March 25, 2010

Translation -- a missed opportunity

In the first episode of Mai Otome Zwei, at 18:03, Mai has activated her power and some people are cheering for her as "Meister Mai", that being the proper form of address for an Otome.

It seems to be the case that various Otome pick up nicknames. Haruka is known as "Destroyer Armitage". Arika is known as Arinko, which is a cutesy nickname for a cute girl. But she's also known as Meteor Breaker Arika because she single-handedly destroyed an asteroid which was going to devastate Windbloom.

One of the kids calls Mai higeki no meister, which seems to be a nickname that Mai has picked up. And her reaction makes clear that she doesn't like it, but what can she do?

The fansubbers translated that as "the tragic meister". I just looked it up and they missed a great opportunity. Higeki means "tragedy, disaster" and they could have translated that as "the Master of Disaster".

I'm waiting for Bob to get in the new release of Nanoha A's (any day now) and then I'm going to put in an order. I realized recently that Mai Otome Zwei is available in R1 (although only at 480p) so I'll guilt-buy it. I wonder how the official translation handles this nickname?

(It's sad. I already have Nanoha A's, but the Geneon release had fouled up audio on the first few episodes. I'm buying a replacement in hopes that Funimation remastered it and fixed the problem. Also, the Geneon DVDs were pressed badly and my drives have a hard time reading them. I'm also going to be buying Strike Witches which I already bought from Crunchyroll and then later downloaded as a fansub. And I'll buy Mai Otome Zwei which I already have as a 1080p fansub. The only thing I'll be ordering that I haven't seen is Akiballion.)

UPDATE: Speaking of missed opportunities, looks like I screwed up the delivery address on my game order. I got a call from FedEx to ask about it, and at this point I'm betting it won't be delivered until tomorrow.

But I might be lucky. The FedEx tracking site shows the address exception, but the expected delivery date hasn't changed. So maybe I'll still get it today.

UPDATE: No, they didn't deliver it, and I feel like an idiot. I don't know what I was thinking when I entered the address.

I lived in this complex 30 years ago, before I moved to Massachusetts. When I put in the order, I used the house number for the building I lived in 30 years ago, not the one I live in now.

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1 Could be worse; at least "the tragic meister" has a passing acquaintance with English. In Pilot Candidate, each of the mechas is run by a two-person team consisting of a pilot and a "repairer". I've often wondered how it is that no one on the dubbing team had heard of a "mechanic".

Posted by: Anachronda at March 25, 2010 06:06 PM (LD+ZJ)

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