April 28, 2009

Sixten -- hacked again

Sixten just wrote to say that his blog got hacked again, and right now it isn't really safe to visit because injected code tries to download malware. He's got backups this time, but he's going to keep H.C. Staff offline until he can figure out his vulnerability.

UPDATE: Since I'm doing a "linky" post, and the first entry says "do not go here", I'll add another you can safely go to.

So many of us in my immediate circle of anime blog-friends are men (like all of them) that it's easy to overlook the fact that there are a lot of women fans out there too. Jessi is one, and she's written a review of the first episode of Saki.

As an old man, my esthetic is different than hers as a young woman, so I find her reviews enlightening and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to her review of Queen's Blade, but despite her policy of trying to review (the first episode of) every new series, I won't be too surprised if she skips that one.

UPDATE: One difference between her and me is the word "buxom". I know what it means, but it's not a word I use. I'd say "big boobs" or "top-heavy" or "stacked" or use some much more vulgar way of expressing the concept.

UPDATE: H.C. Staff is back to normal.

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