May 28, 2009


First they ban panty vending machines, and now...

John sez:

The TBS television network reports that Japan’s independent PC game review committee will prohibit the production and sale of all adult computer games prominently featuring depictions of rape. The revised review criteria to certify games for production and release will take effect on June 2. Rape themed games are estimated to presently constitute up to 20% of Japan’s adult PC games. The ban will apply to approximately 200 commercial game development studios.

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1 From what I've heard, there's no legal ban. This is an industry group, not the government. One suspects that the market will simply shift from those companies to other companies who aren't members of the industry group; we're not talking about big game production studios, here.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at May 28, 2009 08:21 PM (vGfoR)

2 Often this sort of stuff in Japan is rolled out with a big fanfare, then is honored more in the breech than the observance.  For example, the censorship level of ero-manga wobbles all over the place depending on the public and political visibility of the issue (so to speak).  (Oddly, the level of censorship in ero-manga is often decided by the printers, not the publishers.)
On the other hand, the cops did march into the offices of six of the companies that do the digital mosaic work for the real live pron films and made arrests a couple weeks ago because it was determined their work was inadequate, so there is always a risk.  The fact that the Japanese often hesitate to draw a bright line cuts both ways.

Posted by: Toren at May 29, 2009 05:08 PM (e1FEt)

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