December 02, 2015

Fog of war

We've got another spiffy mass shooting going on down in California.

Everyone wants to know what's going on, of course, And no one really knows for sure. About the only thing that's certain is, Shots Fired, Some People Were Hit.

Aside from that, everything is really hazy and foggy. The best advice is to forget the whole thing for at least 24 hours, unless you live in the area, in which case get and load your gun and be prepared to defend yourself in case some hostile tries to take cover from pursuing police in your home.

UPDATE: Of course, another reason to wait is because there's always misreporting driven by The Narrative. Here's a prime example:

A senior federal official who is monitoring the case said investigators believe one of the shooters left the party after getting into an argument and returned with one or two armed companions.

Yeah, right. It's just a spontaneous attack caused by an argument that led to three attackers wearing masks and body armor and armed with rifles. I believe that.

What horseshit.

UPDATE: Anyway, the story is beginning to settle down. Current best guess: there were three attackers who moved into the building, fired a bunch and slaughtered a lot of people, then left the building and drove away in a black SUV. The police finally found it and cornered them and there was a big gunfight, in which two of them were hit. One may be dead. The third one is reported to have escaped and he's on foot in a San Bernardino neighborhood. If you live there, at this point you definitely want your gun loaded and ready and close at hand. And don't open your door for anyone wearing body armor and carrying a rifle! (Or anyone else you don't know.)

UPDATE: And I can't follow my own advice. 24 hours? I didn't even last two.

UPDATE: The two who were shot in the SUV both died. One was a woman. There are some (Arab) names floating around which are claimed to be those of the attackers, but I'm not going to take those kinds of rumors seriously until they're confirmed by authorities.

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