August 28, 2007


There's a point in DBZ where 7 year old Goten and 8 year old Trunks are competing in the finals of the junior division of the World Martial Arts Tournament. At the very end of that match, Goten is hanging in the air over Trunks, and yells something just before beginning a high speed power dive straight down at his friend and opponent.

I've always wondered what it was. Now, finally, I think I've figured it out. I think he's saying Yattsukeri!

That would be the continuative form of the verb yattsukeru which means "to attack, to beat, to finish off". They translated it as "Charge!" but it seem to me that "Onward to victory!" would have been more accurate.

I just heard that in the 12th episode of Aoi & Mutsuki. I decided to skip ahead to ep 13, but it was such a strange situation that I jumped back and watched ep 12. Actually, I must say that the situation isn't what I expected, and it's turning out to be pretty exciting. I think I will go back and watch it all. But I'm not through with ep 13 yet, and I might not still feel that way after I do finish.

UPDATE: OK, it might actually be decent. I think I will go back and watch the rest of it. But not now. There's a bunch of other stuff on the unwatched pile I want to check out.

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