August 02, 2015

Absolute Duo -- the plundering


I just went through the BD rips of the first four episodes of Absolute Duo looking for stuff for the top rotation, and ended up with 44 candidates. I won't do the rest of the show because it would be a waste of time; it's all combat in darkness or that damned blonde chick who ruined the show.

It's been a month since I added anything so I suppose it's about time, but 44 new images is pretty meager. Problem is I can't think of anything else I could process without becoming sick to my stomach. For instance, I won't go through Triage X even at gunpoint.

So tomorrow either I'll think of something else or go with what I've got.

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GATE -- manga

Some comments on the manga, and the English translation of it: The big problem is that the translator isn't very familiar with military affairs and constantly blows the translation of terms of art.

In the story, Itami begins as a 2nd Lieutenant, and as a result of his actions in the first episode (and first chapter) he's promoted to 1st Lieutenant. The translator deals with the Japanese term kanchou by having Itami's subordinates call him "2nd Lieutenant" for about 3 chapters, and then switch to "1st Lieutenant" once the translator realized Itami had been promoted. But that's not how it's done. The proper form of address is "Lieutenant" for both 2nd Lieutenant and 1st Lieutenant. (This was still superior to "Captain" as used by the anime subs.)

Another problem is the anti-armor rocket launcher. I'm not quite sure what it actually is, but the translator keeps referring to it as a "panzerfaust". Which is the name of a particular weapon used by the Germans during WWII. It isn't a generic term and there isn't any modern weapon using that name. And the weapon they're using doesn't look anything like a panzerfaust. So that was also annoying.

The actual weapon they're using looks a bit like an RPG-29, but it's hard to believe that the JSDF would be using a Russian rocket. I've done some searching and I can't find what it actually is.

Let's see: they go through the gate back to Japan in chapter 16, and return in chapter 24. It's in the rules that any manga with a harem has to have an onsen scene so we can see the girls' boobs, and it does have in chapter 21.

Itami's role later in the story is an interesting one: he's a loose cannon, and the high command know he's a loose cannon, and they use him that way as an excuse to do something they want to do but really don't have permission for.

When that happens (about chapter 40, give or take) it's something the readers want to see happen, so it's a cheer moment. But it gave me a bit of a queasy feeling because it reminded me of the Marco Polo Bridge incident. That's from back in the bad old days of the Imperial Japanese Army. The JSDF isn't supposed to do that kind of thing.

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Another scary loli


Rio Wesley. If you get her mad at you, she'll zorch you and then cook you.


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July 31, 2015

Scary Loli


Minamiya Natsuki, AKA the "Witch of the Void". Believe me, you don't want to be on her bad side.

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GATE -- ep 5

Well, stuff happened but it ended in the middle of a two-part story, so it was rather unsatisfying. It'll be better once ep 6 comes out.


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July 30, 2015

Fairy Tail resolution


I think I've mentioned that there are certain moments in certain shows that, when I reach them, I pause the show and just look at the image for a while. This is one of them, from Fairy Tail episode 189.

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July 29, 2015



Oh, the next two days are not going to be fun!

UPDATE: By the way, "red flag" means conditions will be excellent for wild fires. Not really a concern here, but definitely a concern elsewhere in the region.

UPDATE: I just put in an order for groceries to be delivered tomorrow, including 80 pounds of ice.

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I don't get this reference

In this arc of Cross Time Cafe, there's a reference I don't get. Cross Time Cafe is a group comic where a number of characters from different web comics are all together in an alternate universe and do things which don't affect their main continuity.

Anyway, this arc has them trying to sell CTC to Disney, who expresses no direct interest, but does hit them with a C&D because of a "mischievous little blue alien", apparently Sam Starfall.

What Disney character would be similar to Sam Starfall? I don't have a clue.

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Super Sonico cheesecake




In case you're wondering about that last one, she was walking while carrying her guitar case and went past a magazine stand. Two girls there were looking at a magazine with Sonico's latest photo shoot, and one of them said, "She's really beautiful, isn't she?" The other said, "Naah, her breasts are too big."

That was Sonico's reaction.

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Today's word

Today's word is "cis-centrism". And we have moved one step closer to tossing the dictionary in the blender, in the name of "inclusiveness".

I love (no, I don't) this new usage of "cis". "Cis-male" means "someone who looks like a man and feels like a man and acts like a man." When I was young, this was referred to as "normal", but of course that's judgemental. It's also not inclusive. (Gasp!)

By the way, I'm not "differently abled." I'm crippled. And I believe it's better to be honest about it, with myself and everyone else.

This idiocy can't go on forever; it must eventually collapse of its own pretensions. I hope. But I'm really not sure how much longer that's going to take.

A serious and sustained treatment with ridicule would probably help cure it...

As you might expect, this particular exhibit of moronism came out of one of the grievance studies departments. If I were a hiring manager and a resume came across my desk which included a "studies" degree, it would go straight into the round file.

Not because I want to discriminate, but because it's a red flag (and honking horn and fireworks in the background) that says, "This person will be a troublemaker." They spent their college years learning that everything and everyone is being unfair to them, and learning how to make a stink about it. I don't need the headache.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, and I'm sure that people like that have a particularly hard time finding work. Which, ironically, reinforces their educational indoctrination that the world is out to get them.

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