May 01, 2013

Ecchi laserdiscs

Loooong time ago I got into Laserdisc. I owned one of the very first Pioneer players, and eventually replaced it with another. At the time I was living in the Boston area, and there was a shop there called "Sight & Sound" which had a huge selection of laserdiscs; one of the largest in the country. They probably did three fourths of their business mailorder. They must have, because the actual store was a dump.

But there were lots of laserdiscs there, and being as I was a young, single, nerdish engineer with too much money and not enough sense, I bought a lot of stuff. I owned all three Star Wars films on laserdisc -- CAV! I bought a fair number of strange titles, too, like animation collections.

And Sight and Sound had a well-stocked adult section, and I did my share of spending there, too. I owned several of the Playboy laserdiscs, and maybe three hard core porn discs. (I've never been very interested in hard core porn; so sue me. Those three were enough to convince me it wasn't worth my time. Since then I've bought a small number of hard core DVDs, and came to the same conclusion.)

They had a lot of Japanese imports there, too, including in the adult section. There was one I bought which I gather was typical of Japanese soft-core porn.

The filmmaker (if we can grace him with that title) got four girls: one Australian, one American, one British, and one Japanese and took them on vacation in Alaska. IIRC all three gaijin were blondes. They hired a motor home and drove all around in it, and he spent a lot of time filming them topless doing various things. For instance, he filmed the American girl flycasting in a river.

He spent a lot of time shoving his camera into their chests for extreme closeups. And there were deliberately plenty of opportunities for gainaxing.

The final scene was of all four running (bouncy bouncy) topless down a beach towards the camera, which was on a jeep driving in front of them.

Damned if I can remember what it was called. (Probably had a Japanese name.) But I find myself curious if it still exists. My laserdiscs and my player are long gone, but the other day I remembered this particular disc, for no obvious reason. I have no idea what brought it to mind.

It was definitely not high art but it wasn't really as offensive as it might sound. For one thing, the girls looked like they were having fun.

He also spent time taking pictures of scenery as they drove around -- maybe 10% of the film is scenery porn. (As it were.) Alaska is plenty picturesque and deserves that.

The chance of it still being in print (in any form) is nil, but I'm still curious. I wonder what it was, and I wonder who made it? I wonder what else he might have worked on?

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