April 29, 2014

Fairy Tail manga -- chapter 382

So most of Fairy Tail is now captured and immobilized. Some discussion (spoilers) of the situation below the fold.

Wendy and Charle are free but last we saw them they were both out cold. They'll probably get back into the game but it's hard to say when.

Apparently the situation is that the good guys need Lumen Histoire, the big Fairy Tail secret in the basement. Gildarts knows what it is and where, but when he found out he headed for the hills. But he might show up again now, and help Lucy to find it.

But my guess is that after Lucy reaches the ground, then Mavis will show up and lead her to it, and help her activate it. I expect Mavis to appear in the next chapter.

There are several ways for Lucy to reach the ground safely. She could summon Horologium and hop inside, and have him jump. (This isn't any different from his rescue of her from Nirvana.) If Aries is still willing to respond without a contract, Aries could do it. (She saved Lucy from a fall around ep 130 in the anime.) Lyra has wings; I wonder if she can fly well enough to carry Lucy to the ground?

Actually, I think Lyra is going to figure in this. Remember Lucy talking to Capricorn about the "one magic"? I think the reason that the Spirit King brought Lucy to the spirit world was because he wanted to help her find that. When Lyra played in the spirit world, Lucy got all teary thinking about her father and her spirits, filled with feelings of love. If Lumen Histoire is the One Magic, and if the key to it is feelings of love, Lucy may summon Lyra to play that song again, to help her achieve the emotional state necessary to access it.

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