June 30, 2008

"That was a sweet sound"

At one point in the second episode of Kirameki Project, the giant robot Junerin gets hit in the face by a piece of flying debris. It leaves a black mark along one of her cheekbones (which of course, she doesn't have bones, but leave that there).

It also makes a rather loud clanking noise. The crew of Big Mighty hear it, and Honda, the engine guy, says something that they translated as "...sure was a sweet sound."

To me it sounds like what he said was ii oto shitta na. I've got ii as "good", and oto as the noun "sound". And trailing na is a variant on trailing ne. Is shitta the simple past tense of shitteiru "to know"?

That doesn't seem right; that translation of shitta doesn't really make sense in context. "I knew that sounded good, eh?" Doesn't make sense to me.

UPDATE: Aha! shita is the simple past tense of suru "to do", and I heard it slightly wrong. So it would mean "That did sound good, didn't it?"

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