May 08, 2014

Watch watch


DiGiKerot watches for mandarin orange boxes. Wonderduck watches for rubber duckies. I've been watching for red half-rim glasses, and the occasional sniper girl. These are just quirky things we do, to find excuses to make posts. The idea is that when we encounter our watch target in the course of our every-day anime viewing, we post about them.

Audience participation is not welcome. There's no intention or expectation of being complete or comprehensive. The series is things **I** encountered, not things that other people encountered.

Completists and self-elected co-bloggers were the bane of my existence back in the USS Clueless days, and I still hate it. So there was a guy hanging around here who didn't seem to understand that kibitzing spoiled the fun, and I started deleting the comments he left when he did that. I hoped that he'd get the message from context, but apparently he got mad and stopped participating.

His choice. No one has any obligation to read here. But it is a shame. Most of his comments were enjoyable, when he wasn't trying to be my co-blogger.

UPDATE: He was doing the same thing to Wonderduck, and Wonderduck tried to explain to him why it wasn't welcome, but I guess it didn't get through.

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