January 10, 2013

Vividred Operation -- ep 1

That was really good. I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode.

So what is it? About half Strike Witches, and about half Nanoha, pretty much. But the animation is clean and the character designs are nice and the concept is pretty interesting.

Akane seems to be in high school, but I could be wrong. Anyway, her grandfather invented the Manifestor Engine, which now provides ample cheap energy to the whole world. During the research, however, there was an accident. Akane's mother is now in the hospital. Her father is now dead. Her grandfather was blamed for it, and kicked off the development team. But it wasn't his fault. Turns out it was space aliens, trying to interfere with the system, for no reason anyone understands.

So it's seven years later. Akane and her younger sister Momo live with their grandfather, who has been obsessively working on another project ever since. An alien mech shows up and starts to attack the island where the Manifestor Engine is located. The Self Defense Force shows up and tries to fight back, but they get their asses kicked.

Akane's friend Aoi shows up about then, and her plane gets caught in the fighting and is shot down.

Oh, and Gramps had an accident, and his mind was moved into a stuffed ferret doll that Momo gave him.

Anyway, his latest great invention is a strange high-tech key which turns into a powered suit for Akane. He deliberately designed it for her. Except that it seems that Aoi is also involved. At the end, he's about to tell them how they can fight off the enemy, and that's why I'm eager for the next episode.

I think there is no doubt that I'm going to enjoy this series.

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1 Commie it is then.  (Have to be careful with the RSS feed in uTorrent, if you download something, you can't add it to the Favorites nearly as easily.  Add first, THEN Download.)

Posted by: Mauser at January 11, 2013 02:26 AM (cZPoz)

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