October 18, 2009

Twin Angel OVA

I was going to do another Mystery Meat post today, this one on "Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel OVA", but I couldn't watch it through. It was terrible. Just dreadful. It was blatantly a ripoff of Sailor Moon, complete with a mysterious guy (with white roses) who showed up to save the Angels at critical moment.

And just to show how derivative it was, there was a cybernetic tank straight out of the Ghost in the Shell movie.

Once the first battle was over, they switched to what I think was a middle school where our two cuties are students, being chewed out by the headmaster -- but I'd had more than enough by that point. I got about five minutes into the first episode of two. There's only so much pain I'm willing to tolerate on your behalf.

I guess I hadn't realized just how much Sailor Moon was imitated.

UPDATE: By the way, it would seem I'm not alone in holding this opinion about the show. I am currently running 93 seeds, and this is one of just 3 for which I have uploaded 0 bytes. (The other two being Melty Lancer and an obscure soundtrack.)

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