February 20, 2013


In Mondaijitachi there's something that Izayoi shouts when his opponent has used a finishing move which doesn't actually finish Izayoi. We hear it first when he and again when and yet again when

It sounds to me like garakuse. Variously it gets translated as "Not happening!" or "Little too soon for that!" or "That's all you can do?!" I can't find it in the dictionary; what is it he's saying?

瓦落多 garakuta means "trash, junk, rubbish". So I imagine it's related and actually means something like "That's really crap!"


UPDATE: I can believe that it's sharakusai.

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1 I found a copy of the first episode, and between the music and the water, what I can make out is "sharakusei" (19:00, if anyone else wants to play along). A search for しゃらくせい turned up a bunch of Q&A sites where people were asking where it came from. The answer on several of them was that it was a slang-y pronunciation of "sharakusai" 洒落臭い = cheeky/impudent. Given his speech pattern, that makes sense.


Posted by: J Greely at February 21, 2013 12:02 AM (+cEg2)

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