November 16, 2014

Nanatsu no Taizai -- ep 6

I find it interesting that the name of this show keeps getting translated as "The Seven Deadly Sins". I can understand why; Meliodas is known as "The Dragon's Sin of Wrath" and Ban is "The Fox's Sin of Greed", but as far as I can tell, the title actually means something like "The Journey of the Seven" -- or with a bit of poetic license, "The Seven's Sojourn".

However, it's also the title of the group, so maybe I've got it wrong.

Anyway, the show continues to be interesting and fun. In ep 5, Meliodas was wounded badly and collapsed because of loss of blood -- and I admit I was a bit relieved; I was beginning to think that he was invulnerable. Of course, he recovered unreasonably fast, and wasn't harmed by poison given to him, and he's taken a lot of beating with no obvious ill effect. For a sin of Wrath it's actually pretty darned hard to get him mad.

But when you do, watch out! Hurting Elizabeth will unlock the gates. And he can dish out a major beating himself if he is inspired to do so. He's also willing to kill if the occasion calls for it.


This guy didn't last very long. "Did you really think that would stop me?", and then boosh, and lots of blood as he died.

My favorite character in the show is Diane, which is pronounced dee-ahn-ne. She's a bokuko, which is wonderful, and she herself is awesome, tremendous, and really big, too. She's "The Serpent's Sin of Envy". And she keeps reminding me of a particular scene in the first Discworld computer game. (I wonder if it'll happen. If so, it'll probably be Meliodas.)



I don't think I've ever seen a show which has a giantess as a regular character. (I know of a couple in which there were giantesses briefly, like the Magic User's Club TV series, but that's not the same.)

Diane is a really nice person, but she's also capable of putting up a pretty damned good fight if need be. She isn't really pugnacious but she won't take shit from anyone, either. (Like Ban.) And as of episode 7, she's become friends with Elizabeth, and they're now on a first-name-without-honorifics basis.

Elizabeth is the primary purveyor of fan service in the show, and the token normal, and a princess who is seeking all these people out because she needs their help to save her kingdom. She doesn't have any extraordinary power, but she is brave as hell and she's dedicated to her mission and to protecting the people of her kingdom even at risk of her life. Diane tells her that she does have a power: the power to inspire people to fight for her.

People as monumentally powerful as the Sins (as they are known) write their own rules, and its clear that all three of Ban, Meliodas, and Diane do. That doesn't automatically make them evil, and at least so far they don't seem to be. But it does make them feared, not to mention despised. So, for instance, Meliodas occasionally sticks his head underneath Elizabeth's skirt. I don't think he's teasing her and he isn't a perv; he just doesn't follow normal rules.

Next episode we acquire a fourth Sin, "King".

UPDATE: They don't seem to be able to come to any consensus on how tall Diane is. There was an info plate that said she was 100 meters tall, but there's no way. Wikipedia says "30 feet" but I don't believe it; she's gotta be at least 50 feet or she wouldn't be able to look over the top of that building, which is 4 stories tall. (Typically a "story" is 10 feet or 12 feet, if not even more.)

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1 The kanji used in the story title is 大罪, not 滞在, and Nanatsu no Taizai is indeed "the seven deadly sins".


Posted by: J Greely at November 17, 2014 09:28 AM (1CisS)

2 Klan Klang from Macross Frontier is a Zentradi giantess, although she's usually micronized.

Posted by: muon at November 17, 2014 10:02 PM (XIprt)

3 Wikipedia says the Zentradi are about 30 feet tall, so they don't measure up to Diana, who is definitely taller than that.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at November 17, 2014 10:31 PM (+rSRq)

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