April 20, 2012

Shining Hearts -- ep 2

This show may be an example of iyashikei, "healing anime". The second episode continues the feeling from the first one: not very much happens, and everything comes out OK in the end. Alvin the sourpuss elf even smiled.

Alvin detected a huge storm blowing in. His sister Rana warned Madera, the old lady baker, about it, and she and the other four bakers spread the word throughout the town. So when the storm really began to blow, everyone was ready. No one got hurt and there wasn't very much damage. Happy endo.

We have another castaway, just showing up at the very end. Based on what I've read, she's the real focus of the show. She'll inspire a series of treasure hunts, and presumably Rick will temporarily return to his old ways and be a swordsman. There are hints about him. As gentle and honorable and hard working as he is, he uses ore. Rick is the player avatar in the game, so presumably he's the protagonist in the anime.

One thing I'm looking forward to is what Neris, Airi, and Amil do during the treasure hunts. I have a sneaking suspicion that some or all of the are magic users. Airi in particular; she's the blonde who wears a nun habit, and I bet it'll turn out she has the powers we associate with clerics. And it'll be all four of them who engage in the quests. It wouldn't massively surprise me if one of the turned out to be an archer, though.

At least I hope that's what turns out. The Wikipedia article on the game says that they're just bakers. That's all.

Anyway, the next episode is where the real story begins, and it'll be interesting to see if they maintain the comfortable feeling I've gotten in the first two episodes. The girls took Rick in when he was a castaway, and presumably they're going to do the same for Kaguya.

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