July 05, 2012


Some of you might find this useful: Mangajin

Mangajin was created in the early 90's as a monthly English publication for students of the Japanese language. Unlike most text books that focused solely on teaching people Japanese through boring text, Mangajin was different in that it focused on showing readers a page of manga and then a page of English translations. As great of an idea that this sounds today, it didn't catch on in the 90's and Mangajin ended in 1996. Now manga in America is as popular as ever, which is why I have decided to put Mangajin onto this web site. Fans of Japanese manga and who are looking to learn Japanese will undoubtedly find Mangajin very useful!

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1 Hey!  I remember Mangajin!

I used to get it from the big bookstores by the places I worked in the 90s--and then from the comic store I got my manga from after I started collecting manga.

That's where I learned about Yawara!, OL Shinkaron, Maison Ikkoku, and a bunch of others.

Thanks for that link.  I know where my weekend is going!

Posted by: atomic_fungus at July 06, 2012 09:35 AM (X4WqB)

2 I remember it too, and still have a lot of the issues. Even after the paper magazine ceased, the publishers kept the website going for a few years, selling back issues and Japanese products they'd reviewed (like Jikan de Gozeru, an alarm clock shaped like a monkey).

Posted by: muon at July 18, 2012 10:39 PM (JXm2R)

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