June 13, 2007

Me and Chris

I've mentioned that I read Chris Beveridge's reviews as a bit of a guideline to figuring out whether a series is crap or not.

Elsewhere, the anonymous author of Ani-nouto writes:

One specific side note to add is how reviewing on a DVD boundary is meaningless in context of anime series. Steven likes how Mr. Beveridge does it, but I am getting an impression that he only likes to look at the set of letter grades.

Based on some recent posts here, I can see how someone might get that impression, but it isn't correct. The difficulty is that Chris loads his reviews up with spoilers. So if there's a series I'm sure I won't watch, or that I don't care if gets spoiled, or if it's a series I've already seen, then I can read his reviews.

But if it's something that I think I might be interested in, and if I don't want it spoiled, then I have to avoid the body of his reviews. In that case, I look at his letter grades alone and skip the rest. That gives me at least some hint of whether he thought it was any good without risking ruining anything in case I decide to watch it later.

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