October 13, 2009

Land of the once free, home of the post nationalists

I'm ashamed that this has happened in my home state: People living in an apartment complex in Albany (about 70 miles south of here) have been told that they cannot fly US flags. If they do, they'll be evicted.

When they asked why, they were told, "Someone might get offended." Um, say what?

We saw that happen after 9/11. There were people who started hanging US flags on the walls of their cubicles at certain universities and were told to take them down. Why? For fear that it would make immigrants feel unwelcome. See, the Stars-and-Stripes is an indication of racism and intolerance.

Fortunately, one of the local TV stations got wind of this and did a TV report about it. And it's getting a lot of publicity nationwide -- Drudge linked to it. So the policy will almost certainly get reversed very soon.

But how many cases like this are there which didn't get the light of day shined on them, and which persist? People who think that saying, "I am an American" is shameful and something to apologize for?

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