January 10, 2009

Wild Wild West -- violins and violence


For the first season collection, at least, there's a little voiceover at the beginning by Robert Conrad about each episode. I've been skipping most of them, but I listened to the one for the fifth episode.

He says that Ross Martin really was playing the violin in this scene, and they recorded it as he was doing so. I was watching, and I believe it. The music was matching the bowing, and in particular it was matching the vibrato. Conrad said that in his younger years, Ross Martin was a concert-level violinist.

They took advantage of a lot of those kinds of things in this show. It turned out that Michael Dunn, who played Dr. Loveless, also had a musical act with a woman. She was also cast in the early Loveless shows, and in the first one they sing a duet.

Looks like ep 5 is going to be the first one where Artemus has a bigger part. I think it may have taken the writers a while to realize what a gem they got when they cast Ross Martin in that role. (Artie was always my favorite character when I was younger; he was the reason I watched the show.)

I'll post a "beautiful woman" picture from this episode once she appears. Don't know, yet, who it'll be.



I don't think this one was on Star Trek.

Conrad did all his own stunts, including all the fight scenes. And Martin did quite a few of his own, too. Artemus as a character wasn't as athletic as West, so Martin didn't have to do anything like as much, but he did fight scenes and a fair amount of other stuff. It's really pretty cool to watch.

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