March 04, 2016

GATE II -- ep 9

The author is expressing resentment again, towards the press, the civilian government, and the rest of the world. There's nothing less interesting than watching someone ranting about resentment he's been nursing for 30 years. Which means this episode was full of caricatures.


Next episode we get to see Japanese paratroops, though, which might be interesting. (I looked it up in Wikipedia, and the Japanese 1st Parachute Brigade is based at Narashino, which was where Itami served before the Ginza attack.)

UPDATE: "Those who look away from battle and choose humiliation will someday find themselves visited with both battle and humiliation."


And I find it very difficult to believe that Mochizuki Noriko is acting as a civilian press liason. After what she went through (she's the one they rescued from the palace) it's hard to believe she's recovered in such a short time.

Meanwhile they didn't ignore Itami-tachi quite as much this time, but they still didn't get a lot of camera time. Though we did get to see Itami use a flash-bang.

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