February 24, 2016

Musaigen no Phantom World -- ep 8


It never occurred to me that this show was intended to be a comedy, but that's how it's turning out. It isn't a huge surprise, on the other hand, that there's at least some fan service. Less, in fact, than I originally expected considering the teaser poster released before the series began. Anyway, this episode makes up some of that deficit.

It's an onsen episode. Yup.


A phantom creates a hotspring right in the middle of the school. It's heating up the place, not to mention making the humidity rise like mad, and classes can't continue until it gets dispelled. So we get to see some of the other teams try to beat it, and no one can. Like these three:




Back in the classroom, licking their wounds.

Haruhiko's plan is to paint Mai's butt red to try to seduce the giant monkey that's causing all this.


And she gets captured by the monkey, who is about to give her a lick job. Haruhiko demonstrates a new power:



Believe it or not, he summons Cthulhu, and he doesn't need his sketchbook to do it. (I thought Cthulhu was more impressive than that...)

This whole episode is complete silliness, but it's fun, and it's an excuse to get the girls into swimsuits. So it's not a total loss.

UPDATE: After last week's episode I was expecting a flood of Neko-Mai pictures, but it didn't happen. I wonder if this episode will inspire Mai swimsuit pictures? Maybe the fan artists have lost interest in this show...

UPDATE: One problem is simply that Mai hasn't been getting a lot of screen time.

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