August 22, 2008


Duke Nukem 3D is the only first-person shooter I ever really got into. I really miss it. It's a DOS game, and while there is a project out there to adapt it to Windows, and while there is a DOS emulator package for Windows, I just don't have the energy anymore to do all the work necessary to get it going. (Please don't write to me about this, eh?)

The game was released originally as a playable demo, and included the first of the three major scenarios, the first seven (?) levels. The company offered people the chance to preorder the game, promising that people who put in preorders would get the game before anyone else. I put in my order.

And when the time finally came that the game was ready, the company shipped to stores and game-sales chains first thing. Those of us who preordered didn't get our copies until nearly a month after the product hit retail.

Something like that is happening tonight. Is George Broussard part of the campaign staff for the Light Worker? Lots and lots of people were enticed to sign up for a mailing list, and the bait was that when The Chosen One picked his VP, they'd be the first to learn who it was. They'd be told before the news media. That was the promise.

Well, the media's got the name, and I haven't heard any reports of anyone on the mailing list receiving any kind of notification from The Messiah about it. (Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.)

But they're sure as hell going to be receiving a lot of other stuff from that mailing list for the next two months, because The Leader That God Has Blessed Us With At This Time has eschewed public financing for his campaign and needs to raise gobs of money between now and the election.

comments disabledThe Other Guy, meanwhile, is going to get a check for $84 million from the government just after his convention ends, which will carry him through to the election and permit him to spend his time campaigning instead of fund raising.

As to the choice? The ticket is The Light Worker and The Gasbag. I wonder if anyone will figure out how to explain the concept of "brevity" to him?

UPDATE: I should talk about brevity...

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