October 12, 2014

Girl Friend (beta) -- ep 1

Gaah! Keep it away from me!

I only got halfway through the episode before giving up. If there's any reason for this show (besides pumping a telephone game) I'll be damned if I know what it is.


This is Kokomi, who may be the main character in the show. And this is the beginning of my disenchantment, for it there's anything I hold in more contempt than performance art, it's gotta be rhythmic gymnastics. Kokomi is on the team and has a tournament coming up.


The only other notable thing about the show is that all the girls (and there are a swarm of them) are top-heavy. Not Maken-Ki level, to be sure, but way beyond the norm for Japanese girls.

When Mochizuki showed up, her voice grated terribly; it's a horrible performance from a seiyuu who ought to know better. Bad directing? Who knows. Maybe just lack of time to do a proper job; there were at least 20 different voices in the first half of the first episode, and every expectation that it's going to keep on like that.

I expected this show to be brain dead, and it is. It doesn't even rise to the level of "cute girls doing cute things".

Dropped, like a hot rock!

UPDATE: Pete is lukewarm.

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