August 07, 2013

Ye Gods

Did you know that Puella Magi Madoka Magica is actually about the struggle of girls against the patriarchy?

Good Lord.

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1 Considering the nature of the Madoka universe, umm... someone REALLY should rethink their complaint.  Unless they feel that a Patriarchy is the only thing holding destruction at bay.  (Which is a historically grounded argument to make, but that's really not what they're going for)

I do love when people try to shoe-horn in very bad interpretations of social structures into science fiction or science fantasy series.  They'll look so stupid for the arguments.

Posted by: sqa at August 07, 2013 08:19 PM (a/IgQ)

2 Whenever someone uses the word "agency" in a way that doesn't mean "an establishment engaged in doing business for another" or something similar, I break out into hives.

A duck with hives is a terrible thing to behold.

Posted by: Wonderduck at August 07, 2013 09:01 PM (vgfzZ)

3 Guh!  People should just repeat the MST3K Mantra.

Posted by: Mauser at August 08, 2013 01:07 AM (TJ7ih)

4 Yeah, these are the same people who are saying that it's a symbol of the Patriarchy or the glass ceiling for wymyn or whatever that the new Doctor isn't a wymyn.

Posted by: RickC at August 08, 2013 04:34 AM (WQ6Vb)

5 To wash the taste out of your mouth, read Ace's EPIC riff of tweets on this issue.  The ingestion of liquids while reading is strongly dis-recommended.

Posted by: ubu at August 08, 2013 04:40 AM (SlLGE)

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