September 02, 2016

Chooser version 71

Added 179 from Netoge and 33 from Wagamama High Spec. Total now is 7898.

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August 31, 2016

Netoge -- plundered

Ako is really creepy, you know that? In the third episode she actually goes yandere briefly. Her mother is, if anything, even more creepy. "My daughter is up in her bedroom. Here's the key to her door!"

Well, anyway, 191 candidates out of 10 episodes. I'm not going to bother with the first two because the President and the Flat-chested Blonde are using male avatars in the game. (I think that changes in the middle of ep 2 somewhere, but I don't feel like doing anything more.)



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August 29, 2016

Netoge -- the plundering

It occurred to me that Netoge was probably a prime source of fan service. I only watched an episode or two and wasn't interested in the slightest, but it should be good fodder for the top rotation.

So I downloaded the 1080p Horriblesubs version and found out it was hardsubbed, making it useless to me. Deleted that and downloaded all the AT-X raws from Ohys and started going through them.

As usual when I'm plundering a show I don't want to become interested in, I'm doing it backwards. I've done episodes 12-10 so far and I have 57 candidates, so it should be pretty good.


I had thought that Ako was going to be the primary fan service object, given her position in the story and her character design (ahem).

But it turned out to be this chick:


She's the student body president and the leader of the RPG team that is the center of this story. And the reason she leads in fan service is that her character in the game runs around topless. (And she has a lot of top to uncover!)


Those two straps flop free, except that they seem to be glued to her nipples. Aside from that, there isn't anything that prevents free movement (ahem).

All the other members of the team (except for Our Hero) are cute girls, so there's plenty of fodder. Only problem is that too many of the shots are ruined by having Our Hero in them, so I'm kind of bending the "No guys" rule a bit. (It's my site; I make the rules; and I can change them. So there.)

I'm kind of burned out right now so I'll pick it up in the morning and see how far I can get.

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August 10, 2016

Chooser version 70

Added 175 from the Girls und Panzer Movie and 172 from HaiFuri. Total now is 7686 grabs. (Which, if you'll pardon me for saying so, is completely ridiculous.)

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August 08, 2016

Top rotation update


I've been putting off a top-rotation update partly because I just didn't have enough stuff to add. This afternoon I realized I never plundered the Girls und Panzer movie, so I went through it (and through the Movie OVA) and ended up with 170 candidates. I already collected about 170 from Haifuri so that's a reasonable amount.

Tomorrow I'm going to process them all and come up with a new version of Chooser.

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July 18, 2016

Bleak, bleak I tell you

I don't remember a season where I had nothing to watch at all. Even if there wasn't anything else that excited me, I could watch something like Fairy Tail to get me through. But Fairy Tail is on another hiatus, waiting for the manga to get adequately ahead. Dragonball Super is still running, but it has jumped the shark. (Actually, it's been jumping the shark ever since it began, but initially they were OK sharks. But Dark Goku? From the future? Please...)

Ange Vierge looked like it might be OK. AT-X may be running it but AT-X raws haven't been showing up, and I suspect the reason is that they're running the same version as all the terrestrial stations, loaded with fog and obscuring light beams. So no one is posting AT-X raws because there isn't any point. And it'll be months before we see the BDs.

That's a disappointment, but another reason is that the show concept is idiotic. Generally, shows based on games don't tend to go well, especially if they're extended advertisements for the game. But even when not: Hikaru no Go bored me, and the only reason to watch Saki was the fan service. (I could care less about Mahjongg.)

It is theoretically possible for a game-based-show to transcend the game and be worthwhile in its own right, but right off the top I can't think of any. A lot of successes out that, if you measure success by how many episodes are involved, but I think it takes more than that. It takes, you know, a good story and good characters and things like that.

Ange Vierge doesn't seem to be measuring up. I downloaded the second episode but all I did was skip through it. I'll give them points for actually trying to tell a story and to have distinctive characters, but it doesn't seem to be very well done.

So what in hell am I going to blog about this summer? I'm getting tired of going through Gelbooru for cheesecake posts; they long since became repetitive and redundant, and I'm running out of reasonable keywords. (I got a long list of unreasonable keywords, however.) The idea of starting to post about politics again really doesn't feel like anything I want. Every time I even mention politics, just in passing, to be funny, the Earnest and Committed come out of the wood work and infest my comments.

I have occasionally made genuine political posts, and I always turn off comments for them because I know what would happen. (I really don't want to repeat my experience with USS Clueless.)

Ah! Alternative Energy! Just the thing! (Moan, whimper...)

About the only things that come to mind are the occasional posts where I think of something strange, like magical girls, or going back and watching and posting about old shows I skipped the first time, except that I skipped them for a reason and the reason still applies.

I suppose I can come up with something, but it probably won't be every day. I've been trying really hard to post something every day, but I doubt I can keep doing so.

I apologize in advance, folks. Sometimes life sucks.

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June 29, 2016

More Win 10 grief

Until now I've been using IE to do most of my posting around here, but it looks as if I'm going to have to use Firefox from now on.

I compose my articles using a dusty copy of Frontpage (from 2001, which Microsoft doesn't sell or support any more) and cut-and-pasting into the "new page" area using IE. But that doesn't work any more. The paste does nothing.

And I can compose directly in the IE windows (though that's risky) but I can't enter any links. The "add link" tool no longer works in IE under Win 10. It works in Firefox, though, so I guess that's where I go now.

I tried "Edge" because I was curious but it only took me a couple of minutes to decide I didn't want any part of it. Being able to add notations to web pages is an interesting idea but that's not enough to make me put up with all the things I didn't like.

It isn't a new idea, anyway. I used to have a program I bought that allowed me to do that for myself, and it was handy. It was also private; my notations didn't get shared. I no longer remember the name of the thing, and in any case the real problem with it is that it didn't scale well. As my total number of notes climbed, performance went into the toilet when I tried to load a page.

There was also something I vaguely remember about that same time that involved notes that were shared. If you accessed someone's site directly, that's all you got. But if you went to it through a proxy server (IIRC) then you saw the original page and you saw all the garbage that every other user left. It didn't last long, probably for the same reason a lot of other bright ideas of the time didn't last: no revenue. (This was during the Dot-Com era when the motto was "We'll figure out how to make money off it after the IPO.")

Nowadays there would be other reasons for it to fail: spam, hate comments, and so on.

Regardless, Microsoft has now revived the idea with Edge, and I assume they are going to have a huge spam problem with it, even if no other issues arise.

The Microsoft store also doesn't impress. Nearly all the games are Free* which means you can download and run them without paying but in-game there will be plenty of opportunities for you to shell out hard cash for in-game advantages. Screw that.

Microsoft Solitaire is installed on here but it doesn't run. It's in the store, too, but the store tells me I already have it. Maybe I'll try deleting it and reinstalling it. Or maybe I don't care.

Next on the list is to go find my installations of Master of Orion and Master of Magic and get shortcuts to them onto my desktop.

It would also be nice if I could figure out a way to disable the damned touchpad, but so far I haven't been able to figure one out. The best way would be to uninstall the device but the first place I looked to do that wouldn't let me. (The button is there but it's grayed out.)

Any transition this drastic is going to have hiccups. (Ooooh, hiccups. That's what caused my stroke.) These hiccups are nowhere near that deadly, at least so far.

On another subject, I added Bakuon! to the top rotation but it seems to me like I really should do something else, too. Netoge would probably be a good series to plunder but, sorry, I just can't work up any enthusiasm for it. I think Haifuri might be pretty good, as long as you all don't mind the fact that it isn't really a fanservice show. And I probably won't plunder the whole thing because I don't want to watch the whole thing.

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June 22, 2016

Chooser version 69

Added 256 grabs from Bakuon!!

Total is now 7339.

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Bakuon!! -- the plundering


So 5 episodes done and 144 candidates so far. I've been noticing that a lot of scenes in this show, taken out of context, are extremely confusing. Like that one; if you have seen the show you'll know why a crane is lifting a Ducati with a side car.

Now that I understand what's going on with Lime,

UPDATE: And done! 259 candidates!

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June 01, 2016

Please do me a favor

If you haven't already done so, please read this:

How to put links in your comment

UPDATE: Oh, and while I'm bitching and moaning, a request to my fellow bloggers: Could you please put your YouTube's below the fold? When a page has 10 or 15 youtubes on the front page, it locks up IE solid for about ten seconds, or twenty, or even more while all of them load. You can't click anything; you can't even kill it.

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