May 06, 2015

If you want to smile...

...go read about CAC's son being born.

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May 04, 2015

For the hell of it...

Here's the world's largest hopscotch game!

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Nanoha Vivid -- manga

I've been looking at the manga. Unfortunately, the version I have isn't translated, so I can only pick out highlights. But the battle that's about to start in the next episode is going to be epic. Stilts has conjectured that this is a two cour series, and I'm beginning to think he's right. The upcoming mock battle took 4 chapters, about 100 pages, in the manga so to do it justice would probably take two episodes. And then we get the DSAA InterMiddle championship, which is worthy of a full cour all by itself.

The latest tankobon I have (#13) runs up through chapter 67, and it's still about the tournament. The mock battle begins in chapter 12 and runs through chapter 16. So there's plenty of material for a two-cour show. Indeed, they may have trouble making it all fit in such a short period.

The manga has a series of pages showing various girls who will be competing in that tournament, including this one:


Her name is Chantez Arpinion and she's a junior sister in the church. Turns out she shows up briefly in the OP, in color!


They seem to have changed her costume a bit, though. (Ahem) If she breathes hard or lifts both her arms she's going to have a "costume malfunction".



It's the battle of the Blondes! Fate versus Saber!

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May 03, 2015

Don't mess with Texas

Some people in Texas held an art show today for pictures of Mohammed.

Obviously it was a provocation, and a pair of jihadis showed up to make the party complete. Latest word is that one policeman was shot in the leg, and has been released from the hospital. Meanwhile, the jihadis are both cooling.

They haven't been taken to any hospital because there was a strong suspicion that they were wired with explosives. So they got left where they fell until the bomb squad could check them out. I don't get the impression anyone is in any hurry, either.

Yes, the art show was a deliberate provocation. No doubt about that at all. But our right of free speech has been getting seriously eroded in the last few years by various forms of heckler vetos, and it was about time someone stood up for it. Some of the hecklers are willing to die in order to shut us all up. The only way to preserve our right is for some of us to risk death to prove how important it is.

Let's make something really clear: If we don't have the right to deeply offend other people, then we aren't free at all. If I can only say things that no one objects to, then I am a slave. The right of free speech must include offensive speech, including "hate speech", or it is meaningless.

The people who attended the show knew exactly what they were doing. (I wonder how many of them were carrying concealed?) Pam Geller, the organizer, wasn't stupid; apparently they spent $10,000 on security. From the evidence it was well spent.

As always, the press is trying to ignore what's obvious to everyone else. Wapo says:

The incident occurred outside theCurtis Culwell Center where the New York-based American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) was hosting a contest that would award $10,000 for the best cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad, according to the Associated Press. But Harn said its still unclear whether the shooting was related to the event.

Horseshit! If it's unclear to you, then you're blind!

The AFDI is classified as an anti-Muslim "hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Its leader, according to the group's social media postings, is Pamela Geller.

The Southern Povery Law Center's "hate group" listing has become notorious last couple of years because it paints with a ridiculously broad brush, and has included some absurd choices. But the point here for the Wapo is "See, those idiots holding this art show are h8ters; they brought this on themselves."

Putting a crucifix into a bottle of urine? Art!

Drawing a cartoon of Mohammed? Hate Speech!


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May 02, 2015

Re-Kan -- ep 5

School Cultural Festival! And of course Amami's class decides to do a haunted house! (With a little help from Amami's friends, of course.) The result is legendary!




But that's the B-story. The A-story is Amami's father, whom we meet this episode, and stories about her mother, about whom we learn a great deal.

Amami's mother had the same sixth sense that Amami has, only it was even stronger, and she also sometimes had the power of prophecy.

When he met her, his hair was black, and he fell for her hard almost immediately. The problem for him was that he's just as afraid of ghosts as Inoue is. Within a week his hair had turned pure white.

Let's sort out some names: Amami's given name is Hibiki. Her father is Asahi; her mother was Yuuhi. Asahi is a professor of Archeology at a university. His first meeting with Yuuhi was... rather odd, but I guess it couldn't be otherwise. Yuuhi probably knew when she met Asahi that they were going to get married, so she is willing to see him again, and they eventually were married. And when she was pregnant with Hibiki she told him she was going to die soon (by implication, in child birth). For someone who is so afraid of ghosts, having a wife like that was terrible trial -- but he loved her so much that he never considered leaving.

And raising Hibiki was just as bad, but he loves her too. (Besides which, Yuuhi had told him that Hibiki would have some problems but things would work out for her in the end.)

So it turns out that previously Hibiki had a lot of trouble making friends, for reasons which are obvious, and Asahi is very happy to learn that Hibiki has finally made a group of friends, and worked with them to set up their room for the cultural festival. He wanted to come see what they had done.

Unfortunately, he only learned at the last moment that it was a haunted house, but even so he's determined to go through it. Unfortunately, Amami's friends were really getting into this whole "haunt" thing, and gave Asahi and Inoue a special performance. Oh, well...


Amami Hibiki is talking to one of her friends, and Inoue (on the left) and Amami Asahi (on the right) are responding about how you'd expect.

The other three girls aren't reacting because they've long since learned that Hibiki's spirit friends aren't hostile. The only reason the spirits are haunting the Haunted House is because they want Hibiki's project for the cultural festival to be a success. And if you are scoring how many people you scare the shit out of, then it was a huge success. There were a lot of screams of abject terror coming from that room that day.

It won't soon be forgotten.

UPDATE: By the way, this episode felt legato, not staccato. Which is a good thing.

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Nanoha Vivid -- ep 5


We begin with some back story, which I'll skip. Then the adults do some high intensity training, and we get an extended onsen scene, with a sneak attack. Finally, we prepare for a big battle the next day, and next episode.


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May 01, 2015

Volcanoes, again?

Seems we're having another volcanic eruption right now. I didn't know about this one.

It would be awesome if it crested out of the water, like Surtsey did, but that won't happen for thousands of years if ever. Pity.

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It says I'm 67. I'm actually 61. But I admit I'm not aging gracefully. (But I didn't go bald!!!)

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Truth in Anime


For those of you who think Lucy Heartfilia's figure is... "unrealistic", I urge you to look at this.

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Shokugeki no Soma -- dropped

Episode 5 of this just showed up on the torrents, and I realized I just don't care. It hasn't reached out and grabbed me. Probably when the whole thing is finished I'll download a batch and watch the rest of it (or at least plunder it) but it's really just a one-trick pony, and I've seen the trick already.

Yesterday I was also considering dropping Houkago no Pleiades and Punchline. Not so much because they're one-trick ponies as because I was losing interest. Same comment: they're probably going to be better mainstreamed once they're finished. I haven't outright made that decision yet, but that's the way I'm trending.

Re-Kan still has my interest, and of course Nanoha Vivid has me hooked.

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