August 03, 2007

Pixy Salmomisa

Looks like Pixy is getting over his attack of food poisoning. That's good news. And he has a sense of humor about it now, and that's even better news.

I've been there, and it ain't a lot of fun. One form, which I got twice in Massachusetts and almost certainly was salmonella, made me throw up until my stomach was empty, and then have horrible diarrhea until everything else was gone. Essentially, my digestive system decided to reboot. Then two days of feeling utterly miserable, and after that I was ravenously hungry.

Salmonella is all through the food preperation system at this point and it can't be eradicated. But in New England it's particularly prevalent in the poultry industry. 20 years ago estimates were that about one third of chickens were infected with it.

Pixy suspects a bottle of BBQ sauce that went bad, but he's taking no chances and dumped the entire contents of his refrigerator. Under the circumstances that's only prudent.

So welcome back to the world of health and humor, Pixy! We missed you.

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1 Thanks Steven.  Like you, I don't know for certain that it was salmonella, but everything fits.  Except that yesterday I didn't so much have stomach cramps as one stomach cramp lasting fifteen hours...

My fridge looks kind of sad right now.  I threw out everything that had been opened (or wasn't sealed to begin with) leaving three cans of fish, two jars of cocktail onions, some apricot jam and a bottle of lemon & lime soda.  I might need to go shopping at some point.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at August 04, 2007 03:41 AM (PiXy!)

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