first word is. I keep running into this character in the Japanese version of the Vivid manga, and it's always a roadblock.

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Bikini Warriors -- ep 1


You can't really cover a lot of territory in a 4 minute episode, especially if the OP and ED each chew up 30 seconds. In this episode our babes shop for armor. Their previous bikinis didn't offer any protection (really? you're kidding!) and the armorer has new ones for sale which are better.

Strangely enough, they are better. Magic, I assume, because it sure as hell isn't steel that's protecting them.


Unfortunately, the HorribleSubs sub was hard-subbed. I'm waiting for the AT-X raw, from which I'm going to try to capture some gainaxing animations.

UPDATE: By the way, I took a look at the AT-X raw of "Monster Musume". It is a full-length show, not five-minutes as I claimed before.

It's also not anything I'm particularly interested in.

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July 06, 2015

Dragon Ball Boobs aka Fairy Tail


I'm beginning to lose interest.

I've been reading the manga and am up to date on it. The anime is currently telling the story in manga chapter 360, give or take. The manga is now at chapter 443.

The anime is now into the Tartaros arc -- and that one's a real bummer. It gets bad and then it gets worse, and worse, and ultimately Fairy Tail wins but it's not a happy ending.

So I'm not actually very eager to watch new episodes of the anime because I know what's happening and it's a downer.

As to the manga, well, spoilers below the fold.


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30,000 rubber ducks in a dump truck! (shudder)

And then they escaped!!!

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July 05, 2015

Shimoneta -- ep 1

Ah, how the mighty have fallen. J.C. Staff, once producers of fine shows like Sugar, Azumanga Daioh, Railgun, Zero no Tsukaima, Ikki Tousen (cough), and Eiken (cough cough hack choke) has descended to this level. Ah, it is a sad day indeed.

Seriously, this is a really stupid conceit on which to base a show, and the only saving grace is that they're treating it as a farce. But my disbelief won't suspend this far, even for a farce.

It does have one interesting observation: in a really draconian police state the opportunities for blackmail are abundant. Blue Snow, the "Hentai Terrorist", uses that as a weapon.


"Stay back. I wear nothing beneath this towel! If you make me struggle I shall become buck-naked! Then anyone who holds me down will be blackballed for exposing a woman in public!"



And that's about as much fan service as the show has.

She also blackmails Our Hero into joining her cause by threatening to denounce him to the Morals Police.

I'm sorry, this is not for me.

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They're back!

Last Friday when the guys were here replacing my deck door, I noticed the complex handyman was out in the creek pulling branches out of the water and chucking them onto the bank. He confirmed it:

The beavers are back! (yay!)

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July 04, 2015

War zone

Fireworks that explode aren't legal here, but there's always a lot of it around anyway. It's easy to get; all you have to do is drive over to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and you can get anything you're willing to pay for. US 26 goes straight from Portland to the reservation and it's a pretty easy drive. (Considering you have to drive through Government Camp on the slope of Mount Hood.) It's about 80 miles each way, which is a breeze.

Usually the combat starts a couple of days before the 4th but that didn't happen this year; it's been surprisingly peaceful, probably because of this damned heat wave; it's been in the 90's every day this week and it's still above 90 today at 8 PM. Anyway I imagine it's going to get a lot louder before this evening is over, probably starting in a couple of hours after the sun goes down and it starts cooling off.

I'm always most afraid of sky rockets because I'm afraid some loonytoon is going to start a fire and burn the whole neighborhood down. It hasn't ever happened, but they only need to get lucky once. I have to be lucky every year.

UPDATE: Well, sounds like they've run their arsenal. Loud noises began a bit before 10, and now at 11:30 there's nothing. Pretty unimpressive; in years past it's gone on for several hours.

The good news is that the neighborhood didn't burn down, again this year. So all's well that ends well.

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July 03, 2015

GATE -- ep 1


That's our eventual harem, I suspect.

This was a lot better than I thought it would be. One reason is that the animation is very well done. Another reason is that the action scenes were well handled. Spoilers below the fold.


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July 02, 2015

Surprise! Visitors!

There have been some guys doing some sort of remodeling over on the next building this week, and I was curious what it was about.

This afternoon the apartment manager called me and asked if I wouldn't mind if they came to my apartment tomorrow. They're supposed to give 24 hours notice, and this was less, but I have no reason to cause a fuss so I told her it was OK.

What they are doing is to replace all the deck doors. I have no idea why. Mine is fine; it's never been a problem. But tomorrow I'll get a new one, and I'll ask what the idea is.

They're showing up at 8, and she said they'd finish it in one day. I sure hope so.

It's going to be miserable for them, and already has been, because of the heat. It hit 97 today, and it's predicted to be 95 tomorrow, and even hotter over the weekend. l don't want anyone keeling over from heat prostration, so it's a good thing my frig is loaded up with cans of soda.

But I'm in the habit of taking a lot of naps, and tomorrow I won't be able to. My bed is right next to the deck door, for reasons too complicated to go into. (The keyword in the explanation is "bedbugs".)

It should be amusing.

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John Kovalic is evil

Man, talk about bait and switch.

And it's all the worse because he got really busy with work and it took five months for him to do about 8 strips before his reveal.

Start here. The girl with the black hair is Gilly, the "perky goth", who once upon a time was Matt's girl friend. Then she moved to London and for several years now she's only appeared once in a while. But as of this arc, she's apparently back again.

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