September 16, 2016


Don reports that there's going to be a new entry in Girls und Panzer. Not yet clear if they're talking about a movie, or an OVA, or a new series.

Sequels are hit-and-miss. Sometimes the basic series concept can support innumerable sequels, or at least the customer base will. There have been about 47 Gundam series, and maybe 39 Pretty Cures. Case Closed has run an astounding 833 episodes so far plus more than 20 movies.

But sometimes the fundamental story idea just can't reasonably be stretched into a sequel, and they try anyway and bomb. There was an American TV series called Twin Peaks, which was a mystery story about a murdered girl, and at the end of the first season they revealed who the killer was and wrapped up the mystery. Problem was it got fantastic ratings, and the network paid for another season. And there wasn't any more story to tell. They did do another season but it stunk.

Sometimes it can't be reasonably stretched to another season and they recognize that fact and do something else instead. That's what happened with Mahou Tsukai Tai. The OVA was outstanding and at the end the aliens left and promised never to return. There were hooks that looked like they were trying to leave the door open for the aliens to return. But when they did a sequel, they told an entirely different story, that had nothing to do with the aliens. And it was really good, too.

Sometimes there's enough story for a couple of seasons, even three. I'm glad we got three seasons of Dog Days and I enjoyed them all. I see enough story potential there for one more, if they choose to do it. (Basically: what and where do all the demon swords come from, and can we end it?) But if they don't do another season, I'll be fine with what we have.

I'll take anything they want to give me in the Nanohaverse. It was a disappointment that VIVID didn't finish the story, and they don't seem to want to continue it. The new show coming up this fall (Vivid STRIKE) is placed in the same era as VIVID but isn't a continuation of that story, so far as I can tell. (Team Nakajima are in it but the story isn't centrally about them.)

I'll take a new Mouretsu Pirates series too, please. Plenty of story there left to tell.

Which brings us to Girls und Panzer. The plot driver for the TV series was two-fold:

For the movie they used the same plot hook. The sleazy bureaucrat said,

So if there was going to be another OVA, what would it be? Actually, they did to another half-hour OVA; it was included on the BD for the movie and it was about Alice Shimada visiting Ooarai. Basically a comedy, and it worked.

But for the upcoming show, I don't see what they could do that would actually make sense. They can't go back to the "OMG the school will close" well for a third time because it would be a ripoff. There are a lot of stories which could be told about those girls, but it isn't obvious how senshadou would be central to them. For instance, Miho could reconcile with Shiho; it would be a huge change for Shiho but it's not entirely implausible.

For the upcoming professional league, someone could scout Miho for one of the pro-teams. (I think it's a foregone conclusion that someone will considering everything Miho has done so far; she's definitely an ace.) But they wouldn't scout the entire Ooarai team, so the audience wouldn't get to visit Rabbit team again, or Anteater, or Hippo, or Leopon, or any of the other eccentric groups which are as much a part of this series as Miho is. They might not even scout Miho's crew from Anko.

I don't see it. Unless someone gives me a tremendously pleasant surprise, I'm afraid this new show is going to be really derivative and stale.

So give me more Vivio. Give me more Natsu and Lucy. But I think I don't want any more Girls und Panzer.

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1 Haifuri is another one. I've gotten totally hooked on it and I've lost count of the number of times I've rewatched it. But there's no room in that story for a sequel. They can't visit the plot hook again and I can't see any other story that would work. "Girls going to that academy" would feel like a cheat because there are about 40 characters we'd want included and that's a fail.

Besides which we'd want them on the Harekaze again, and

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at September 16, 2016 06:37 PM (+rSRq)

2 Speaking of sequels, I haven't heard your take on the Nanatsu no Taizai sequel yet.

It fits in a bit with what you are saying, since the episodes seem to be revisiting everyone, if not everything, yet not pushing much of a story.

Posted by: topmaker at September 16, 2016 07:09 PM (6stZH)


I haven't watched it.

I've read ahead on the manga and I'm not really impressed with where the story is going.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at September 16, 2016 09:34 PM (+rSRq)

4 On the RSS feed, your post cuts off right after "There was an American..." in the third paragraph, and I couldn't help but snarkily think to myself that there were a few hundred things at least that sentence could have ended with. If you look up the United States in the encyclopedia now, you'll see in our Primary Exports column "Sequels that Should Not Be" right near the top.

Posted by: Jeremy Bowers at September 17, 2016 09:21 AM (qPsU5)

5 The Girls und Panzer manga usually does prequels, but the new series is going to be called Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter. Maybe they can do some kind of Olympic competition with all the teams representing Japan.
Twin Peaks is getting another sequel in 2017.

Posted by: muon at September 18, 2016 09:11 PM (vMYTH)

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