July 18, 2016

Bleak, bleak I tell you

I don't remember a season where I had nothing to watch at all. Even if there wasn't anything else that excited me, I could watch something like Fairy Tail to get me through. But Fairy Tail is on another hiatus, waiting for the manga to get adequately ahead. Dragonball Super is still running, but it has jumped the shark. (Actually, it's been jumping the shark ever since it began, but initially they were OK sharks. But Dark Goku? From the future? Please...)

Ange Vierge looked like it might be OK. AT-X may be running it but AT-X raws haven't been showing up, and I suspect the reason is that they're running the same version as all the terrestrial stations, loaded with fog and obscuring light beams. So no one is posting AT-X raws because there isn't any point. And it'll be months before we see the BDs.

That's a disappointment, but another reason is that the show concept is idiotic. Generally, shows based on games don't tend to go well, especially if they're extended advertisements for the game. But even when not: Hikaru no Go bored me, and the only reason to watch Saki was the fan service. (I could care less about Mahjongg.)

It is theoretically possible for a game-based-show to transcend the game and be worthwhile in its own right, but right off the top I can't think of any. A lot of successes out that, if you measure success by how many episodes are involved, but I think it takes more than that. It takes, you know, a good story and good characters and things like that.

Ange Vierge doesn't seem to be measuring up. I downloaded the second episode but all I did was skip through it. I'll give them points for actually trying to tell a story and to have distinctive characters, but it doesn't seem to be very well done.

So what in hell am I going to blog about this summer? I'm getting tired of going through Gelbooru for cheesecake posts; they long since became repetitive and redundant, and I'm running out of reasonable keywords. (I got a long list of unreasonable keywords, however.) The idea of starting to post about politics again really doesn't feel like anything I want. Every time I even mention politics, just in passing, to be funny, the Earnest and Committed come out of the wood work and infest my comments.

I have occasionally made genuine political posts, and I always turn off comments for them because I know what would happen. (I really don't want to repeat my experience with USS Clueless.)

Ah! Alternative Energy! Just the thing! (Moan, whimper...)

About the only things that come to mind are the occasional posts where I think of something strange, like magical girls, or going back and watching and posting about old shows I skipped the first time, except that I skipped them for a reason and the reason still applies.

I suppose I can come up with something, but it probably won't be every day. I've been trying really hard to post something every day, but I doubt I can keep doing so.

I apologize in advance, folks. Sometimes life sucks.

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1 I have these periods often and then I turn to the gigantic backlog (which I'm not going to quote here for the fear of the Suggestions Clause).

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at July 18, 2016 07:19 PM (XOPVE)

2 The first episode of Alderamin has me really interested.  And, I'm working up the courage to make it through the next arc of Re:Zero (absolutely NOT recommended for anyone unless you ENJOY MC pain and suffering).

Other than that... I got nothin'.

Posted by: BigD at July 18, 2016 10:36 PM (VKO9N)

3 I probably should mention that I'm already quite interested in Love Live Sunshine, Planetarian, and Saiki. I already found the "flash animations" of Saiki from 3 years ago and loading the heck on spoilers for it. Those are a riot of hilarity and the voice acting is great (animation is, of course, "flash").

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at July 19, 2016 06:10 AM (XOPVE)

4 Not exactly your cup of tea, but I really enjoy the anime adaptation of Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning), which is a slice of life show with a widowed father raising his 5 year old daughter with a dash of cooking throw in.

Posted by: BigFire at July 19, 2016 08:39 AM (O7l6D)

5 The S&L started nice, but I loaded on manga spoilers enough to know that it's unfinished. In addition, the art on the father is quite irritating. Feels like they focused so much on the runt that they burned out by the time they had to draw and animate the father.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at July 19, 2016 11:52 AM (XOPVE)

6 The fact that Sweetness & Lightning is based on an on-going manga really doesn't diminish its appeal.  It's a slice of life show, life goes on even after the show ends.  

Posted by: BigFire at July 19, 2016 12:21 PM (O7l6D)

7 I'm surprised as many shows this season are appealing to me as much as they are. Alderamin has a promising main character; Taboo Tattoo has decent action; I enjoy Sweetness & Lightning well enough for its cuteness; Planetarian is only 5 short episodes but it's set in an interesting universe; 91 Days is fun for its focus on bootlegging and revenge; Re:Zero has wild mood swings but is engrossing; Orange is a tear jerker but it has a little time travel element that makes for some interest; Mob 100 has the same sense of humor as One Punch Man; and of course I'm watching Berserk since I liked the prequel movies and excessive violence.
Not a big fan of Time Travel Shoujo; it's basically His Boy Sherman without Mr. Peabody.
Rewrite still hasn't struck a chord with me, but I may keep watching.
Amanchu! is a healing anime with a very annoying main character.
So I've got enough going this season to enjoy it.

Posted by: wahsatchmo at July 19, 2016 03:53 PM (VFkGH)

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