October 12, 2015

Ani Tore! EX -- ep 1

Another loser, but I didn't expect otherwise. They're doing Isshoni Training but in small bites (4 minutes), without Hinako or anyone like her, at least so far.

The original show teaser said there were going to be several different girls, and here's this week's girl:


She's probably got a name but I don't know what it is. And it hardly matters.

This weeks episode is pushups. They're good for the pectoral muscles, you know.



Yeah, those pectoral muscles! Sheesh...

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October 11, 2015



Ao is still my favorite character in Yozakura Quartet, but Kotoha is a close second. She's also interesting for a different reason: she effectively is a superhero. Struck by black lightning she has acquired what can only be described as a superpower, which she uses to defend the weak as opportunity arises.

Her Powerspeaker ability is tremendously versatile and potentially extremely dangerous to her enemies, not to mention being very useful in everyday life. Of course, we completely ignore the question of "where is it all coming from?" because that's no fun. Either she's stealing it all from someone, or she's actually creating it; if the former there are sticky ethical issues involved, and if the latter there are even stickier problems with physics.

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October 10, 2015

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry -- ep 2


After a good start in ep 1, in this episode we almost went off the rails. It's all about building the harem, and they seem to be rushing through it. Maybe, if we're lucky, it's because they want to get it out of the way so as to concentrate on more important stuff. If we're unlucky, it'll be because they want to concentrate on harem hijinks.

In ep 1 we had this during the battle between Ikki and Stella:


The two girls in this image are both going to be in the harem. The one with the camera gets introduced in this episode:



She's an underclassman, and enough about her. I think her main reason for existing is to make Stella jealous. Because in this episode it's clear that Stella has fallen hard for Ikki. I'm pretty sure this girl isn't formally part of the harem, though; the ED shows four girls and she isn't one of them.

Here comes haremette #2:


That's Ikki's younger sister, and this was squicky because that kiss lasted an unreasonably long time. She has a big league brocon. This rang Stella's bell, too, and so on and so forth...

Well, we got some back story from Ikki which saved the episode. But it is his character that really continues to save things. If there was ever a character who was entitled to be angsty, he's it. But he isn't. He's upbeat and cheerful and dedicated and strong without being a Marty Stu, and in this episode we learn why.

In that picture from ep 1, the girl in the back ground with the braids and glasses is going to be a haremette, too; she's in the ED. And there's another one that I think hasn't shown up yet even as a cameo. I bet we get them both next episode.

I don't want this show to be harem hijinks! I want it to be "Ikki struggles against his family and wins anyway!" That's the interesting story they've been hinting at. I've seen harem hijinks dozens of times before and I don't need to see it again.

I also don't need to see "Stella gets angsty", please. Let's not go there, OK?

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DBZ Resurrection 'F'


They financed two movies this year in the DBZ franchise. They're placed after Majin Buu but before the last three episodes of DBZ.

In the first movie "Battle of Gods" Videl is pregnant. In the second one "Resurrection 'F'" Pan is a baby. Pan actually was a participant in the first movie but she's just a cameo in the second one, which just hit the torrents. (I mention those things because in the last three episodes of DBZ, Pan is about 4 years old.)

Anyway, about Frieza: Toriyama originally intended Frieza to be the ultimate bigbad of the canon. He intended to stop doing it after that arc. But the magazine wouldn't let him stop, so he did Androids/Cell (which IMHO is the best part of the canon) and then Majin Buu (which reeked).

Cell is the best bigbad of the series, and Frieza is second. But we killed him off a long time ago and I thought he was gone forever. (Gohan was something like 6 years old when Trunks offed Frieza, and at the edge of the canon Gohan is grown, married, and has a kid.)

Guess not; Frieza's last few remaining minions managed to collect Earth's dragonballs and wish him back to life. (Which itself violates canon; the dragonballs were never able to bring back evil people.) That's this movie.


Anyway, the problem now with Frieza as an antagonist is that the Saiyajin have left him totally behind in terms of power long since. It was bad enough at the end of DBZ when Goku revealed Super Saiyajin 3, but with Battle of Gods it became even worse when Goku accessed the level "Super Saiyajin God". The opposition that time was Beerus/Bills, the God of Destruction, ostensibly the most powerful being in the universe who spends most of his time sleeping.

Every few years he wakes up and goes out to destroy something, then he returns to his HQ and goes back to sleep. His companion/caretaker/teacher is a strange guy named Whis, who is even faster and more powerful but has no ambition to speak of.

Anyway, Beerus decides not to destroy the Earth, and goes back home for a quick (just a few months) nap. The reason was that he liked Earth cooking. Whis does too, and in Resurrection "F" he's been keeping himself busy training Goku and Vegita in exchange for more Earth cooking.

So Frieza gets resurrected, and spends a few months training and then decides to attack Earth to get revenge on Goku. He brings all his remaining soldiers, about a thousand.

Since Goku and Vegita are away, most of the rest of the Z fighters collect. Krillin, Roshi, Gohan, Piccolo, and Tenshinhan, plus a galactic cop named Jaco.

The soldiers turn out to be wusses, and our five people wipe them all out. The only reason it takes a long time is that there are so many of them.

So then Frieza decides to take a hand, and after one-shotting Gohan, who gets better with a senzu, Goku and Vegita show up. (It's always like that; it's part of the canon.)

And even though Frieza has found a new form and powerup level, Goku and Vegita don't have any trouble with him. It's kind of underwhelming, really.

The big change this time was that Goku has found yet another powerup transformation:


When he achieved "Super Saiyajin God" in Battle of Gods it made his hair crimson. But he had trouble with that, accessing it and maintaining it.

Now he can reach it routinely, but his hair is blue, as is his energy. Frankly, I think it looks awesome.

The animation is gorgeous; with a movie budget they spent a lot of money on it, and it shows. But ultimately the idea wasn't a good one, simply because Frieza is completely outclassed as this point of the canon.

It's a shame.

UPDATE: Actually, the single coolest thing in this movie is to see what was done to Frieza in Hell. That was genuinely awesome; extreme punishment indeed.

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October 09, 2015

Chooser version 66

Added 53 images from ISUCA and 114 from Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~.

Total is now 6089. (Yay! I broke 6000!)

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October 08, 2015

Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets-rareta Ken -- ep 1

I can't believe how vile this is. What's most astounding is that someone out there thinks this is funny.

There's a secret high class school where the elite and the rich send their daughters. Everyone there is female, including the teachers and all the maids (of which there are many). Their problem is that when the girls graduate and head out into the real world, it's too much of a shock and they can't fit in.

So they decided to bring in one commoner for the girls to interact with, a boy. Our Hero Kimito was chosen because they think he's gay. (Because he likes looking at magazines with pictures of body builders.)

That was the point where I gave up. I have no idea whether he actually is gay and I don't care.

This doesn't just need to be dropped. It needs to be buried and then the site nuked.

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Yozakura Quartet -- the plundering

I'm rewatching Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta looking for top rotation candidates. It has a swimsuit episode.


But aside from that all the fan service is panty shots. Which is fine with me, but I can't use them in the top rotation.

Occasionally the panty shots approached the distraction/derail level of the fan service in Divergence Eve. This was probably the most egregious case:

There's a critical scene in episode 9 where Akina confronts the big-bad and there's a fight. And right in the middle of it, Juri shows up and attacks the bad guy, and this was included for no reason which is obvious besides simple pandering to the audience. I guess we can thank God for small favors: they didn't include cameltoe. Which would have been nice, too, but would also have been world-class pandering and would have left me feeling a little bit soiled.

Anyway, as of ep 7 I have 57 candidates. Between this and ISUCA I bet I can top 6000 images. (I need 79 total.)

UPDATE: In the mean time, tsun tsun dere tsun dere tsun tsun...

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October 06, 2015

Ubu Roi on this season

Ubu Roi doesn't post much these days, but he's come out of his burrow and posted about the autumn 2015 season.

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Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta -- through ep 7

This should could have ended up being really dark, even outright horror. But they are tossing in just enough fan service and sight gags to keep it somewhat light.

Now this is what I call a "railgun"!



And... what is she shooting?

There's a lot of exposition and backstory here, but they're doing a really good job of revealing it slowly without bogging down the story. As of ep 7, we've passed a crisis but there's another, larger one looming.

This story has been told several times in several series. In this particular one, "quartet" is inherited but makes no sense. There are six major characters involved in fighting for the town, and at least another four doing close support, two of whom are gods. (This is the second series where I've heard the word tochigami.)

Of the main six, only one is a human male. Nominally he would be expected to be a harem lead, but this isn't a harem show -- which is fine with me.

This was a point where I thought the show was about to get really dark:

But it turns out OK.

I have no idea whether the other series in this canon are any good, but I'm really enjoying this one.

UPDATE: Ep 13 and done.


What they gave us was pretty good, and a lot of stories did get resolved, but the most important story was left dangling! And I don't mean like this!


That's the last scene in the show, by the way, not counting the final ED.

There had better be an OVA that follows this, damn it!

UPDATE: And no, there isn't. There are two OVAs but they tell side stories that land in the middle of this continuity. (Or the middle of the continuity in the original series.)

There apparently is a manga, and I bet it isn't finished, which is why they couldn't tell us in anime about

UPDATE: Yes, there is a manga. And this show ended with episode 49. The manga runs through chapter 85, so now for some reading.

By the way, a bit of frig logic:

UPDATE: The reason the anime didn't finish the story is that it isn't finished in the manga. And at the rate he's going it won't be finished for years.

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October 05, 2015

Relics and fossils

I decided to dig out a few old series to see what I thought of them.

First was K-On. It's hugely popular with fan artists, needless to say, and its been a meme ever since it came out, so I decided I should find out what it really is.

I managed to finish the first episode, with large amounts of skipping, but migod it ain't for me. Jeeze; I was cursing at the end.

So next on the list was rewatching Macademi Wasshoi. It's been years since I last watched it, and I had forgotten how good it is. It doesn't really have a series-level plotline, but it does have a theme:

Next on the list is Yozakura Quarter. This is a show I keep meaning to watch but never got around to it, so today I found a round tuit and downloaded this series. Episode 1, coming up.

UPDATE: ...And... it isn't bad. It isn't bad at all. Several kids with super powers who are also interesting characters and don't come off as tropes, a relatively light-hearted story (so far) with a lot of action. I really enjoyed it. I wonder if it will stay like this?

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