March 05, 2015

Midweek drought

This season hasn't been as bad as some. At least there are shows I'm following. But they're kind of bunched on the weekend, so midweek I just don't have a lot to say. For that I apologize.

Fairy Tail comes out on Fridays. Dog Days is Saturday. Nanatsu no Taizai is Sunday. The Fairy Tail manga is Monday. Aside from that, there just isn't a whole lot going on, and anyway I don't always post about them. (I skipped Dog Days last weekend, for instance.) And that's why I often have several-day gaps in my posting.

UPDATE: Rule 34 strikes again! I found a site called "Fapservice" which specializes in keeping track of fanservice in current and upcoming releases. They put together "best of" videos for various series which they post as torrents (which is where I found their link).

They say (or a commenter there says) there's a Senran Kagura OVA coming soon:

Well I'm still really excited for the Senran Kagura OVA. Even though it won't be on BD till April, its gonna air on AT-X this month. Its the first time the Senran Kagura girls' nipples will be shown officially. I can't wait!

Good Lord; I don't rate on the perv scale any more. I guess it's as they say: there's always someone stronger than you, and someone more perverted than you.

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