August 27, 2010

Buck Godot -- Gallimaufrey

I just finished reading (and carefully downloading) the whole "Buck Godot -- Gallimaufrey" series.

I collected it when it was first released as a BW independent. One of the frustrating things was that Foglio didn't do a very good job maintaining the release schedule. It's 8 issues, so it was supposed to take 7 months start-to-finish, but I vaguely remember that it was more like  2 years.

Of course, it was bumped by paying work. About that time Foglio started doing card pictures for Wizards of the Coast, for example, and that probably paid better. Buck Godot was more of a labor of love -- but love don't put food on the table.

So I can't blame him, but it was really frustrating, especially as the story got hotter. Especially the way he ended so many of the individual issues with cliff-hangers.

No longer a problem. The whole thing is online so it can be read straight through now. And now it's colorized. The colorized JPG version looks fantastic, to the point where I even found myself wondering if the art had been redone.


That's from the second issue. This one from the seventh is more astounding:

Now there's no possible way that was made by scanning the comic book. No way it would look that good. So they worked from something a lot better. Were these originally done in pen-and-ink? If so, they must have scanned them in high res, and then gone to work  on them big-time with a graphics editor. It could well have ended up taking nearly as much time per page to colorize as the original art did, in order to end up with results that gorgeous.

My first reaction was that it was originally done with a graphics editor, using scalable stroke graphics. But there really weren't any back then. This originally came out in the mid 1980's IIRC.

Anyway, all the Buck Godot stories are fun, but Gallimaufrey was last, and best. It's a great story, full of sex, violence, wonderful images, heroism, villainy, honor, betrayal, and did I mention sex? Sex turns out to be a plot point.

The Klegdixal ambassador is my favorite supporting character, but Hyraxx is a close second.

UPDATE: I guess my memory is getting fuzzy. According to this page, the first issue came out in 1993 and the last one in 1998.

There were modern graphics editors in 1993, from Corel for instance. I wonder if Foglio used them?

UPDATE: Comic artists are most easily distinguished by how they draw faces. I can pick out Urushihara every time by how he draws mouths.

Foglio's faces are very distinctive, too:


And I find it interesting that he seems to be able to put readily-identifiable noses on his women, while still making them gorgeous.

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[Lots of I've-been-a-Foglio-fan-forever details removed]

Phil apparently works in pencil-on-Bristol board, period. The timing suggests--though I can't find an absolute "yes he did"--that Cheyenne Wright, the current colorist for Girl Genius< Godot for coloring the did>, did the colors for Buck's re-release.

Posted by: Douglas Oosting at August 27, 2010 02:10 PM (9eDDd)

2 ...Pixy!  Your editor mangled my post!

Posted by: Douglas Oosting at August 27, 2010 02:11 PM (9eDDd)

3 I own the original art for this and this, so I'm quite sure they had high-resolution scans to work from when they updated it for the web. Originally they may have been preserved on film, and then scanned when the prices came down.

Sadly, there's one Buck story that isn't on the web site, because of all the topless women in it. Hopefully it will turn up again eventually.


Posted by: J Greely at August 27, 2010 04:46 PM (2XtN5)


I have to actually resist the impulse to click on links to the Buck Godot website, because I usually get sucked into reading a bunch of it every time.

The ending of the series is superb.

Posted by: CatCube at August 27, 2010 06:27 PM (Te0W1)

5 I've been a Girl Genius fan for ages, but somehow I'd missed Buck Godot.  I suppose I should thank you for the link, ..... but I'd had plans for those five hours...  And now I'll have to find the time to go back and read the REST of the series... sigh.

Posted by: David at August 27, 2010 08:00 PM (rlE2m)


Cheyenne Wright didn't even let a heart attack stop him from finishing his coloring work for Girl Genius. By all rights he should be a legend of the comic book fandom.


Posted by: Tatterdemalian at August 30, 2010 11:52 AM (TaHHC)

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