July 22, 2012

Real men

Glenn posts that three of the people who died in that theater in Colorado were men who were covering up their ladies. In the Arizona shooting last year, one of the men who died was laying on top of his wife, protecting her with his body. And it worked, too; she survived it. These three men in Colorado did the same, and it also worked; all three women survived.

I'm sad that such fine men have died. But I'm also deeply proud to know that there are so many men who would do such a thing.

Every day I read things that suggest that our left-wing friends are trying to stamp out manliness. Just after 9/11, there was something of a resurgence of masculinity, of the traditions of manliness. The firemen who died when the twin towers collapsed, for instance; they routinely take chances in their work in order to save others. That day they rolled snake eyes and died.

The Coast Guard has helicoptor rescue units which get called out to save people in ships which are in trouble. Sometimes the weather is pretty fair, but more often than not they go out in weather so foul that you'd want to hide from it in your basement. And sometimes coasties in those helicoptors jump out, into high seas, to help rescue people in the water.

It's extraordinarily dangerous. But they do it willingly; they're all volunteers. It's risky as all hell, but it's honorable.

Manliness isn't the same as macho. Men like this don't swagger. They aren't particularly aggressive towards women. On the contrary; real men make good husbands and fathers.

But whatever it is that makes them like this, it seems that there's a determined effort by some to stamp it out. For some reason, I can't really even fathom why, certain people hate this. It scares them.

So I'm deeply happy to learn that they haven't succeeded. It's sad that the price of this revelation is so high, but the revelation is nonetheless welcome.

UPDATE: By the way, I'm sure those three men were not the only ones in that audience who did that. They are just the ones who were unlucky enough to die because of it.

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