October 17, 2008

The value of quality control

Sankaku (NSFW) says that Konami has announced that when its game Aquanaut: Online Aquarium is uninstalled, the uninstaller deletes every file on the C drive.

They are sorry that we're stupid enough to want to uninstall their game, and they'll be releasing a fix when they get around to it.

Didn't anyone test that thing before it was released? Everywhere I ever worked, we had QC engineers who were responsible for trying that kind of stuff before our products ended up in customer hands.

UPDATE: Speaking of QC, Sony has recalled all unsold stock of the upcoming game "Little Big Planet" and will replace it. Seems that one of the songs they licensed for the game contains two phrases from the Qur'an, and rather nihilistic ones at that. They fear that someone out there may take offense, so they're reworking to game to remove that song.

It's not that anyone actually objected. It's that Sony is afraid someone might object, someday. And guess which "someone" they're afraid of?

Self-censorship is the most insidious and dangerous kind.

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1 Sounds like Konami needs to get out of the PC video game business and stick to consoles. If you can't make your code play nice with basic Windows functionality, stop.

Posted by: Will at October 18, 2008 06:34 AM (oj5wx)

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