December 24, 2009

Mystery Meat -- Weiss Survive R

Today's mystery meat is Weiss Survive R. It's a sequel to Weiss Survive, which ran during the autumn season.

Weiss Survive was an extended advertisement for a collectable card game, and there were 16 three-minute-long episodes of it. It may not have been very successful in doing what the producers wanted, that being to increase sales of the card game.

For the sequel, they seem to have played the ecchi card:

So the obvious question is, did they really? Did they follow through? Three episodes of it are out as I write this, fansubbed by Ayako, and let's find out. (NSFW below the fold)

The translated title of the first episode is "Revival Beard-boobs" and I'm not sure I want to know what that means.


In the first scene, the pink-haired girl, Michi, plays her "sudden climax" card. ...ahem... which has a picture of Nanoha on it.

Seems that our heroes, Michi and Takeshi, have lost their memories of the first series. In the first episode of this one, a strange fairy appears and uses a card that gives them their memories back. The villains in the first series turn out to be fellow students at the school, three sisters (one of whom has an amazing rack).


Lessee, hints of cat ears, a loli, and one with huge boobs. All they need is a miko and they've got it all covered.


Takeshi had a kind of memory flashback before the fairy appeared, and he shows some of those pictures to the four girls. One of the pictures is of the huge boobs of someone who isn't among those four. The girls proceed to stomp him for it. End of ep 1.

Ep 2 is called "The charming H Cupper".



More questions about who the mysterious H-cup might be. Then, off in the distance, a scream. Everyone runs, and... there she is. Turns out to be Takeshi's sister-in-law, name of Shizuru. Based on the dialog, seems they're using "sister-in-law" in a different way. Probably "sister of his sister-in-law" or "sister of his brother-in-law". The real point is that it's yet another manifestation of the "incest is fine as long as you don't keep it in the family" fetish.


She wakens, and glomps Michi, ignoring Takeshi entirely. And, well, just a bit of plot exposition and it turns out that Shizuru is a famous player of the Weiss Schwarz Game, under a pseudonym. Ep ends.

Ep 3 is called "Sigh Sailor Waffoo".


And I'm not going to bother with trying to summarize this any more. They aren't trying to tell any kind of story. They break the fourth wall constantly, and they're doing a lot of pandering.


One thing that's interesting is that a lot of the cards they show from the game feature Nanoha or other characters from that franchise.

I'm kind of getting the impression that the first series tried to play relatively straight, telling something like a real story, and this one is a send-up combined with fan-service overload.

I haven't watched any eps of the first series, but the ANN page says there's an OP sung by Mizuki Nana. This one doesn't have an OP at all; they just flash a logo, do 10 seconds of "in our last episode", and then kick in. There's no credits at the end, either. I assume that in the final ep of the series they'll do all that stuff once.

So in our "truth in advertising" watch, we say that yes, they're trying to pay off what that teaser picture promised, at least to the extent that TBS was willing to permit.

UPDATE: I might be partially wrong about the first series. Someone proposed a BakaBT torrent of the first series and included the ecchi keyword for it.

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