February 11, 2011

Mystery Meat -- Kagihime Monogatari -- Eikyuu Alice Rondo

It's based on a manga by the writer that did Steel Angel Kurumi...

It seems that the two Alice books weren't written by someone named Carroll, or Dodgson. They were written by someone named Takion, and he actually wrote three books. The third is magical, somehow, and the pages of it got scattered. There are people called "Alice Seekers", and each of them has a bit of it.

So they fight, and the winners collect pages from the losers. In the end There Can Be Only One, and whoever it is gets to have a wish granted.

Our hero is a guy named Aruto Kirihara. His younger sister is named Kiraha. Their parents are travelling. (Lessee, the trope count is up to about 8 now.) Aruto is a fan of the Alice books, and is writing his own Alice fanfic, using a quill pen he bought in an antique store.

He's really a major league otaku about this. In his bedroom there's a grandfather clock, but instead of a cuckoo, it presents a white rabbit. He's up at 2 AM, working on his book, when out of his window he sees a girl with rabbit ears flying, or at least doing a good imitation of it. He leaves the house and chases after her, and eventually ends up in the library of the academy he attends, which is open and well lit.

Inside he goes, and eventually finds that girl and another fighting in midair. The strawberry blonde beats the one with purple hair, and then does magic on her and summons a book out of her -- and takes one page from it.

Next day, at school, Aruto is in the library and that same girl (now wearing a school uniform) seeks him out and they start talking. She eventually identifies herself as Arisu Arisugawa, and she invites herself over to visit Aruto and read his story, or as much of it as he has written.

Aruto's sister Ariha is jealous. She seems to have a bit of a brocon. There's a girl named Kisa who seems to have a yuri crush on Ariha. Arisu does come to visit, and Ariha sticks to the two of them like glue to make sure nothing funny happens. (The trope count is up to maybe 12, and we're approaching the redline.)

It eventually turns out that Ariha herself is an Alice Seeker. She hates all things Alice, but she loves her brother and wants to make him happy. So she's been collecting pages for a long time.

...and so on.

I watched one ep, and I don't really think I'll watch any more of it.

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1 Yeah, I didn't get much further.  It's really not very good.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at February 12, 2011 12:20 AM (PiXy!)

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