September 01, 2015

Hestia versus Ninja Moths

Before the attack:

After the attack (NSFW) below the fold.


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Oregon weather

A few weeks back someone here asked me what weather would be like in September, and I said something to the effect that it would be clear and dry but not as hot as August.

Bite my tongue. A week or so ago someone flipped a switch and we went from hot/dry/blue-sky to overcast and threatening rain. It's been like that ever since and the long range forecast is for it to stay that way. So my apologies for leading you astray, and bring a raincoat!

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August 31, 2015

Grumble rassafratzin

Erin McClam, NBC News:

The Texas sheriff's deputy who was killed at a gas station was shot 15 times by a gunman who unloaded his entire clip, a prosecutor said Monday as the suspect appeared in court for the first time.

Dear Erin,

Repeat after me: magazine, not clip. magazine, not clip. magazine, not clip.


UPDATE: I don't think anyone has ever made a 14-round clip, and anyway you'd have to go all the way back to something like the Broomhandle Mauser to find a handgun which was loaded with a clip. (Which held 10 rounds, so maybe a 14-round clip isn't so far fetched.)

Anyway, lots of magazines are even larger than that, up to and including drum magazines carrying 100 rounds.

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August 30, 2015

A sign of the times

There are a lot of flash games out there for girls, entire web sites dedicated to that function. A lot of the games are dress-ups.

Here's one of the strangest I've encountered: "Pregnant Bride".

Just a few weeks before the happiest day of her life, that when she gives birth to her little bundle of joy, this mommy to be here is getting ready to enjoy the second best day of her life: her wedding day! She's relying on your skills for helping her look ravishing on this special day and for getting the wedding location a superb, dreamlike chic décor look, as well. Enjoy playing one of your future top favorite bride dress up games: Pregnant Bride!

You know, there was a time when this would have been a source of shame.

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Doing Cosplay right

Rule #1: start with a beautiful woman. The vast majority of bad cosplay is because the people doing it are ugly, old, fat, wrinkled...

Via ACE we find this example of how to do it right:


Of course, a couple of caveats: she's a model who was hired for this gig, and the folks who hired her spent a couple thousand bucks on the costume. She's also gorgeous and would look good no matter what she was (or was not) wearing. It is rare for amateur cosplayers to measure up to this in any regard.

But the best amateurs can do pretty well. However, a lot of them are just embarassing, "cover your eyes and start crying" painful. Occasionally Don attends cons of various kinds and posts pictures of some of the cosplayers, and they tend to average down in the "painfully ugly" range. There are a few which look good, but I guess the only justification for most of them is "Well, they're having fun..."

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English Spelling

The Dutch government legally controls the Dutch language, and I've been told that Dutch had three spelling reforms in the 20th Century. I think the French government could do the same for the French language if they wanted to, though I have no idea if they have done so. (I doubt it. The Dutch are very practical and see language as a tool. For the French, their language is more like a religion.)

The transition from Middle English to Modern English is generally dated to some time in the late 1600's, and Shakespeare is one of the first major writers in Modern English.

But English as a spoken language has continued to evolve since then, especially after it started to fork. The nation with the largest body of English speakers is India, it turns out, but for the majority of them English is a second language. No less than the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary declared a few years ago that the modern center of the English language was now in the US.

Everyone knows that English is long overdue for a spelling reform, but the problem is that no one can make that happen. Unlike Dutch, no single body has control. So the last significant spelling reform was in the middle of the 19th Century and was informal. It happened when American dictionary writers (like the famous Webster) decided some of the old spellings were ludicrous.

That's when plough became plow. That's when colour lost its "u". It was a unique moment when a small handful of linguistic radicals seized their opportunity. But those changes didn't propagate back to the UK, so in the Commonwealth the old spellings still dominate. I've despaired that English spelling will ever be rational again (if it ever was after the 15th century).

But it's happening now. And it's Twitter that's making it happen. Because of the 140-character stricture on a tweet, plus the sheer pain of entering text using a phone, an entirely new spelling reform is happening before our eyes.

Through has become thru. Hate has become h8. The real question is the extent to which these changes will percolate back out into real world usage, and how long it will take. My guess is "not very much" and "a very long time" but I have been known to be extremely wrong about things.

Anyway, it's interesting to watch it happening.

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August 29, 2015

Ensign Sue Must Die!

It's from here. And it's the last frame of the first part of the trilogy:


We must identify all the Sues! Help me out!

I got most of them. The back row, left to right: a Jedi, a Sailor Scout, a Naruto-ninja, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Supergirl. On the front row on the right is Marvel Avengers but I can't place the other three. Anyone got any ideas?

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Today's quiz

Which one is Asteon?

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August 28, 2015


I sure didn't expect the way this started.

UPDATE: One of the reasons I don't read SF&F any more, and instead spend my time on anime, is that anime generally doesn't preach. There are a few shows that do, but those I don't watch.

Sturgeon's law applies -- at least; sometimes I think Sturgeon was an optimist -- but there are shows that entertain me without trying to change my life.

If Mouretsu Pirates has an agenda, I sure haven't noticed it. Likewise for Railgun.

Most of the people involved in creating manga and anime subscribe to Walt Kelly's goal in life: "To have fun while making money." They have fun, and they want us viewers to have fun.

And usually that is all they want. And that's all I want.

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GATE -- ep 9



The title of this episode was "The Hakone Mountain Night Battle" but Rory didn't end up involved. That'll be next episode. (Oh, well.)

First half of the episode was spending the night at Risa's place, and then going shopping the next day.

The second half was at the hot springs. And there was only one potential "buy the BDs" shot, and that not certain. I suspect this isn't that kind of series, frankly.

This episode was all setup; lots of little things that happened (like the Pina and Bozes discovering Boy Love manga) which establish grounds for later events, but nothing really noteworthy in itself.

There wasn't any rubber duck at the onsen, so Lelei amuses herself in the hot spring by levitating a ball of water.

(She eventually lets go of it and it splashes on her head.)

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