November 03, 2007

The limits of multiculturalism

I rather like this:

I read a great comment by one of my favorite intellectuals, Camille Paglia in Salon last month critiquing the concept of multiculturalism. In short, the problem with multiculturalism is that it requires monocultures that have to not subscribe to the concept of multiculturalism. But you can’t really make other people subscribe to multiculturalism or else all those cultures start to bleed together and lose all of their individuality. Japan loses its “Japaneseness”, Turkey loses its “Turkishness”, Germany loses its “Germanness”, and so on unless you’re really good at making up history, like when Japan claims things from China, Korea, or the West as being Japanese. Now you’ve just got one homogenized culture left.

UPDATE: This is good, too. ("Layers of fact checkers," my ass.) Via

By the way, if I'm an otaku, does that make me a multiculturalist? Hot damn! I'm politically correct!

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