July 22, 2015

What does the future hold for me?

The Magic Eight Ball says, "Jack Shit."

The third episode of Bikini Warriors was even more stupid than the other two, and it's clear that the show has no redeeming features. Not even the fan service, which is getting repetitive. I might also mention that the animation is distinctly low budget, and I'm getting tired of endless closeups of their boobs, as amazing as that may seem.

GATE has been interesting, but I took a peek at the manga and it seems that the next part of the show will be in Japan, and the main story is American nastiness. In other words, we're going to do the Gasaraki shuffle, and I'm not interested.

Joukamachi no Dandelion wasn't offensive, particular, but it's surprisingly dull for a show about people with super powers. I didn't even bother watching the third episode.

Fairy Tail is doing the Tartaros arc now. I've read it in the manga, and it isn't a fun time. Lucy is going to take a major casualty, for one thing. And it has a sad ending, though at the rate its going it'll be months before we get that far. I haven't bothered watching the last two episodes.

I haven't watched any of the new Dragon Ball series. I've had enough of fighting by sweaty men. And it's placed after the recent movie, which means we've climbed so far up the power curve at this point as to be preposterous. (In the movie, Goku got yet another major power boost, which exceeds even Super Saiyajin 3. (Super Saiyajin 4 was GT, and GT isn't canon.))

I watched one episode of Sky Wizards and then panned it as being a by-the-numbers harem show with a classic Marty Stu as the male lead. I haven't noticed if there have been any more episodes of it because I'm not interested.

And that leaves me with goose-egg for things to watch this season. Good Grief.

I'll try to find things to post here, but it won't be about the current season because for me the current season is a complete and total loss. (I'm sure you all have found shows to watch; please don't tell me about them.)

But probably it's mostly going to be cheesecake. Which is not the worst thing I could do, I guess.

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1 Wow, I'm really sad to hear that about Gate, which is the only thing I've even tried to watch recently, because it's one of the few with a non-dork male lead.

Posted by: 50srefugee at July 22, 2015 07:09 PM (OoOF7)

2 Fortunately, they only spend one night in Japan, and then go back.

I had wondered if they would have the temerity to insult Teh Won, but clearly, they're going to stick with the original "evil cowboy monkey Bush", who was in office when the story was first written.

That whole part made absolutely no sense in the manga, as did the part about everybody being sure that Japan would lose to a bunch of Romans with plate armor and auxiliary orcs, when they had already beaten back an invasion out of the blue in a single afternoon with a scratch team.  There's no way IRL that anybody serious would expect an expeditionary force to lose short of magic on a scale not experienced in the first fight.  The US, in that time period, would be shoveling MRAPs, Javelins, and other toys into Japan in exchange for a piece of the action, not sitting there holding the idiot stick.

Hopefully they skip past that part in a hurry and get back to the good stuff, particularly the economic and cultural shocks to the fantasy world, as well as the grognard stuff.

Posted by: Big D at July 22, 2015 07:21 PM (VKO9N)

3 Dragon Ball Super isn't post Battle of the Gods.  They're actually redoing it.  At least for the first cour?  Unsure how long it'll be.

Posted by: sqa at July 22, 2015 07:31 PM (2LmS/)

4 Gasaraki finished losing me when they went "Ooooh!" about the revolutionary mecha stomping an armored unit parading down a hostile main street by lobbing munitions down from high buildings.  Which is a WWII tactic, and comports with WWII experience and current US Army doctrine that an armored unit by itself will get destroyed if it tries to take a city (rather, you have to use infantry to take them, with armor providing very useful support).  GATE doesn't seem to be danger of that sort of stupid.

As for our host's current concerns, based on the manga GATE doesn't look awful.  Yeah, there's posturing by a more photogenic "evil cowboy monkey Bush", but in the end he says "Eh, the Japanese are our allies and right now we'll benefit from what they're doing."  Probably much more significant, making a lot more sense, and very dangerous are the thoughts of the PRC's leadership, and much more interesting is the concern by at least one Japanese superior about temptations to repeat the previous century's imperial mistakes.

Then we get back to another expedition, that harem/group of women orbiting our hero won't get any bigger staying at the base! 

It doesn't look to me like it's going to be any sort of conventional harem, e.g. as mentioned that's not even really Rory's thing, and as I mentioned I've heard she later takes a role that's very suited to her, one I'll now note would likely have her regularly interacting with our hero but probably not all the time.

The elf is a special case at least two times over (the second should become apparent in the next episode), and as I recall from the manga the mage is there to among other things learn new stuff, time to spread her wings after her apprenticeship.  The next woman is a trip, but I'd be very surprised if she orbits him closely, at least immediately, due to their respective political positions (I'd hint at more but my copies of the manga are off-line while I upgrade my file server/avoid systemd like the plague).

Posted by: hga at July 23, 2015 06:47 AM (51wyD)

5 Man, that's disappointing about GATE, because it's just about the only show this season with decent pacing.  Gansta has gone four episodes without really establishing a plot, and Overlord has the slow pacing of a movie, not an episodic series.

Joukamachi no Dandelion is going to develop a character or two per episode, and none of them are interesting.  Sky Wizards is exactly as you described it: we got maid and playboy bunny outfits in episode 3.

I actually missed the twist in episode 1 of School Live! because I shut it off thinking it was some sort of cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime, so it cracked me up when I tried the second episode and was completely confused.  I don't know if I'll last through the season, but for now it's a little different fare.

I forgot how silly Aquarion was until I started watching the extended first episode of Logos. Naked mecha transformation sequence confirmed; off button on remote pushed.

Everything else I've watched is worth about one line each:

Charlotte isn't terrible, but it needs to get to whatever conflict it's hinting at soon.  

Classroom Crisis managed to take a story that should have been about the colonization of Mars and instead focused on office politics and budgeting.  

Shimoneta is about as fresh and fun as a pair of panties on one's head can be.

Game of Laplace is a detective story without any clues or mystery involved, leaving you feeling as detached as the protagonist.

Ushio to Tora is 48 Hrs with youkai.

Rokka no Yuusha is this season's required epic anime, complete with too much story and not enough time to tell it.

God Eater is World Trigger, Mark II.

I'm still watching most of this, but there are no series this season that are really 'must watch'.

Posted by: wahsatchmo at July 23, 2015 08:59 AM (r4uXE)

6 hga: "Probably much more significant, making a lot more sense, and very dangerous are the thoughts of the PRC's leadership, and much more interesting is the concern by at least one Japanese superior about temptations to repeat the previous century's imperial mistakes."

That's good to hear, especially the point about "imperial mistakes". I can live with President Monkey is an occasional aside, as long as the Gate War itself remains the focus.

Posted by: 50srefugee at July 23, 2015 12:44 PM (OoOF7)

7 50srefugee: Hmmm; if the PRC leadership acts out on their desire, that (primary) ally status would become very significant, "President Monkey" would almost certainly get involved, and no doubt have a price for our help (but there's no reason it wouldn't be palatable to the Japanese, however tastelessly all this is conveyed).

Which could be the whole point of inserting him in the story right then, although, yeah, it would have been nice to avoid the insulting stereotype.  But with the otaku hero acquiring something of a harem of an elf, a mage, a loli-goth, and probably an [you'll find out soon enough], I suspect those of us wishing they'd avoid stereotypes will be disappointed.  We'll just have to see how it all plays out, but so far, despite the inherent dangers, they've pulled it off.

Posted by: hga at July 23, 2015 02:38 PM (51wyD)

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