July 21, 2009

Not giving up

The Brickmuppet says:

"40 years ago our parents and grandparents [put a man on the moon].
Then they gave up.
Let us not betray our children's birthright the way ours was."

To which I say, horseshit, you should pardon the expression. Shall we look at some of the "giving up" that happened in that 40 years?

Viking landers on Mars.
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Spirit and Opportunity

Voyager visiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

The Hubble Space Telescope
Cosmic Background Explorer

That's a lot of very productive "giving up", don't you think? And it's far from being a complete list.

What we've "given up" on is trying to put humans in those places. And that was the right decision, because we can do more exploration, faster, better, cheaper, and safer using machines. Because machines don't eat or breath, and you don't have to bring them back safely.

UPDATE: Fledge responds.

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