April 05, 2008

Ranma1/2: Burnout

I'm starting to get a bit burned out on Ranma 1/2, but I'm going to grit my teeth and stick with it until I finish the first series. After that, I'm probably going to switch to something else for a while. Maybe I'll watch Tenchi Muyo GXP again.

Ep 14 of the first R12 series (Tofu's mother) was a complete waste of time. Anyway, next episode is Shampoo.

UPDATE: Middle of Ep 16. "Dare?"

I'm not sure I even want to watch the rest of this. This is even worse than the Kodachi arc.

I'm really glad they deemphasized the angst and jealousy in the second series. I tell you true.

UPDATE: End of Ep 17. One more to go in the first series. And you know what? I don't care. I think I'll rip the disk and scan through it fast just to see what the pictures look like.

If I'm having this reaction, it is definitely time for me to switch to something else and come back later.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste in General Anime at 08:27 PM | Comments (6) | Add Comment
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1 I've always enjoyed Ranma much more in small doses, manga or anime.  It's really not a series that lends itself to marathons.

Posted by: Aaron Nowack at April 05, 2008 08:44 PM (AFfUz)

2 Series 1 ends with episode 18. A definite "WTF were they thinking?" experience.

Posted by: ubu at April 05, 2008 09:07 PM (Hy4RP)

3 Series 1 is considerably worse than the part of series 2 I saw (about three quarters of it). I fully understand now why the producers sacked the first director and his writers and put someone else in charge of the show.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at April 05, 2008 09:50 PM (+rSRq)

4 You didn't miss a thing in 18.  I couldn't believe my eyes... the last episode

Posted by: ubu at April 05, 2008 10:34 PM (Hy4RP)

5 The Shampoo's arrival is my favourite part. I even rewatch it from time to time. And when Akane demolishes Ranma in effigy... It's just so cool. The rest is just meh.

Posted by: Author at April 05, 2008 11:14 PM (qNSKg)

6 Ranma 1/2 is a series that I limited myself to 1 or 2 episodes every couple of days (with a rare 4-5 episode "marathon" from time-to-time).  My girlfriend at the time watched all 7 seasons like this.

I really felt that the series left its peak after the 3rd season, but watching it in this format after work was a good wind-down method before or while doing household chores. 

I don't think I could take a marathon of a whole season at once without getting annoyed or bored, though...

Posted by: Nick Istre at April 06, 2008 07:16 AM (tIBeY)

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